i will never forget your broken smile

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for the ones we loved and can never see again please if you have lost someone close to you read :)Xx

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



Love is everlasting life isn't 

nobody can ever imagine liveing without that person untill they are forced to

a broken bone can be fixed a broken heart cant

nobody wants to be alone even when they pretend that they want to

screaming come back a million times wont make you hear me

crying a million broken  tears want make you see me again

you just need to smile and pretend that everythings ok

even if inside you know nothing will ever be ok again

i always new that you wernt happy or ok inside 

but i pretended to see your smile like everyone else 

i didnt want to beleieve that you wouldnt let me inside

but deep down i knew that i could do nothing else

some people cant be saved 

you wouldnt let me save you

but i dont want to be saved

i just want to be able to see you 

because of you i will never be the same 

but if it means forgetting you 

i dont want to be just like them 

the people who didnt see the tears behind your fake smiles

the people who didnt want to no what was going on inside 

the people who wanted to just forget you

the people who didnt really care about you 

i will be the person who will never forget you 

and the one who will always love you 

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