The Chemical Club Scene 11-13

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3rd part of The Chemical Club script , Alice talks to her dad and is surprised by his reaction , please if you have the time read , comment and like thank you :Dxx

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Scene 11 - Alices Dad


Jeromy , Alice , Jessie and sam are all sat together talking when hayley comes running in 

Hayley: hey guys sorry im late

Sam: hey

All: Hey

Alice: so what are we talking about today

Jeromy: well last week we decided we would solve one persons problem a week so we just got to figure out who to help first

Jessie: well alice brought up the suicide thing so i think we should help her first

Alice: ok but how ?

Jeromy: well tell us your problems all of them go from the begining 

Alice: well ever since i was little my dad's wanted me to be a lawyer , my mum was a lawyer my brother , my granddad and my uncle are all lawyers my dad wanted to be a lawyer but he broke his hop and couldnt walk for years so he couldnt do it , the thing is i dont want to be a lawyer , i want to be  a writer my dad has always said he doesent execpt failures in his family and when ever i get a grade under an A he gives me the silent treatment untill i get a better grade its not far he wont let me live my life , i cant leave the house until i finnish my work and he makes out to everyone that im a genius im really not , i just work hard , i fel like i should just give up because im never going to be happy i can see my life now im going to be a fat single failed lawyer with about thirty cats all named snowball.

Jessie: wow now that was a rant , and look thats not going to happen you've got me i wont let it happen , well you might get one cat called snowball

Hayley:well if it makes you so unhappy just explain to your dad 

Alice: its not that easy he will disown me 

Jessie: no he wont hes not like that he might be pissed but he wont disown you

Alice: i dont know im scared i just want him to be happy i dont want to be a dissapointment 

Jessie: and you wont be i know your dad he will still love you no matter what look we will do it together ok it will be fine 

Alice:ok but what will i say ?

Jeromy: sit him down and tell him the truth 

Sam; yeah the truth is always the best way to go lying or makeing exuses just digs you a deeper hole

Hayley: just sit him down and say look dad i want to be a writer i never wanted to be a lawyer so im doing what i want from now on you can support me or ignore me its your choice  

Alice: ok yeah thats good i will just have to get a grip

Jessie: good for you , for once your sounding like an adult

Alices smiles at jessie and the group


Scene 12 - what i want


Alice is sat at her desk on her laptop talking to jessie

Jessie: come on al you can do it just go down there and say it just tell him you dont want what he wants , just tell him the truth 

Alice: i cant he will hate me

Jessie: no he wont i know your dad he's not like mine he might be disapointed but he will still love you no matter what 

Alice: what should i say

Jessie: just tell him the truth

Alice: ok just give me a minute to prepare m


Jessie fine but you've got to do it tonight ok

alices paces up and down mttering to her self

Jessie: hey look Al ive got to go my dads calling me message me later ok tell me how it goes 

Alice: ok yeah i'l pm you

Alice paces for a nit longer then hears a knock at her door she goes to it and opensit 

Alice: who is it , oh ........... dad

her dad walks in with an annoyed look on his face

Alices dad: whats all that banging about your supposed to be studying not haveing a dance rehearsal 

Alice: i wasnt i was paceing 

Alices dad: ok well quit it its distracting me night hunny


alices dad turns to leave alice looks back at her laptop a message pops up from jessie 

Be Brave

From Jess/

Alice: wait dad s-sit down i-i want to talk to you for a sec

Alices dad: ok wait your not ganna tell me your pregnant are your cuz i dont think i could handle that (laughing)

Alice: (scowls) no!! no im not look this is serious listen to me please

Alices dad: ok fine im listening

Alice looks at her dad sighs and looks again

Alice: ok il tell it straight ..... i dont want to be a lawyer ok .... i want to be a writer and im going to be next year , instead of going to uni to study law im going to study Litriture , the english langauge and philosiphy. its what i want and you cant change my mind soo....

her dad looks at her for a few seconds then sighs 

Alices dad: fine if thats what you want

Alice: you cant chang- wait what?

Alices dad: i said thats fine

Alice: wait really your not dissapointed in me , your not going to try and change my mind ?

Alices dad: why would i be dissapointed im proud of you , i'd be proud whatevr you did as long as you know what you want and your going to work hard at it. all i ever wanted was for you kids to be happy 

Alice: really wow but you always get annoyed when i get bad grades

Alices dad: well thats because i want you to do well in school so you can go on to get a good career later on in life , and i dont accept anything under an A because i know you can do so much better and all the i dont have failure stuff is just to keep you kids motivated 

Alice: really it worked it actually made my life hell , i was so depressed because i thought i would have to be a lawyer and be unhappy forever  and i thought if i told you i want to be a writer you would hate me

Alices dad: dont be silly i could never hate you , look im sorry hunny i just wanted you to do well im glad we've had this little chat i can see that your growing up, im so proud of you hunny give your daddy a kiss

, they kiss 

Alices dad: night darling

Alice: night dad

her dad leaves and alice sits smiling to herself , she goes and sits back at her computer and does a group message

New message to: Jess/ , , ,

Talked to my dad all sorted now actually he told me he's proud lol :D xoxo

she then turns her computer off


Scene 13 - College

were at college Jessie and Alice and Jeromy are talking in the hallway 

Alice: so i told my dad straight and he agreed , i was kinda shocked i was expecting to be out on my ass by now 

Jessie: i told you god you've just got to believe in yourself more al

Alice: i will from now on no more sad just happy happy happy , i refuse to let life get me down im ganna grab it by the horns and live how i want to live 

Jeromy: good for you , hey is that sam

sam comes rushing down the corrideor with some older boys chaseing after him

Boy 1: FREAK!! hey freak slow down where ya going off to cry to your mummy ??

Boy 2: freak come on lets go (pushes him) come on what you ganna do about it ?

Sam: leave me alone im not a freak fuck off

Boy 2 grabs sams hand and starts slapping him in the face with it

Boy 2: stop hitting yourself you like it dont you i bet you cut your self at night dont you dont you admit it ADMIT IT!!

jeromy runs up to them and grabs one of the boys 

Jeromy: hey thats enough

one of the boys struggles and the other one backs off

Jeromy: i said thats ENOUGH!!

Boy 1: come on  man thats to far lets just leave him and his boyfriend in peace 

Boy 2: little faggot i'l get you next time and dont you ever fucking touch me again homo 

Sam: Fuck off im not gay just cuz you fancy me

Boy 2: in your dreams next time bitch i will get you 

the boys leave

the girls run over 

Jeromy: hey man what was that about

Sam: nothing just that guys got a grudge against me 

Jessie: why?

Sam: last year i broke his nose when i lost it during a football match he talked me and i lost it 

Jessie: angry issues much

Sam: ive just got a bit of a short fuse and i get hyper alot so i get people picking fights with me all the time , because they think im weird

Jeromy: you should go see someone about it 

Sam: naaahh its fine they wont listen anyway thanks jer ive got class now , il see you guys wednessday yeah

All: yea 

sam runs off down the corridor 

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