Little Key

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The journey of acceptance of all that was all that is and the rebirth of hope for that will be.

Submitted: April 24, 2007

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Submitted: April 24, 2007




Little Key


Little chest what burdens do you hold?

Unfinished dreams, hopes that won't unfold?

Secrets hidden even from me?

Words I could never see?


Little chest I've lost your key.

The one I used to lock away the pieces of me.

In your hidden depths I found release,

Locking away me, piece by piece.


Little chest I need that key.

I need those pieces of me.

I need your memories, those lies, that regret.

I need them so I won't forget.


Little chest I could not find your key.

So I tore you open, I needed to see.

What I found inside tore at all that couldn't be.

Little chest you've imprisoned me.


Little chest you hold memories I won't forget.

You protect all of life's little regrets.

You hold the tainted and untrue.

You guard all my failures too.


Little chest all my bitterness and regret,

All those pieces of me I couldn't forget,

All I locked away known only to me,

All this and more kept me from being free.


Little chest now that I've cracked you open,

I find the hidden pieces of me are broken.

But little chest I find a power too,

A power in me that I lost in you


Little chest I've pieced together the pieces of me

Finally I've found a hidden clarity.

All the bitterness, the memories, the regret,

All I've never wanted to forget

I've finally put to rest,

I found the key to my little chest.



Little chest all along I couldn't see

Till the truth came to be

That little key,

Was me.

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