Heavenly Technologies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The thought of paradise grips my mind.I am instantly transformed into bliss and my awful sight feast on indescribable glory...Minutes later, having been let down to this tiny dot in the vast expanse of creation; a dark world sitting on the edge of one remote galaxy,eye witnesses demand an accurate account of this phenomenon or paranomal. My unwilling lips gulp gibberish to the shock and awe of spectators. I shag my head, strectch my eyeballs as i gather myself from the earthen crust. Standing up i dust myself and stagger make my way out...At the hospital, i miraculously regained my consciousness and leaning on my bed in the ward i fumble for my writing pad; and ink down what can be, what could be.In short, what's possible to put in human language..."I dreamed, i was in heaven..." my pen strokes,,,

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012



Heavenly Technologies


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

Using a laptop

Of the latest G series

Model Exodus 711

I had worked on it a billion years

When it finally gave in

With a terrible warning;

You’ve less than 7% power

Implying an exact 100 million years

Maximum of use

And so please consider recharge


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

Ready on the stage

Awaiting some train intergalactic

Chilling at the gate

With some saint and angel

Worrying off the distance

And uncertainties of travel

I asked of the celestial being

What’s the fastest and furthest one can go

There’s no limit, he said,

But the slowest is the speed of light


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

Putting up in a mansion

In a city of gold

Carpet of jasper

Ceiling of emerald and chrysolite

Bed of ivory decked with chalcedony

Tiles of diamond and wares of silver

Lying on a royal couch

Playing a Harp and glass of grape besides

Drafting a quintillion year plan


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

Wondering where you were

For slight millennia I couldn’t see you

Ever since the Jubilee

When some sentry lays hand on shoulder

He’s safe, his enrapturing smile guarantees

He’s out on vacation

Some distant galaxy and safe

Being inspired by the supremacy of nature

Enraptured by the wonders of redeeming love


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

I was with Paul and Stephen

With repentant master and believing slave

Wondering how of a sudden

Their enmity and hatred could vanish

And of a sudden find harmony

When the trumph sounded

And the innumerable assembly gathered

Before One whose very Name and being

Whose very breath and deed is Love

Stepped in and we all fell prostrate

Captivated by His awesome splendor

For everything stood still

In the atmosphere of worship


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

I had squat to cap

The still tepid crystal water

From the River of Life

Before me the colossal city

Splendid in the light of her sanctuaries

Enshroud by the rainbow

From His presence

Radiant in the Shekinah glory

I had tasted of the fruit

Of sparkling gold from diamond branch

Long lost in Eden then

Long sought till heaven

To perpetuate existence


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

In the garden of delights

Trees of a variety

Laden with fragrant and delicious fruit

Its lovely vines upright

A most graceful appearance

Drooping under load of tempting fruit

Of richest and varied hues

Its odiferous flowers

Endowed in delicate profusion

Colored by butterflies of a specie

Its awesome fauna dance

In the golden shaft

Of paradise noontide

Splinting ashore

The lake of dazzling glass

Tinting the exquisite

Scenic masterpiece


I dreamed

I was in Heaven

Flying on flaming chariot

Gazing through the auspicious

Magnificent corridors of Orion

Zion’s immense highway

Outward the orbs of the cosmos

A calico of most splendid constellation

Enjoying a space sonic orchestra

Craft by the master Designer

Vested with myriads of angelic host

Waving palm and shouting hosannas

On our march to Zion’s hill

The gathering of the blest

And a sound of harmony echoes

From saint to angel

From Heaven to Earth

And vice versa

© Copyright 2020 pakla. All rights reserved.

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