Before Probation Close

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For those not very familiar with their bibles, Laodicea is the last church in the Christian dispensation.[Revelation 3.14-22] During its period of existence the judgment commences in heaven preceded by the second coming of Christ. Even if you’re not a believer I hope you enjoyed the literally flow. Honestly, I wish I had more faith like unbelievers for to think there’s no God hence no grand architect of the cosmos is like walking into a library of authors and proclaim all literature a hoax – a product of chance or blind intelligence hahaha

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



Before Probation Close

Although rebellion at times is sweet

And the sup of sin syrupy;

Though gossip could be that mellifluous

And lies so dainty;

Taking a life could be so easy

And taking a bribe so cool;

Theft could seem so okay

And the love of justice antique;

Truth could be so unpopular

And it’s advocates few and tottering;

The expectant mother could be so heartless

And extinguish that spring of life;

Husband could be that horrendous

To turn dungeon of a home;

Youth could be that hot and immoral

And giving lain to lust so fashionable;

Undressing could become a norm of dress

Under the guise and lure of civilization;

Health benefits of water could be disregarded

And liquor and wine become tradition;

Church pew and pulpit could cease to amaze

In a world of booze theater and television;

Truly primitive godliness could well-nigh be extinct

Though surely not extinguished;

Lawlessness could seem intellectually logical

And the law of the jungle an absolute;

Dear reader out of the lust of Laodicea

A crust of pure gold shall emerge;

Seven times purified

In the Lord’s fiery furnace;

And I hope you remember always

There’s a Judge and mighty

Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient

Behold judgment lingers at the door

And the final irrevocable statement

Having found you guilty

Shall spare not eternal damnation

And so remember the poet when I die

For the poem Before Probation Close

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