Before and After Her

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recollections of a past life to grasp the challenging realities of life

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Before and After Her


It was at college that I met

The red rose I loved

The golden blossom

Culmination of my fictious imaginations

Lady behind every line

Theme of all romantic prose


That walks like dance

Whose smile is that classic moment;

In romantic fiction, played slow motion

Bewitchery westlife verse on background

Capturing audience cinematic

Involuntary rhapsody of custody


Gripped and engaged on seat’s edge

By chords irresistibly invisible

Transducing times and spheres

A leap into Disney wonderland

Like some sci-fi into worlds unknown

Where desert storms litter the city

With debris of mixture of silver and gold


Everything dynamic and hi-tech

The herbage springs vibrant

In ultimate vigor of spring

Snowflakes tinting the scenery

Gowning nature in cold and stillness

Veiling its pregnancy of gratitude


Everything flows free and quiet

Birds sing and parrots recapitulate

Beauty that nourishes the nasal sense

From its embezzlement of colorful sight

That dazzles my senses insensitive

Menstruating my mo cumulative sorrows

Giving a squirt ejaculate concentrate

Some dosage happiness undiluted


Bids me peace and stillness

Like some bedtime adventure recital

Gently summoning my head

To rest pillowed and kiss the night

The leprosy inside sleeps too

In that is my only source of liberty

Remembering the days betimes

When life was perfect and health soar

Those times ere her








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