Good Time...Or Not

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Eden was sick of her life, so she ran into the forest.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



Crack! Crunch! Pant! As I tripped and stumbled through the deciduous, dark forest, the shadows started following me. The trees thickened and I started to shake. Not from the cold, which my hoodie protected me from, but from hunger, fear and blood loss. The open wounds on my arms and legs didn’t help me at all. The years of bullying, torment and neglect were fueling my fatigue. My Father and Mother worked from five until 12. I never got to see them. At least I had a home.


A crunching noise startled me out of my thoughts. The footsteps were way too heavy to be me. I urged my legs to run as fast as I could. Surprisingly, I was running fast. A couple of minutes later, a burning sensation spread through my legs. The adrenalin was wearing off. The footfalls were catching up to me. Suddenly, I tripped over a root, bashed my head against a rock and fell into a hole.




“ =Is she awake yet?” A childish voice whined. The response was muffled. My head was pounding and I could recall almost nothing. I tried to open my eyes, bad move. Groaning, I tried again. This time I could make out two blurry figures. One was giant and bulky. The other was small and skinny, like a child. As my eyes focused, the big one noticed I was awake.


“Hey Mason, she’s awake!” The same squeaky voice squealed. The short guy faced me.

“Ok Ryder,” He replied calmly, while the other guy, Ryder apparently, was bouncing off the walls.

What’s happening? Why am I here?” I asked.

“Ryder thought that you were me and tried to chase and tackle you. Do you remember anything?” Mason asked softly.

“No, nothing.”

“Damn. Well Miss Mystery, you may have to stay here for a while. Your arms are mutilated and you can’t walk because your legs are damaged. Multiple bones are broken.” Mason informed me.

Tibia honest, this situation isn’t very humerus. Let’s hope no one has a bone to pick with you.” Ryder intervened. Mason groaned while I smiled, until…

“Mason, stop your skullking, you . I’ve got to get my trombone. Since you don’t have the guts. But then again I’m a bonehead.”

Mason tackled Ryder, somehow. I smiled, I’m going to have a good time here.

At first I was panicked, then shocked and finally happy. I had some friends by my side as I recover. I won't need to have the hassle of going to a hospital because this place is secluded and there are lots of places to explore. This was the best.

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