A Table For Two

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One day i was sitting in a coffee shop and I saw this little old man sitting in the corner all by himself. There was something so tragic and poignant about the image he made that I came home and wrote a poem about what I thought he must be feeling.

Submitted: April 18, 2007

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Submitted: April 18, 2007




A Table Made For Two


In the corner table

The one hidden from view

Sheltered by the shadows

He sits


Silent observer

Your coffee cup is empty

Your serviette is crumpled

Your plate is scraped clean

The bill sits at your elbow.


I watch you

Sign the bill

Stand to leave

Grab your coat

Begin to walk

But not before you glimpse


Happy faces.

And welcome embraces.

Joyful voices.

And strange food choices.

Good natured arguments.

Unheard of condiments.

Mismatched couples.

Squabblings over minor troubles.


You turn to your table made for two

In your eyes is remembrance of happy moments too few

Staring at the long empty chair

In the lines of your face is a pain you've learnt to bare

In you is the sadness of what can't be undone

For the table that was for two is now for one


Lonesome stranger

You leave the coffee shop

You leave the empty coffee cup

You leave all the bitter regret

You leave the crumpled serviette

You leave the plate scraped clean

You leave all that should have been


You leave the memories

And all the moments that were too few

You leave the table made for two.




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