Sleeping Beauty The Retro version

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sleeping beauty with a sixties twist. A script written for my aunts grade 3 class. So aimed at a younger generatio

Submitted: July 23, 2007

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Submitted: July 23, 2007




Sleeping Beauty

The Retro Version



-12 tie-dye fairies




Funk master




Flower power

Bell Bottom

Yeah Baby


Peace man

- Dr Evil

-Mrs Free love

-Mr Free love

-Sleeping Natural Beauty

-Prince Eco





Scene 1


Opening scene, the christening


Narrator:Once upon a time in a funkadelic country, one groovy baby was born to the righteous Mr and Mrs Free Love, this little bundle of physcadelic joy was their first and only child. In celebration of her birth they were throwing her the most retro boogielicious party in all the land.


Mrs:Baby, did you remember to invite the tie-dye fairies?


Mr:Of course my babe those funky fairies have promised to give our darling daughter Sleeping Natural Beauty 12 special gifts.




(Music inserted here lets twist again, -suggestion, parents begin to dance around-)


(Door bell rings, extras enter as guests. Dancing continues)


(Music stops)


Mr:(Clears throat) Friends and family we groove here today in celebration of my daughters birth.


Extras: Cheers

Mrs:So please enjoy our party and let's twist again like we did last summer!


Extras:More cheers


(Music and dancing continues)


(Music is abruptly switched off guests look confused the first tie-dye fairy appears)


Groovy:Hey hey, hey. The grooviest groove has arrived, I'm Groovy the first of the 12 tie-dye fairies and I have a gift to give this little baby.


Extras:Shouts and cheers


Groovy: (looks into cradle) what's this, a child with no moves? Don't worry little baby I'm here to give you your groove. (Waves wand/ waves hands etc.)


Extras: Clapping


Groovy:Later, this groove has to move.


(Second tie-dye fairy enters)


Psycadelic:Psycadelic has arrived and I have a gift for this grooving babe. (Looks into cradle) What's this I see a baby with no brains this cannot be. I gift this child with the psycadelic power of the mind. (waves hand etc) That's me done time for the next.



(Psycadelic fairy leaves)


(Third tie-dye fairy enters)


Boogie: Boogie has entered with the best gift of all. (Looks in cradle) What's

this? A child with no friends I grant you the gift of being the boogiest socialite of all. (Waves Hands etc.)


(Boogie Fairy leaves)


(Fourth tie-dye fairy enters)


Funk master:Heya lil baby you may have the groove but do you have the soul. The funk master gifts you with the talent for all music. Here is some soul food. (Waves Hands etc)


(Funk master leaves)


(Fifth tie-dye fairy enters)


Fabulous:The fabest fairy of all as arrived that's right, its Fabulous and I gift this child with the most fabulous personality in the land (waves hands)


(Fabulous Leaves)


(Sixth tie-dye fairy enters)


Retro:It's the age of retro and who better to gift this child with street smart than I Retro. I give this child the knowledge of the times. (Waves hands etc.)


(Retro leaves)


(Seventh tie-dye fairy enters)



Righteous:Righteous is here the seventh of the 12 tie-dye fairies and I gift this equally righteous babe with pureness of heart. (Waves hands etc)



(Righteous leaves)


(Eighth tie-dye fairy enters)



Flower Power: Heard of green peace? That was me, I totally invented the term tree hugger, I'm Flower Power and the gift I give is the most humane of all I give the gift of love for nature and all things in it, there you go pretty baby (wave's hands etc.)



(Flower Power leaves)


(Ninth tie-dye fairy enters)


Bellbottom:Ola it's the tie-dye fashionista Bellbottom, and what do we have here (looks into cradle) what's this? A bare baby, I gift this child with fashion savvy. May she always be beautifully dressed. (Waves hands etc.)


(Bellbottom Leaves)


(Tenth tie-dye fairy enters)


Yeah Baby:Can I get a Yeah Baby?


Extras:Yeah Baby!


Yeah Baby:Coz Yeah Baby has entered the party. So what do we have here a kid with the clothes but do you have the face? I grant this baby with timeless beauty. (Waves hands etc.)


(Yeah Baby leaves)


(Eleventh tie-dye fairy enters)



Bootylicious:Why aren't people shaking their booty's? Bootylicious has arrived! And I have a gift for this sweet lil honey. So you've got the face and you've got the style but do you have the body? I gift you with the bootiest booty in the land. (Waves hands etc.)


(Bootylicious leaves)


(Dr Evil enters)


Dr Evil: So it's true!!!! There is a party and I wasn't invited to! Well I've come anyway no one forgets me and I too have a gift for the precious babe.


Mrs:No please Dr Evil! Spare my baby please!! (Falls to knees and begs)


Dr Evil:What's this? First you don't invite me to this celebration and next you refuse to accept my gift. Well I'm going to give it anyway Mwa hahahahahaha (Suggestion does trademark move from Austin powers. Pinky to corner of mouth)


Mrs:Nooooooo! (Faints)


Dr EvilYesssss! (Looks in cradle.) On this baby's 16th birth day she will choke on an apple (pause look confused) Wait wrong fairy tale. (Clears throat) She will grow her hair and.... No that's not it. She will lose a glass slipper... Darn it wrong again. (Thinks) Wait I have it. She will prick her finger on a thorn and sleep for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and so will everyone else. Mwa Hahahahahahaha.


Mr:(Aside) Typical bad guy waits till we're over the hell of teenage years and then puts her in a comma.... Now listen here doctor evil that's just not righteous. It's like against the views of free love and peace.


Dr Evil:(Rolls eyes) Hippies! It's too late my multi coloured friend the gift has been given. See ya suckers!


(Dr Evil leaves)


Mr:Oh Snap! Now what are we going to do my retro little babe is going to sleep forever and ever and ever and ever and so is everyone else!


Peace Man:Do not despair Peace man is here and although I cannot fix this problem I can lessen the effects. On this babies 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a thorn and fall into a deep slumber, the slumber can only be broken by true loves kiss.


(Peace man leaves)


Mr:True love? True love!! When love is free it aint worth a dime. Great we will all just have to sleep the rest of our lives. True Love?





Scene 2


Narrator:16 years later one groovy girl wakes up on her 16th birthday she is the prettiest fabbest most retro stylin chick in all the land.



Mr:Good morning sunshine the earth says hello.


Mrs:How's the birthday girl this morning?


Sleeping B:Morning mom, dad. Do I get my presents now?


Mrs:Of course you do. Here they are! (Hands presents)


Sleeping B:Wow thanks Mom and Dad a membership to green peace what I've always wanted. And a whole new selection of seeds to grow more plants this is awesome!! (Reaches for third gift) Who's this from?



Mrs:We're not sure a secret admirer maybe?


Sleeping B:You think so? (Opens gift) Wow a thorn bush and a really rare one!


Mr:No don't touch it!!!


Sleeping B:OW!! That hurt I pricked my fing... (Falls asleep)


Mrs:Oh no the gift it's happen.... (Falls asleep)


Mr:Great like things could get worse.... (falls asleep)


(All around them extras begin falling asleep)


Narrator:So it came to be that a once groovy psycadelic retro country became a breading ground for sleep. Where once the sounds of protestors and The Beatles rang throughout the land now came even breathing and the occasional rattling snore. The groove had moved, retro bounced outta there and colours lost their tie-dye. But was their hope would true love find its way across the vines that grew around sleeping beauty's bedroom or would it be pricked by the thorns and deflate.


Scene 3


Narrator:A few years passed and the people slept on. Many men passed through the land and the legend of the sleeping beauty spread. Many attempted kissing her all failed.


Extras(Pass through trying to kiss the sleeping beauty and wake her) Music played in background)


Narrator:Until a young prince from the green peace movement arrived. Prince Eco.


Prince Eco:(Walks on singing badly) Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away!! Now it looks as though they here to stay... (stops singing abruptly) (looks around) Could this vine covered window be the place I've searched so long for. Could It? Is this the slumbering land with the sleeping beauty?


Narrator:I don't know about you buddy but there not too many lands where the people are knocked out solid and a beautiful chick lies sleeping in a vine covered room. Does one really have to spell it out for you.


Prince Eco:Right you are better get to it then.


Narrator:That's the object of the story


Prince Eco:(‘climbs vine') (lots of grunts and moans) hardly (grunt) seems (moan) worth all this (heavy panting) effort. (reaches top) Finally she had better be gorgeous.

(Approaches bed) Wow no lies she's a looker. (Aside) But of course I'm here for her great conversation skills and lively personality. Because I love her and am going to rescue her from eternal slumber. (Leans over bed and kisses sleeping beauty) Hmm not much of a kisser but then she is asleep.


Sleeping B:(Yawns and stretches) Who has come to wake me from my slumber. (looks at prince eco) Oh its you. My love!! (throws herself into his arms)


Prince Eco:Well that was relatively easy.


Narrator:And they all lived happily ever after, until global warming and general pollution but that my friends is another story.


The End






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