The Chemical Club Scene 7-10

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2nd part of the script for the chemical club we find out more about the gang and there problems. please if you have time read ,comment and like thanks :Dxx

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Scene 7-the bus

The film goes to the college, and alice runs up to jessie and hugs her

Alice:hey jess what time does the bus leave today

Jessie: uhhh at half 12 i think why ?

alices eyes grow wider

Alice: Jess its half 12 now

the girls look at each other then start running for the bus the get out side

Alice: no its gone jess its gone what do we do now

Jessie: i cant get home my dad will kill me

Jeromy and hayley run out of the college

Jeromy: shit shit shit , have we just missed it ?

Hayley: yeah i think hey look theres alice and jessie , (SHOUTS) HEY GUYS HAVE WE MISSED THE BUS!

they run over to the girls

Alice: yea i think

Jeromy: damm i cant go home

Hayley: yeah same

Jessie: well lets just go back in then i think the classroom is still open

Jeromy: yeah ok might aswell

they walk back into the building when sam comes running up to them

Sam: hey guys .... weres the bus?

Hayley: we missed it

Sam: oh shit were are you going now then ?

Alice:back to class might aswell

Sam: ok can i come

Jeromy: yeah sure if you want

they go into the class

Scene 8-the chemical club

Everyone is sat around the class room silent looking awkwardly at each other

Jeromy: um so w-what should we do for the next (checks his watch) 3 hours?

Alice:uhh we could talk if you want

Hayley: yeah but what about

Alice: can i ask you guys a question a uhh kinda personal question

Hayley: yea sure

Alice: do any of you ever think about just ... killing yourselfs ?

Jeromy looks up at alice shocked then the rest look at her

Jeromy: no no i could never be so selfish i need to be here for my mum why do you ...?

Alice : yeah ....... all the time

Hayley: sometimes i think about it just to stop my parents from argueing for once

Sam: i wouldnt but i dont think it would make any diffrence if i did

Jessie: why not

Sam: cuz my mum hates me and i dont exactly have any friends who would miss me

Jeromy: you have us

Sam: not really you guys dont exactly talk to me

All but same: sorry

Alice: hayley yeah your parent probably would stop fighting but it would ruin there lifes and of course yours too

Jessie: if i killed myself my dad would hate me .. too him its a sin

Hayley: well he sounds nice

Jessie: (laughs) yeah .. right hes a bastard he beat my mum when she was alive

Sam: does he hit you

Jessie: no hes stoped drinking since then but i bet he would if he found out

Alice: found out what?

Jessie: ............ that i uhh that i like girls

Alice: your gay you never told me

Jessie: i wasnt going to say until alex died now i feel like its disrespecting his memorie if i keep it bottled up

Jeromy: i miss him so much my dad i mean i would do anything to have him back , ive lost too many people my dad , my brother , alex and it feels like im loseing my mum every minute

Hayley: whats wrong with her

Jeromy: she has alzheimers .. she forgets everything the other day she asked where my brother was

Hayley: im so sorry

Jeromy: yeah its ok

Alice: wow my problems seem so small now

Sam: whats wrong with you?

Alice: oh my dad is always preasuring me he ignores me for days if i ever get in to trouble or get anything under an A he says there are no failures in this family , i dont even wanna be his little genuis i want to be a writer

Jessie: wow maybe nobody has a perfect life , i thought you did hayley , you get what ever you want when you want it your parents are rich

Hayley: yeah they might be but it doesnt make them happy they still argue all the time

Alice: we all have so much going on i wish we could all just help each other

Jeromy: why dont we

Jessie: yeah we could make a pact or something

Sam: ive never been in a group before lets do it

Hayley: we could try and figure out one problem every week or something

Alice:yeah its a deal

they put there hands together

Jessie what should we call the group

Alice: um the problem group

Jessie: no

Hayley: Problem kids

Jeromy: nahhh

Sam: how about -


Alice: oh sorry guys

she turns it off

Jessie: no no what was the name of that group again

Alice: um my chemical romance

Jessie: that thats it the chemical club we all are in the same science class arent we it makes sense

Jeromy: yeah

Sam: its cool

Hayley: i like it its catchy

Alice: so the chemical club it is

Scene 9 - the sleepover

its a few days later and jessie and alice are getting ready for a sleepover at alices

Jessie is on the phone to alice leaving her house , Alice is sat in her room doing homework

Jessie: hey so did your parents say it was ok

Alice:yeah but they always do

Jessie: well yeah but its polite to ask

Alice: yeah ok whatever are you on your way yet

Jessie: yeah i just left then um so when is this club thing on ?

Alice: uhhh every wednessday after class me and jeromy decided that we would lead it is that ok ?

Jessie: uh yeah thats fine with me

Alice: so what did your dad say

Jessie: about what ?

Alice:about the club thing

Jessie: ohh ... umm i didnt ... tell him

Alice: oh ok jess ...

Jessie: im outside now come down and get me

Alice: k im on my way!!

Jessie stands outside waiting for alice , alice comes running down the stairs pushing past her mum

Alices mum: HEYY!

Alice: sorry mum ..... JESSIE!!

Jessie: ALICE!!

the girls run at each other into a big hug

Alice: so sleepover , chocolate , face masks . p.js , ice cream , movies anndd POPCORN!!

Jessie: totally ohhhhh and girl talk of course

Alice: yeah course hehe

the girls walk into the house chatting about random things

Alices mum: hey girls

Alice: hey mum

Jessie: hey mrs cley

Alices mum: oh hunnie just call me isobell

Jessie: ohh ok um is...obell

Alice:mum were going to my room leave us alone till diners done ok

Alices mum: just like you ya dont want to no unless foods involved

jessie giggles and alice scowls then they both run up to alices room and jump on to her bed

alice is sat on the bed looking at jessie with her feet up in the air lying on her stomach

Alice: soooo .............. twilight

Jessie: totally

Scene 10- the kiss

Alice and Jessie are sat on alices room watching a film and eating popcorn alice keeps looking up at jessie like she wants to say something

Alice: hey .......... jess?

Jessie: yeah

Alice: are you really uhhh ..... gay?

Jessie looks at alice moves over abit then clears her throat

Jessie: yeah Alice i am

Alice: so who uh who do you like?

Jessie blushes and looks down

Jessie: do you really want to know ?

Alice: yeah i do

Jessie sighs blushing more

Jessie: you

alice's eyes go wide and she blushes

Alice: ohh um ok a-are you sure your gay i mean it could just be a phase

Jessie: no alice its not a phase god i knew you wouldn't understand you know for just a few seconds there i thought that you felt the same

Alice: im sorry jess but are you sure

Jessie: YES I AM!! hey if you want i will prove it to you

Alice: ok then kiss me just to make sure kiss me right on the lips

jessie moves closer to alice , alice puts her hand on jessies cheek then then kisses her for a few seconds

Alice: there do you still feel the same huh ?

Jessie: uhhh yes actually i do and in fact im even more sure

Alice: um ok well good i guess , how are you going to tell your dad

Jessie: im not im just ganna let him work it out for himself , or hope that he doesnt find out

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