He gave his love once.

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this is a poem from when i first started,very rhymed haha but i was crushed and that was all i can think of,
was him leaving and forgetting i couldn't handle it so i did to eventually as i got all my feeling out,even in poor work like this xD

A young girl and boy,live not far apart hot tempered but lovely the boy fell apart,

he met the girl, all she could see in herself not much rather than the past vile and mean,

fallen on his knees he fought with every tease,until she feel in deep love,

She opposed,questioned no,but thought she knew,what a fine man he was, 

she'd be wise let him talk,forget the lies...to find a love in him

to bond a live he told her twice he could never love;not like this,

carried along above and beyond their touch of true love complexes both.

now,either they trust or always be on watch of the monster they will grow around.


nights arose and by month 6 he tells her its her own plight to live,

he said: Love will find it's way and maybe in a year today we'll be where we are standing here...tonight,

she needed this promise that he had gave;to stay still in loves grip,

although the worry showed, she'd cry and moan to find his love enhance for her,

but unable to cope she wrote and wrote however nothing was ever answered, 

until this day the sky turned to grey as she got the white inked paper,

his affections had turned to another as her, the end he couldn't stand her sight, 

But occurred the lowness drove him mad he became all that was bad inside

...he crushed the love he gave her.



Submitted: March 10, 2013

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This is a great one, the last phase is quite powerful aswell. I always like it when a poem has a good ending. I must admit, the flow of it and the ryhmes were a bit patchy at times but apart from that I liked it, well done!

Wed, March 13th, 2013 8:10pm


xD thanks,yeah my ryhmes are not the best:) i'm trying to work on them,i'm very glad you like it! thank you for your comments!

Wed, March 13th, 2013 5:12pm

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