The beautiful disqusting demon

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This is one of my first short stories, please enjoy.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012






It’s so hot in this bed. I feel like passing out, falling into a forced sub consciousness. If I wanted something that differs from consciousness I would simply give in to sleep, which I won’t until my task is finished and my hard exhausting work has played off. Your probably wondering what I’m talking about, what this task is. Well I’m sorry you can’t know. Not you not anyone, Not even my brilliant partner in this procedure Scarlet Howard. My name is Ben Howard by the way, just like any other 27 old man I guess.

It was a cold winter night and I was listening to the radio with my girl Scar and our favourite song came on. It’s what was playing the night we met, at the school dance in 2004. Both of us were their dateless. I walked over to the snack table where she was. Her light blue eyes sparkled with the disco ball above us. I’m not too proud of what I used as an ice breaker but hey, it worked didn’t it. Scar and I are here in each other’s arms listening to what began our romance. The first thing I said to Scar that night was a lousy pick up line.

‘Hey, you got a name with that pretty face?’. She chuckled at me and cheekily then said

‘Well, you got a fly with those pants’

I knew what she meant; I looked down and didn’t see what I was expecting. My zipper was up nice and tight, I looked up to say something back but she had gone. I looked for her in the crowd of teenage couples, my old friend Pat told me she went out the fire exit to the roof. And like a poor man to a pile of cash I followed her up to stairs onto the roof.

‘Hello?’ I said aloud hoping for a reply. I walked around a bit; I was amazed by the view off the high school rooftop. Then I heard a voice so sweet and beautiful.

‘Your keen aren’t you?’ she was still out of sight, very disappointing.

‘Well I didn’t get your name back there, mines Benjamin but I’m know as Ben.’ Still out of sight, I wanted to see her badly. Never felt like this before, I had a strong urge to be in her presence it was driving me insane, If i haven’t already driven there. But this urge to be with her was like another being inside me, clawing at my skin trying to get out. Her sweet voice rid of that urge temporarily once again.

 ‘Names Scarlet but I’m known as Scar. Oh and nice effort with the pickup line thing back their Ben.’


Present year of 2007


 She was my type of girl, but I don’t say that anymore because at this present moment, in this beautifully decorated room. I am contemplating my plan, and my plan is to kill Scar. I have let you in on my plan but that does not make it any less complicated. You see, I am a human slave to a disgustingly beautiful demon, creepy right? Dam right and once a human becomes addicted to a demons presence, they control you. Well the only thing you have control of is your mind once addicted. The demons know your thoughts but not until they have initially been thought in your mind. Which helps me in my plan but only slightly, the only time I think of this plan is when the demon is resting, to make matters worse. They rest for three hours each second day, and unless I stay awake, Scar will know my plan. Don’t get me wrong I love her (Should I say her or it?) she was not created a demon. She was created a human, a human who I never knew and never will. Only two per cent of Scar is human. The rest is pure evil which is another motive for me to kill her, I hate evil.Its five A.M and She have awakened from her satanic slumber.

‘Hey babe, what you doing up so early?’ there is much more to be explained about Scar and my plan but not now, in two days. Two fucken exhausting days

 ‘Too much coffee I guess, hey you mind if I catch up with my friends from work tonight?’

Risky question but where would I get without risks.

 ‘Can I come please?’ Her beauty, so… I must not give in to her I could snap into a high on her presence any moment. The only thing stopping that is my willpower and commitment.

‘Babe guys night out Camon?’  She took some deep breaths and gave in and said she would stay home. She has no idea that I know of her and what she is, thank god.

I got out of the bed but was stopped by a strong grasp on my wrist Scar pulled me back onto the bed. ‘Let’s do it ben, no protection.’

 I got on top of her. Now don’t assume I didn’t think this through because I did, for a minute. It sounds gross and all with a demon, but doing this will lower suspicion. Plus, a guy has needs. I woke alone my bed, there was one thing on my mind, I have to put down some more steppes in my plan. I planned all day, my phone rang constantly it helped keep me awake. I wanted to sleep but I wouldn’t allow myself. I laid down some solid parts of my plan, I knew every steppe I have set in concrete, is a step closer to freedom. Demon or not it’s so real; the love felt is so real. But I couldn’t waste my time thinking about unsure feelings I have. Scar will be home anytime now; I hid the plans in a box we of photos from our first date, everything is a constant reminder of how I thought I felt, but I was forced to those feelings. It’s true; I can’t let my emotions get in the way of this. I put away my plans. Scar had not returned home yet. I should be glad I have more time for the plan, but I feel empty and sad. This is too real. No it’s not. She, it, the demon wants this; I will not give it the satisfaction. I’ll do some more of the-

She burst through the door reading my thoughts like a book.

 ‘Ben, what are you doing? Are you trying to hurt me Ben, why Ben?’

I ran to the kitchen to find a knife.

 ‘Ben, what are you doing? I am a demon, you can’t kill me.’ Its voice warped into a deep electronic like voice.

 ‘But I can, and I will.’ It laughed at me.

‘I would love to watch you stab me in the heart Ben but, I have better things to do. Actually no, show me what you’ve got Ben; I feed on fear and anger. And I’m hungry!’

 I grabbed a knife and ran into the lounge room where I previously was.

‘Crap Ben, you can’t see me. Can you?’

 I couldn’t at all, it was only heard.

‘I will help you out ok; I have a knife in my right hand. I will cut you, and you can follow the drips of blood off my knife.’

I swung my knife around at air, stabbed and slashed at nothing.

 ‘Ben I couldn’t hurt you like that, forgive me.  Ben, let’s have kids. Have a happy family.’

Anger was taking over me and like a nuclear reactor I exploded. I through furniture through windows, punched holes in walls mad a mess of the place.

 ‘Leave. Me. Alone, demon! stop playing with my head. Get out of my head!’

 Then silence, no answer. I walked around the house I spent years earning, and only minutes trashing. The glass made a silent cracking sound under my bloodied feet. I sat on my bed covered in blood, glass was in my neck chest and arms I was a mess.

The next door neighbour called the police, I said it was a burglary and I fought off the thief. I spent the next week cleaning up the mess, with no sign from the demon at all. I was so tired but I couldn’t let myself sleep. I drank coffee with sugar, skittles and various caffeine pills. I didn’t sleep that night, I don’t think.


 Some weeks later a women arrives at my door all happy to see me. It’s... it can’t be.

 ‘Scarlet?’ She caressed my glass scared face.

 ‘Oh baby what happened.’ I clenched my fists and shook my head. And once again this minion of the devil was in my house. All night she spoke about some holiday, What bloody holiday?.

 Some trick she’s playing at, well it won’t work. I haven’t slept in five days. Tonight I or it will die, and honestly I don’t care whom the survivor is, I’m not afraid.

 ‘Hey can you make me a coffee baby.’

 I made my way to the kitchen as I told her I would. I slipped a strong sedative into her drink and gave it to her, it was too simple and I chuckled as I did my sneaky deeds. I drank my coffee and so did Scar.

‘So Ben, you going to tell me what happened to your face?’ I thought up an incident

‘Ah… I tripped and fell um, onto a… Onto a mirror, the one we had on the door.’

 I know she is suspicious; she squints at me and drinks some more of her sedative. She rested the hot mug on the counter beside our bed.

 ‘Hey babe I’m feeling really tired, I’m going to get some rest. Jetlag, bugger isn’t it.’

 I nodded at her; I could see her eyes becoming drowsy.

 ‘Sorry I can’t stay up.’ She yawned sleepily. ‘Ben, I need to tell something.’ She yawned once again. ‘Ben you’re....’ she fell on the bed and yawned some more. ‘You’re going to be a….’ she couldn’t finish her sentence. ‘B  ...Ben, I feel...Real …sick.’ Scar was falling asleep. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife, ran back to the demon and wedged the knife in between its ribs, not long and blood was everywhere. The demon was gasping for air, looking at me. It stared me in the eyes and shed one tear. That tear drop ran right down its cheek to join the pool of warm blood. I took a deep breath and that’s when I called you, officer.


 ‘Do you confess to murdering your wife Mr Howard?’ I looked at the police officer.

 ‘Yes, but you must know. It was a demon, not my wife or a human but an evil demon.’

The police officer inhaled for a while, then released the air.

‘Mr Howard, we have told you seven times now. All that stuff you thought happened and was happening wasn’t. Your wife was in Spain with her parents, you murdered her the night she got back. We did as you asked and looked for finger prints in your house of the ‘demon’ and nothing of what you said happened, your doctor was trying to get you back on your medication; strong vivid hallucinations are a common withdrawal effect of your medication . All that was a huge hallucination, you killed your wife and your daughter.’

He walked for the door.

 ‘Wait My daughter?’

 The exhausted officer stopped and spoke once more.

‘Mr Howard, your wife was four months into pregnancy.’

Then the officer left me in the poorly lit interrogation room of the police station.

Five minutes I sat in disbelief, debating this in my mind. Was he lying?

I then said: ‘I’m the demon’

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