Wouldn't kill a fishermans wife.

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i wrote this a while ago for an English poetry thing,
i had to pick a theme and mine was murder and the elements,
so a physio fisherman's wife who can not have children
i admit this is not the most of skilled pieces but it was fun to find rhymes and make a story.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



Sat alone clouds of bed stayed an old man frown,

he frowned all the time,

the whole house down,

he clicked with points of his finger at the snaps of his wives womb,

sadly she'd been slaughtered by insanity;her dead childs glom,

he never gave a smile,no or never shed a tear,

except cases when the fish had time to clear,

it happened on a dark night,described the moon was full,

lay beneath the water masked his poor wife cry stood still,

this man grew colder my the water each day he missed,

the things that hes wife would say to make him her child she missed,

she say,

my love you mustest go fishing no not out this late, are fish your only friends?,go on;be back by eight,

my love you must not rush back to the boat to fish for luck? the baby is due next month!,please,i need you love,

my love you must not flee,heres your coat the water will freeze, do you want to catch your death? please why not sit;just us three,

my love you must not run,yes hes only just your son,do you not even care?...*she gets the knife from the side table chair*

my love must give me a smile please before you say goodbye, he saw the knive from her side and he smiles and waves goodbye,

realized his smile,she places the knife upon her chest,

so killing you would make you happy i see,why not be my guest?

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