The Chemical Club Scene 1 - 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Its About a group of kids who are all suffering with there own problems and how they all try to find ways of helping each other.Please read , comment and like if you have the time thanks :D xx

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Scene 1 - The Funeral


The film starts in Alices room she wakes up and gets her funeral clothes on 

Alice is 17 and short with dark brown middle length hair and blue eyes shes moderatly pretty.

her mum is a taller version of alice.


Alices mum: Come on alice your going to be late (shouts from down stairs)

Alice: im comeing mum (shouts back)


the film switches to jeromys house hes dressed and hes helping his mum brush her hair

Jeromy is 18 and  tall he has strawberry blonde hair with green eyes his mum has the same hair colour hair but its very long and has brown eyes


Jeromys mum: oh you look smart were are you of to then?

Jeromy: its alex's funeral today remember

Jeromys mum: alex died oh that poor boy 

Jeromy: i told you last night again mum

Jeromy's mum: ohh yes , yes you did i i remember


Its switches to Jessies house shes leaving ,her dad is in the door way watching her leave

jessie is 18 with brown hair glasses and brown eyes she is fairly tall

her dad is balding black hair and piercing green eyes


Jessies Dad: You pray for that boy good and proper girl , it was his sins that killed him you know not that rope

Jessie: Yes sir i will .... pray for him (she whispers)


It switches to sams house he is in the front room with his mother and little sister they are turned away from him ignoreing him

Sam is 17 with blondey brown hair and brown eyes he is middle height. his mum and sister look just like him but younger and older with longer hair


Sam: Mum im off got alex's funeral today 

sams mum carrys on ignoreing him

Sam: Mum!!

Sams mum: Yes! ok just dont be back too late 

Sam:ok love you 

Sam waits and leaves after no reply with his head down 


it switches to Hayleys room shes sat in front of the mirror doing her makeup

she is 17 and has long blonde hair and green eyes she is short 

her parents look very similar


Hayleys mum: (from down stairs) You never loved me!!

Hayleys Dad: (from down stairs) I do but sometimes you make me wish i didnt 

Hayley sits in front of the mirror holding back tears 


it switches to the funeral wake jeromy is makeing a speach


Jeromy: He was my best friend , he was like my brother , he helped me through so much i just wish i could have helped him 

Jeromy looks away tears streaming down his cheek , alice and jessie turn to each other


Alice: i cant believe he killed himself

Jessie: i know apparently it was because his family wouldnt exept the fact that he was gay

Hayley: its so sad , poor alex (teary eyed)

Sam: (looking away) im going to miss him so much

Everyone leaves jessie and alice walk off together


Alice: jessie?

Jessie: what ?

Alice: do you uhhhh ... do you ever you know 

Jessie: no what?

Alice: do you ever think about you know .. killing yourself?

Jessie stops and stares at alice

Jessie no ..... why do you?

Alice: sometimes ....... i just think it would be eayser somehow

Jessie stares after alice worried 


Scene 2 - Alice


The film switches to alices room she is at her desk studying . her dad steps in and smiling


Alices dad: hey hows my little genius doing studing like a good girl hopefully

Alice: yeah dad im nearly finneshed

Alices dad: good i dont want to see anything under an A on your report card , we dont have failures in this familly 

Alice: (angry) well let me study then 

Alices dad: ok my littlee star night

Alices dad leaves she sits at her desk stareing down at her book she picks it up and frows it on the floor and burys her face in her hands crying


Scene 3 - Jeromy 


Jeromy is sat at home helping his mum east , she is staring of into the distance 


Jeromys mum: hey honey

Jeromy: yes mum

Jeromys mum: were is sebastion

Jeromy looks at his mum for a moment then feeds her again.

Jeromy: hes not here anymore mum he's up in heaven with dad 

Jeromys mum: oh ok , yes i know 

Jeromy: there all done il go clean up i will be back in a bit ok

Jeromys mum: your a good boy

Jeromy goes into the kitchen dumps the plate in the sink then takes a picture out if a draw theres a little boy in the picture he starts to cry 

Jeromy whispers: i miss you seb 


Scene 4 - Jessie 


Jessie is at home with her dad eating diner they are both praying 

Jessies dad: our father in heaven we give thanks for our wonderful meal this evening . we pray for that boy that you buried today may he be washed of all his sins

Jessie: Amen

Jessies dad: Amen

They eat the rest of there meal then jessie gets up to leave

Jessie: thankyou sir ive finneshed now may i be exused please.

Jessies dad: ok bed time anyway wash your plate then go and say your prayers

Jessie: yes sir good night 

Jessie washes her plate then goes to her room kneels down next to her bed and crys

Jessie: im sorry god im so sorry i'l try , i will try not to have these fellings i will try not to lust after other girls i will ... try , i will


Scene 5 - Sam


Sam is at home about to go to bed his mother is sat on the sofa with her boyfriend ignoreing sam

Sam: Mum ........... Mum ..... Mum ........ im not tired mum ... im no-

Sams mum: (Shouting) SHUT UP SAM!! , just go to bed

Sam: but mum

Sams stepdad: she said go to bed

Sam: oh-ohh ok mum love you

Sam leans in for a kiss but his mum dodges him and he  kisses her cheek

Sams stepdad: little freak

Sam sits on the edge of his bed puts his head in his hands and screams pulling at his hair


Scene 6- Hayley


the film goes to hayleys house hayley is siting in her room listening to her parents argue 

Hayleys mum: I HATE YOU!!!

Hayleys dad: if you hate me so much then why dont you just leave!!

Hayleys mum: because i love our kids 

Hayleys dad: ohh so you saying i dont .. you councilled your way into my brain and your telling me our problems are because i dont love our kids 

Hayley yanks the door open and shouts


She slams her door shut and sits on her bed colapses and crys 



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