Love You Enemy

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For all that make us hit so hard that success is not just an option but a Must.

Submitted: January 09, 2014

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Submitted: January 09, 2014



I love you my enemies

For letting me grow

For I watered this success

With tears and blood

From the incessant blows

Mercy on me


I love you dear foe

For this grand design of mine

This life so marvellous

Your blows and hammer

Have shaped me this way

Till times immemorial


Love you all haters

For the brick and marble

That laid this foundation

So deep and broad

Beneath the crust of earth

I say thanks for your generosity


Love you all gossipers

For this fame

I am immortal

I am legend

Of which without you

I wouldn’t attain this fit


I love you adversary

For these stitches and scars

In them is evidence

And great experience

Without which I would reach

This destiny island


Thank you rival

For the ditch and throw

I wouldn’t sail through

This side place of treasures

I had cowered that shore

Without your push


I love you oh dear enemy

For digging my grave

Tending my coffin

Oh flouted plot

Go ahead and bury

You defeat and frustration

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