Friends Are Forever And Ever.

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Its a story about a girl who betrays her best friend and later she realises her worth.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



It was a regular summer evening and the cool breeze was blowing her hair off her face as Lisa, a cup of coffee in her hand, sat in the backyard of her countryside farm house, reliving the fun times she’d once had with her friend Dennise and their group.

And then she remembered the day, about a year ago, when Lisa had returned from school and, as per their regular routine, had called up Dennise to discuss their day. However, unlike other days, Dennise had sounded angry and a little upset about something. Although Lisa was confused, she had thought Dennise would be fine by the evening—maybe she was just tired.

Later, in the evening, when she met Dennise and the group she had felt something very wrong in their behaviour towards her. She wasn’t sure that she was the cause of the problem, so she didn’t ask them what the matter was. Later in the evening too, unlike previous evenings, Lisa got no message from Dennise. That was when she had started getting worried.

In the days that followed, nothing had been normal. The behaviour of the whole group towards Lisa had seemed changed. That was when she had decided to talk to Dennise about it. She had asked Dennise to meet her in the evening. She had stressed about the problem the entire afternoon and the insecurity in her mind kept growing.

Around six in the evening she had rushed to Dennise’s house. They had a talk and Dennise told her what the problem was. Lisa didn’t know how to react.

For the past two months two guys in school had been vying with each other to win her over. One was Jeck, a spoilt brat, but a close friend of both Lisa and Dennise. The other was Troy, with whom Lisa was infatuated, and whom Dennise really disliked. Both claimed that they loved her. Both did their best to make her believe that the other was taking her for a ride.

In her confusion between the two guys, and the feeling of importance it gave her to have two guys in love with her, Lisa had been so engrossed in herself that she had started completely ignoring her friends. And since Lisa liked Troy and Dennise did not, she had started lying to Dennise about her relationship with Troy.

Ultimately, she had decided to choose Troy over everyone else. As a result she had lost all her friends. But now that she had only Troy to turn to and trust, he too had started changing. He had started losing interest in her and ignoring her. Too late, she realized her mistake in trusting Troy.

Finally, after a year of misery, Lisa took a wise decision and left Troy. However, she was not in a position to go back to her friends as she wasn’t sure if they would accept her back. These days her only source of support and comfort was her mother.

Left to herself, Lisa had started thinking deeply about the importance of friends and relationships and was working hard to change her perspective about life. All this was going through Lisa’s mind as she sat in the backyard of her farmhouse, remembering old, happy days. Suddenly the phone rang. It was Dennise.

Dennise and Lisa’s mother had talked together and Lisa’s friends had come to know what she had been going through in the last one year. Dennise, being her best friend, couldn’t see Lisa alone and miserable. So, she had decided to call her up and ask her to come back to their group. Lisa was overjoyed to be forgiven and accepted back by her friends. She now knew  that no matter what happened in life,  your family and  true friends always stand by you!

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