A little bit of me

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Someone asked me that if they couldnt have all of me if they could have only a little bit. And this was it: the little bit

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



It’s a falling star
It’s the way I’m so close and so far
And then not even here at all
It’s the way I fear the edge
It’s the fall
It’s a glimpse of forever
A fading light in the sky
Then gone in a second
It’s the way I say hello and goodbye…
Or something porcelain, maybe?
It’s the perfect shell you see
Sometimes hollow sometimes empty
It’s that hairline crack
Guarded and hidden secretly
It’s a kiss for a cheek that reaches the lips
It’s how I’m that which makes control slip
It’s the secret laugh and the smile
It’s the light and the shadow in my eyes
It’s how I’m in your arms only for awhile
You know the glass swan, it’s that
It’s the myriad of prisms at,
Which the heart flares
It’s me just as easily broken
By those who touch or anyone who dares
It’s these words and a million more
Its how the ink is the wings on which I soar
It’s the concessions of a secretive heart
That burns through the paper of its words
It’s the glue that won’t let me fall apart
It’s all that you can see
And more of what you can’t
It’s just a little bit of me

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