Swing Me To 2012

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Dedicated to my mom and dad, Emma and Meshach, the little company: Ireen, Lwarence, Mbegan, king Arthur(my successor, I salute), Peter, Jimmy, Thandi, Tapiwa, Vanessa(my little cutie queen), Alinafe, and all those unborn who shall add to the numbers of our awesome family. Guys, just the thought that I am related to you by blood makes me feel more than the greatest billionaire. I feel highly honored to be numbered to such a highly prestigious descent of people. Oh guys, darling, I am speechless. Little kids, don’t forget what I always say when I am leaving, “Afana ake ndi inuyotu. Wazidziwa?” A special one for Gift and Precious.Love you guys.
A special one for grandpa and grandma, Kingstone and Simelita. Inuyo kudzifila udolo? Anzanu anamwalira kalekale aja opusa? Thanks for the vast treasure of knowledge and wisdom imparted.
To my uncle, Shadrick and Lawrence. My loyalties and salute. Best wishes.
To Ralph, I am thrice glad for you; 1.When you joined the Seventh Day Adventist church because of Christ In the first place and myself in the least; 2. When you for the first time recognized me as “my elder bro” although the statement started with “this nigga is…” hahaha; 3. Ndiwe YO wakwathu and your stories always make me teetering with laughter.
To all my friends: Chisomo Msokera, Brian Numero, Victor Chikwapulo, Vicky Kaukonde, Kondwani Manda, Chiko Mwale, atsogo Bless Mkundiza, Mphatso Mjojo, Precious Neuro Liyawo, Precious Gwelz Gwelema, Tuntufye Mwambyale, Nancy Poetic Kayenda, Beverly Laher, Pharaoh Mwale, Moses Kamiyango, Flemmings Ngwira, Mpha GeneTk “JaneTick” Kantonya, Mtisunge peculiar Mandala, Pemphero Mphande, Brian Mkandawire, abwana Chisomo Dziko, the saint of God Lovemore Kamange, man of faith Lloyd Njikho, Ndifanji Ndix Namacha, Stella Ashie Lungu……etc [to be updated the party is starting. It’s lunch hour aaah]
A special one to Clifton Mtengezo. I am at loss of speech. May Almighty God bless you and find a way to reach your educated intellect with the light of present Truth. It’s my prayer.
A special one to Thandi Fiwa, my mom and also mother of our departed friend; Yvonne Fiwa. May God give you another reason to forget for a time in this life and smile once more. My Best Wishes.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Swing me to 2012


Don’t just stare at me on a seesaw,

Swing me to 2012.

Let me rock on the dandle board

Teeter-tottering to the new era


Let the Angel of destiny come,

Wing me to 2012.

Fly me to lands unknown

Far away unexplored undiscovered


Hit me the immense cathedral bells,

Ring me to 2012.

Let the tinkling sounds reach and echo

The horizons across hills of home


Grab the golden harp,

Sing me 2012 choral tunes.

Let me taste the fragrance of new song

Imbuing and blasting my five senses


And let’s all join the mirth,

Celebrating the year 2012 apocalypto.

In jovial mood and savage dance

Who knows, tomorrow may never be


Let me brag my past success,

To nourish my spirits elate.

I am a cock-a-hoop, so what

Plow hard and get a life.









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