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For my sister and aunt, Esther Palika, who is getting married this June 04 where I will eat and dance like nobody’s business [even forgetting my sorrows for some time hahaha]…and the gentleman who gets her too. He’s surely poached the best out of our family. I don’t want to sound incest here but surely there are some people you see their character and begin to think like a real man: only if we were not related! (My apology to sensitive minds but my mind is clear on this one).

Submitted: May 17, 2011

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Submitted: May 17, 2011



Hi, hello cute like your hair
She smiles and passes by juggling
Staring, and your dress too
And the breeze carries her like an angel
You catch the perfume the scent
As she minces she’s got airs
Another day some opportunity
At some distance your eyes kiss
The smiles crush
Like some conjugate of galaxies
The greetings and laughter
The news stuck to your throat
She notices you’re uncomfortable
And understands your struggles too
And so she lingers a while
She too too willing to be spoken for
She denies she the first one
Gesturing am not some easy-going harlot
Knowing you will come again
Neither once nor twice even thrice
And so she’s got all the time in the universe
To play the game and toss your mind
In silence she pokes on you
To score you so you swallow your pillow
Like some bait she’s got your heart
And for some time your destiny too
Your mind her theatrical stage
She flies high in slow motion
You have no choice but fantasize
And draw some fiction on tables
In dreamland you get her
In your arms she cuddles
Her shining face you behold
On her beauty you feast
You bend your neck where noses miss
To kiss and she vanishes
The morning bird shakes you awake
The curtains shiver the breeze clutter
In your best clothes
And drafted plans you go again
And this time she sees it in your face
Some restless heart and determined soul
But as some actress she shakes it off
Dramatizing out some hypocritical ignorance
Pretending a general lack of mass
As to why you behave so childish so foolish
With undimmed eye and brave heart
You declare it so affirmative, Janie I love you
A brief moment of silence
She appears confused and you in suspense
She tramples crazed and plucks some herbage
And squirt some slight laughter of madness
She looks up the blue skies
Scratches her head and hair
And runs an inch arms wide
A big hug and lengthy kiss
Love you too, she sobs
And you hold her firm and tight
And it takes another lengthy process
To make her lie on your bed
And hear the pleasant news
Kenie, I am with child

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