The Chemical Club Scene 14-17

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4th part to The Chemical Club in this part there is love and disaster will jessie be ok or will it end her life please if you have time read ,comment and like thanks

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



Scene 14 - Jer


its wednessday and everyone is sat around the class talking 


Jeromy: so last night i was makeing dinner and my mum said to me "jeromy why are you only makeing two there are four of us this isnt enough for your dad let alone me you and seb " but the thing is my dad and little brother died four yeats ago in a car crash 

Sam: im do sorrry dude

Alice: yeah sorry

Jeromy: its ok guys thats not the point anyway the point is i dont know what to do about my mym shes getting worse and worse and i cant look after her anymore

Hayley: have you ever thought about getting her into a home or something , who looks after her when you here ?

Jeromy: my next door neighbour , i cant put her in a home i have no money and the money she got from my dad is in a sepearate account for me when im 21 , she gets DLA and i get careers allowance but it isn't enough , i just cant do it anymore but i cant leave her 

Jessie: god thats hard , try talking to the college principle about it 

Jeromy: i could do its seriously bringing me down , i cant leave the house without haveing a nervous break down

Alice: look il go with you to the principle we cant just leave you to cope like this your still a kid like us 

Jeromy: ok it just makes me so i dont know angry i guess , i know its not her fault but i just get so frustrated

Alice: we will sort this out you cant take all this responsility , i know people say were adults now but were not were all still young at heart no matter how grown up we act

Jeromy: ok should we go now?

Alice: yea might aswell

Jessie: hey alice i will message you later ok im not ganna come with my dad needs me 

Alice: ok lets go jer


Scene 15 - The Priniciples office 


there sat at the principles office talking to him about jeromys mum

Jeromy: so i dont know what to do can you help me ?

Principle: ok well i could get in touch with the young careers alliance to see what they can do , i;l ring them now and get them to give you a call and come see you , there are options for young careers like you you know , like clubs you can go to and stuff things to help you , here take this leaflet

Jeromy: thanks mr.Alister

Principle: your welcome Jeromy. so go home now and they or i will give you a call later on ok ?

Jeromy : thanks mr.Alister 

Both: thanks mr.Alister thanks goodbye 

they walk out of the principles office and into the hallway

Alice: see i told you they'd help 

Jeromy: yeah thanks alice , um do you want to go to the cafe or something ?

Alice: sure might aswell i dont have to go home for another hour anyway


Scene 16 - Pretty eyes


alice and jessie and jeromy are sat up in alices room talking the next day

Jeromy: so i got a call and there sending someone to take care of her , like a nurse this woman will be staying with us for awhile until the goverment and the careers alliance can sort something out. so i dont have to worry anymore i could even move out.

Alice: thats great i told you it would turn out all right im so happy for you 

alice hugs jeromy jessie watches with a look of anger and jelousy 

Jeromy: thanks i couldn't have done it without you , ahh and the group of course. um am i aloud to be up here is it ok with your parents

Alice: yeah there out tonight anyway what about your mum is she ok 

Jeromy: yeah sara our next door neighbour is with her anyway

Alice: cool um do you want something to eat ?

Jeromy: im fine thanks

Alice: jessie ? you want something ?

Jessie: huh naaah im fine thanks hun

Alice: ok i'l put the telly on then :)


Jeromy: so you have a nice room its way bigger than mine

Alice: yeah thanks well i hate the colour but the posters distract me from it so its cool

alice snuggles up next to jeromy on her bed , jessie sits looking annoyedd on her floor

Alice: im sorry about your brother and dad by the way what happened ? .... if your dont mind me asking 

Jeromy puts his arm around her while half watching the film and talking to her

Jeromy: its ok they got his by a drunk driver he was talking to his friend not paying attetion to the road and he didn't see my dads car break down , he hit them and the ambulacne didn't get to them fast enough 

Alice looks dpwn her hair falls in front of her face

Alice: im so sorry 

Jeromy moves the hair and puts it behind her ear , they stare at each other for a bit looking into each others eyes 

Jeromy: you have really pretty eyes you know 

Alice blushes and giggles 

Alice: thanks so do you

jeromy bends his head down and kisses alice , she looks up at him blushes and kisses him again they stop and smile at each other Jessue looksat them with tears in her eyes then she gets up and walks out

Alice: JESSIE !! WAIT!

alice gets up and grabs jessie at the doorway jeromy sits up and stares confused 

Jessie: how how could you do that to me you know how i feel about you how could you

Alice: jessie please i do i do love you just not in that way your like my sister

Jessie: just let go of me im going home leave you two in peace (bursts into tears)

Alice: jessie please no stay dont be stupid stay

Jessie: no let go get of me im going home

Alice lets go and jessie runs down the stairs

Jeromy: oh man im sorry i didn't know she likes you

jeromy gets up and walks over to her

Alice: its ok il just let her calm down 

alice puts her arms around jeromys neck and kisses him again and again 

Jeromy: i i know its sudden but i really really like you and i just want to kiss you over and over again , i know its abit sudden and insensitive to jessie and all but do you want to go out with me or something

Alice: yea oh god yes (kisses him again)

Alice and jeromy go back into her room kissing and alice shuts the door 


Scene 17 - im sorry


alice and jeromy are sat in bed cuddleing alice is trying to ring jessie 

Alice: come on jess , hey stop that im trying to ring jessie

Jeromy:hey sorry i just cant believe how soft  your are or how beutiful my girlfriend is 

Alice: (giggles) ok well you can do it as much as you like then as long as you keep calling me your girlfriend

jeromy grabs alice pinning her down tickleing her  , kissing her

Jeromy: my girlfriend(kiss) my girlfriend(kiss) my girlfriend(kiss) my girlfriend(kiss)

Alice: he he stop it jeromy hehe im trying to see if jessies ok

Jeromy: ok sorry babe (letsgo smiling)

alice re-dials jessies number

Alice: come on jess , please pick up

jessies anwser phone "hey this is jessie im not her right now so leave a message"

Alice: god anwser phone again , look im ganna have to go over there and talk to her you dont mind waiting here for me do you

Jeromy: no look its fine i kinda have to go check on my mum anyway so i'l walk you there and will ring you later

Alice: ok

they get up and get dressed holding hands while they walk down the street to jessies house 

Jeromy: ok i'l call you later babe (kisses alice slowly on the lips) bye 

Alice: bye

jeromy walks off down the road , leaveing alice standing outside of jessies house , she rings jessies phone again then knocks the door her dad anwsers ith


Jessiesdad: jessies not comeing out go away

Alice: no wait look i need to talk to her please just for a minute

Jessies dad: no i said go away so go

jessies dad slams the door alice sees jessie look out her window

Alice: wait jessie please wait let me in jessie jess please jessie JESSIE!!

jessie opens the window 

Jessie: stop shouting just come up hurry

Alice opens the door and runs past jessies dad up into jessies room

Alice: please jess you've got to talk to me

Jessie: whats there to talk about , you slept with him didn't you?

Alice: yes i did but please jessie you've got to understand , i really really like jeromy , i could even grow to love him but i love you too your like my sister i couldnt ever live without you ever and i couldnt stand you hateing me 

jessies dad is standing behind the door listening 

Alice: but i dont love you in that way not the way that you love me and im sorry but i never will

Jessie: (teary eyed) but you kissed me , i thought i thought i dont know i just thought i saw love cross your eyes when we kissed i was so sure and alice i love you so much i just want you to feel the same

Alice:(crying now) im so sorry jess i dont no like that im so sorry please dont stop being my best friend because of this please 

Jessie:(also crying) but but i love you

Alice: it was just a kiss i didn't think it ment anything im sorry

hugs jessie

Alice: its my fault im so sorry im so stupid and insensitive im sorry

Jessie: your not 

Jessie stares at alice for a bit while alice sobs in her arms she then lifts alices face up and hisses her again this time alice kisses back

Alice: jessie dont please dont make it harder than it already is 

Jessie: im sorry just let me get it out of my system

alice and jessie sit kissing for awhile

Alice: im so sorry please dont hate me

Jessie: i dont i understand plenty of other fish in the sea hey , so you and jeromy ehh , you make a cute couple

jessie wipes tears from alices cheek

Alice: thanks yeah hes my first proper boyfriend

Jessie: (teary eyed) im happy for you i really am lets carry on being friends and forget this ever hapened ok , i'l carry on liveing a lie that i like boys and you carry on falling in love

Alice: ok im so glad you understand i really do love you jessie , its just a diffrent type of love , ive got to go home now , ok call me baby loves you 

alice walks out not seeing jessies dad standing behind the door

Jessie sits looking down at the floor tears falling from her eyes after a minute or two jessies dad walks in jessie looks upat him and realises that he heard and backs away scared 

Jessies dad: you discusting ittle whore , JEZABELL , i want you out of my house now your are not my daughter anymore , you filthy filthy dike , you dare to sun in this house your going straight to hell , i might just send you there myself you little bitch

gets his belt out jessie gets up afraid

Jessie: please daddy please you dont understand please i love you , dont hurt me please

Jessies dad: you love me like that little slut you discust me

Jessie runs over and trys to hug her dad

Jessie: please daddy please forgive me 

Jessies dad: get off

jessies dad slams jessie into the wall and starts to punch her grabbing her by the hair and dragging her onto the floor hitting her with is belt over and over again

Jessie : (screaming) please daddy please im sorry 

jessies dad kicks her in the stomach

Jessies dad: get the fuck out of my house you are dead to me girl , just like your mother 

Jessies dad kicks her again 

Jessies dad: get out now

Jessie: (crying) but daddy please 

Jessie:s dad: im not your daddy get out now 

Jessie: dad .................... my stuff

Jessies dad: just get out before i kill you and dont you dare ever come back 

Jessue get out crying and limps down the stairs she turns around to look at her dad

Jessie:(crying) please daddy 

Jessies dad: (bursts out in tears) im not your daddy anymore please just get out of my house

jessie crys and limps out of the door sobing and wailing 

she gets past the front garden and slumps into a ball on the floor wailing and screaming

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