The Real Genesis

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Our beginnings are enshrouded in mystery. Not to say a marvelous miracle. Here is the story,the truth,of our Genesis -the real

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



In the tepid murk of dark

Induced by the dartos fascia contractions

A hem of me was set speed

Like some rollercoaster

Or satellite computer monitored detonator

In terrific flight

Outrunning my drooping contenders

To trigger some nuclear fusion

A cataclysmic phenomenon

Only overshadowed by the mournful moans

-Of orgasm


In the lapse of time

From such triumphant beginnings

I lay dead and silent

As though frozen by electric shock

My eyes shut and hand and legs crossed

Floating yonder

In a stagnant synovial pool

Stacked by mucus lava and stinking dead

Only but chained aloof

Piping food and oxygen

By the twining cord of the umbilicals

Boarding that chamber of mess

Serving my nine months sentence

With hard labor of incessant sleep


Eventually I accentuated courage

To brave the storm and brace the change

Had grown heart and brain after all

And my feeble limbs took vigor and could kick

The innate impulse of arrogance took nerve

I vent the anger and-

Shook the domains

Thus asserting my right for justice

That fist of fury never went amiss

Reckoned for an emergency

She was ferried to labor ward

Exuding the taste of trump I gave it zero effort

But left the entire burden for Mrs.

To open up wide the gates between

Lying prostrate for the king on the stretcher

Contract her gluteals and give it a push

To let me out and tapper to liberty


As at conception she mourned and moaned

She sees a champion of the millions

More than a primordial germ or cell

Graduated from the school of embryology

To venture into the wits of pediatrics

A bouncing baby girl –Dai

Dilated eye brows for the cameras

And the terrific sounds in that-

Sordid chamber of beginnings

Studded by false angels in uniforms of pink

That I couldn’t sight other than feel

For my dominant sense was touch

This alien world full of strangeness

Made me give that first trademark cry

And they chanted thinking I was but kidding

Almost well nigh fainted

Haunted by their inhumanity

At celebrating my tearful genesis-

Of the great exodus called Life

A nerveless young mother

Overcome by excitement in a pool of blood

Splays and gives it a tear of joy

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