How you mesmerise

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I once wrote this of a good friend:"There are some people in this world you just want to describe them and just find out that you’ve run out of adjectives; and the pen is stuck on the page in just a sentence or two. You’re that indescribable."

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



How you mesmerise

How you mimic the seasonal calm

And quietude of the restless ocean

How you bow in concentration

 To arch your absorbent nature

And rapture in a cosmetic smile that

Swallows like a whirl pool


How you carry the gravitation field

And the forces that pull and bind

How you repel sadness and sorrow

In all faces and brighten some gloomy soul

How you set the stage for colourful dreams

And some “sweetistic” imaginations


How you define beauty in high definition

A creature of absolutely amazing design

Turning a ghostly atmosphere of earth

Into a haze of bliss and paradise scenic

Wafting some breeze of glory

Refreshing souls lost the inferno beneath


How you dim audacious eye gaze

By the razor of your eyes that pierce

How you outshine daylight and light

Outsmarting the very phrase neat and tidy

You’re the best and not the rest without debut

It’s why they find no rest and burst for you


How you dazzle and outwit

Injecting madness in minds active

Accelerating the speed of hormones

Beyond light or supersonic speed

Desire giving way to passion sway

And the vocal chords automated confess it


How you kill and make alive

When you put it short and tight

And the fabric can’t bear it a moment

Reproducing a perfect figurine clone of yours

As though you would burst out from it

Electrify and sizzle hearts inflamed


That’s how you mesmerise me

Walk no more in my sight her highness

How you catch my eye miss sacred

And reign enthroned in my frontal lobe

How you consume my thinkative energy

And gear on the driving seat of my life



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