(II) A Scarlet Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two bounty hunters or so called Swords find themselves in a bad situation and prepared themselves for Inevitable

Submitted: June 19, 2018

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Submitted: June 19, 2018



(II) A Scarlet Night



Alas, they found it but they didn't expect they would run onto each other. Oh, they really didn't but they felt they were lucky to be the first ones to find it despite it was already twelve ‘o’clock midnight and yet the full moon stood so bright that they could see something ahead. It was their lucky day... Or night. Anyway, that was what they felt. Their target was right in front of them after all and the job main instructions was to search and kill. They didn’t expect to find it so soon. Their prey was a werewolf.  A creature of Atan, A devil god, and it was made up of half human on body and half wolf on the head. And as it was described in paper, the beast was a rare one. Unlike the common werewolves which had black fur all over the body, this beast has red. It was also larger than its own kin. Two meters high. Another part that match its description was the abnormal right front teeth that is so large and so sharp that it didn't fit its jaws and may mistake it for a sabretooth. The claws were long and looked like razors and not only that but so was its feet. Its tail was even very furry compared to its body. And the eyes, it was glowing like its common kin but redder and more menace.


The last part of the instructions was a warning. This werewolf they were about to kill was considered to be a deadly monster. That was the only thing it said. That was the problem and it gave them the shivers. They had a bad feeling about it but one thing they know in common knowledge. Werewolves were monsters only level of C. A middle rank monster and they were optimistic that they could take it but somehow, they felt different about this beast. Something cold in the air about it. It was facing something unknown yet they would still act as a duty of a Sword and for a reward after all.


Despite that they were only two of them, they were happy about it. The lesser numbers, the larger was the reward. However, they also felt they were in a disadvantage. No mage means, no support in defense and offense. Since there were only two of them who was specialized on the sword while the other on the bow, they had to rely on potions they just bought from the eastern city. Stands in front of the beast was Staffan, a swordsman, and Aelyn, an archer. The beast observed the two in wary and the two parties moved in circles, waiting for the one to strike first. The swordsman had a black hair, dark blue eyes and white skinned. He was wearing a full set of plate armor from his upper body till downwards. He was wearing no helmet and carried only a long sword with no shield. His plate armor was not that intimidating though. The beasts snorted that it was just some plain steel and it had the confidence that it could bent the man's armor. On the other one, a female warrior. A bow woman no doubt. Her longbow at the ready with her arrow pointed at the werewolf. She on the other hand was wearing a brown straight buttoned cloth shirt and trousers. The beasts' mouth began to water as it watched the girl's features. A beauty. Her straight brown shoulder hair was sight to look upon and she had white skin complexion and blue eyes same as the boy. She looked to be younger than the boy in two years. However, the beast felt that the girl would be its desert after he finishes the boy. The beast could smell that these two were still young and in twenties.


The area they were in was a large clearing area, surrounded by tree lines. A very good open battle for the two which they believed to be an advantage for their side. Werewolves could be deadly when battling them within the forest. It was better to fight them in a clear place. There were also other creatures that excelled in forest combat such as corrupted wolves, giant wolves, undead sneakers and there were more. It was also a reason why people, whether human, elf or azazon, were banned to enter forests during nights unless they were part of the Sword Order.


Staffan stopped and took a stance, ready to charge at any moment. Aelyn at his behind began to chant a spell and her arrow was glowing blue "Oh heavens, please bless my arrow and for my faith to Marla is true."


The arrow's glow was going brighter. Staffan took a deep breath and chanted as well "Wall is my armor, Fortress is my will"


The werewolf growled as it watches his opponent’s entire body and armor glowed in green so brightly. A spell that enhances one's body strength and defense. The beast was not expecting this. The monster thought they were beginners. These two seemed to be strong and that made the werewolf glad. The strong they are, the taster they are. Some saliva dropped from the werewolf’s jaws as it kept its stance wary on them.


Staffan shouted "Aelyn, loose it!"


Before the beast could react, Aelyn, Staffan’s companion shouted "Holy charge shot!"


Aelyn’s hold on the arrow with her bow loosed. The arrow with the power of the holy light flew in an incredible speed, pierced through the shoulder of the red werewolf. A spray of blood ushered out of the wound and the werewolf cried in agony. The werewolf, suddenly, roared at them and chose Staffan first as its first meal. Staffan lowered his blade to charge and planned pierce the beast on the stomach. As he took a step forward, he was surprised as all of the sudden, the werewolf lunged at him in a fast speed with claws forward. An arrow suddenly appeared at the other shoulder of the werewolf. The impact halted its advance as the werewolf grasped the arrow and took it off. It roared again. Staffan shouted "Aelyn, Thanks!"


Aelyn shouted in determination at Staffan "Go!"


"All right!" Staffan roared as he charged forward the wounded werewolf with his sword going straight for its stomach. He roared a battle cry "To Atans Hell, Beast!"


The werewolf growled and dodged at the other side to avoid his strike and then in turn, it lunged at him again. Staffan didn’t react in time and its claws scratched Staffan's shoulder except didn't much a damage since his entire body was protected by steel plated armor. Even the damage didn't do much to his body, Staffan could still feel his shoulder ached at its strike and he gritted his teeth to bear it. He was beginning to sweat. He raised his sword at the beast and chanted "My God and Goddess, Father and Mother, give me strength to slay this foul beast."


His sword began to glow with holy light magic. He hoped he could outlast the beast more of his holy magic attacks. Holy magic attacks could cause harm to any living but gives more damage to werewolves, undead beasts or any creature that belonged to Atan’s creation. The problem was, he was beginning to tire. That strike of the beast strangely somehow sapped some of his stamina and his mana. Mana was also part of importance when casting spells and if one loses all of it and kept on using it, death is inevitable. The werewolf howled and glared with its glowing red eyes at the knight. The beast jumped at him in fast speed and out of the sudden, the bow woman managed to shot it again by the right arm with her Holy charge shot. The beast quickly fell at the ground, trying to fight the pain the holy power brought at the beast by the arm. Blood sprayed again and they could see the steam coming out of the wound. The knight cried a battle cry and charged "Holy Slash!"


As the blade almost reach the beast’s head, the werewolf roared and unbelievably in a split second, it blocked his holy attack with its claws and kicked him by the breastplate with its inhuman strength of its wolf legs that send the man flying like a ragdoll and hit a large tree at back first. He then coughed blood and tried to stand up weakly. His partner, Aelyn, widened her eyes at him in shock of his fast twist situation. She was about to rush at him but he held up his hand for her to halt as he noticed the beast began to approach in fours towards him. He shouted at her "Don't come near me!"


He saw her horrified expression. He gritted his teeth. She was in the verge of crying. He groaned as he managed to rise up despite he could feel his pain throbbing. He held his sword in two hands and raised it. He growled "Come at me beast!"


Aelyn was in panic. She didn't know what to do and well of course, she was trying to find a way to reverse their situation. Something popped inside her mind and she realized it could help him. She searched for something in her bag. She gave a thanks to the Two Gods as she found it and she shouted at Staffan "Staffan! Catch this!"


The knight turned to her and immediately rushed as he saw her threw a red potion. That was a healing potion no doubt. He cursed that he almost tripped over a rock and managed to catch the potion by one hand. His back pain was tempting him to run. He couldn't fight easily with this and thanked Aelyn silently for the potion. He gave his potions to her in making sure not to risk in breaking them when fighting in melee. He shouted at her "Thanks! "


As he drank, a shadow loomed behind him. He immediately dodged at the right side as the beast almost snapped his head off with its own jaw. He cursed at the beast for not let himself finish the drink. That interruption made him drop the potion accidentally and it broke and spilled on the ground. However, he managed to drank some of it and concluded it was worth it. He could feel his back healing in some warm sensation. He charged at the beast in start with an upward slash and the werewolf shrugged it off with its claws, pushing him back. He jumped again with his sword down to hammer the wolf's head but the beast changed stance to its side and bit his sword with his large mouth and tightening its hold. He could smell the stench of the beast out of the sudden. The saliva, the breath and the odor were too much to bear for Staffan. The stench was a shit to smell!


His partner suddenly unleashed a multiple shot of three normal arrows and it all pierced the beast by the leg. The beast cried, releasing the blade from its mouth. Staffan took his stance again. The werewolf roared at the knight in anger and Staffan swung his blade, and a bone crack sound was heard.


The werewolf’s abnormal large fang fell on the ground. The werewolf roared in anger and agony. It grasped its own mouth, where its fang was cut off. Staffan could see it in the eyes. The beast was in pain and rage. The knight grinned at its anguished cry "Gotcha bastard!"


When the beast heard his grin, its red eyes glowed redder and something in the air gave a great shiver on the spines of the two warriors. Something evil and menace. Something dangerous was about to erupt. The knight thought he was imagining it but he literally realized it was real as he could see the surroundings of the beast emitting red aura. He shuddered and he was beginning to sweat hard. A great killing intent. Aelyn was also shock of that aura. Her body became so stiff. This was her first time encountering a beast witch such great killing intent. She felt cold and her fear was clawing her hearts out. This was a dread that she could not or rather not sure to handle. She hated it and yet feared it.


The werewolf howled and seemed to be smiling at Staffan, showing its broken abnormal fang and sharp teeth. There, she realized what it was going to do. She cried at Staffan "We need to Run! It’s going to use berserk!"


The knight turned his back and realized his mistake. No warrior shouldn't turn his back on an active enemy and it was too late. He heard the sound like metal being forced through by something sharp behind him and a great pain he had never experienced before. He began to threw up an enormous amount of blood. He coughed and looked down at his stomach. His eyes widened in horror. His enemy's claws pierced through his back and right outside of his abdomen. Due to pain, he dropped his sword weakly. It was so painful and he was beginning to scream in agony. He could hear the werewolf howled in delight. He gritted his teeth and through his bloody mouth, he growled in anger and stared the beast at his back "You Atan spawn!"


Aelyn screamed in terrified voice as she saw her partner for years in Adventure and exploration got suddenly stabbed by the long razor like claws of the red werewolf at the back. This wasn't they were expecting. His armor was enhanced with magic. How did such beast managed to pierced through it? Berserk or not, middle rank monsters couldn't do a very powerful and lethal damage on an enhanced magic of a sword in rank of a knight! She realized something. Black fur werewolves were not that strong to break an armor that hard but then red ones can? Which means the red werewolf was in a level of B. It was a high rank monster. She cursed in anger at herself. Why didn't she realize it sooner?


She nocked and raised her bow to aim.  She chanted in stuttered words. Her hands were so sweaty “Oh Heavens! P-Please b-b-less my arrow f-or my faith to M-Marla is tr-ue! Holy charge S-Shot!"


She loose her arrow and the projectile glowed in holy magic but incredibly, the beast, which was still enjoying the knight screaming at its claws, swiped the arrow at ease with its other claw hand. She groaned as she felt her own magic or mana was almost at its depletion but she thought that she needs to do something. Staffan, her partner, kept on screaming and agony. The pain was too much for her to hear. This was too much. If her holy charge shots could be swiped off by one hand, then she bet her normal arrows would be useless as well, even though using her multiple charge shots would still be useless. She gasped as she saw how much blood kept on pouring out from his wounds. She needs to do something quickly and then, an insane idea pop inside her head.


Staffan was struggling, his vision was beginning to fade in front of him. He tried to pull himself from its claw but he couldn’t. The beast wouldn’t let him. He couldn't die right now. Aelyn would be alone to face it if he dies. He groaned and screamed in rage. He roared at the beast at his back "You smelled sack of stool! I swear that I will gut you if I get this claw-shit out of me!"


The werewolf howled in delight as it kept on playing him in sliding him up and down through its claws, making him threw up more blood. He was weakening. He was about to give up when all of the sudden, he saw Aelyn picking up his dropped sword at the ground slowly. He paled instantly of what she was trying to do. She raised it like an idiot and she was shaking in fear. He cried in horror while blood was oozing out of his mouth "Aelyn! What the hell!"


His partner was shaking and shouted "Drop-Drop him! You monster!"


"Get out of here, you fool!" Staffan roared at Aelyn yet she still stood at the front of the beast, which was eyeing her in interest. Staffan growled. He didn't want her to get killed. Suddenly, the beast released him by throwing him to the ground, and the pain doubled as he stumbled. He groaned and as he saw the beast approached her, he screeched "Aelyn!"


His partner ignored him. She lifted his blade over her head and screamed. She charged with his sword with all her might and the werewolf, in a split second, just swiped the sword out of her hands like a child. Tears of Aelyn was streaming down at her cheeks. She was going to die. She made her decision so poorly and so early. She wanted to survive. She and Staffan. She wanted to turn back time and reject this quest. This was too much to handle. She wept while standing in shake of fear as the beast loomed over her with its jaws open to bite her head. She muttered in a very sad tone and closed her eyes "I'm sorry, Staffan"


When she was sure it was about to snapped her head with its large jaw, she heard Staffan roared. As she looked up and gasped, she saw Staffan pierced his sword at the werewolf's thigh. He was also chanting in fast pace and more blood came out of his mouth "Oh holy Father and Mother, bring peace to this violent one for he disturbs your children's peace! Holy Burn!"


The werewolf roared in pain as it struggled to pull out Staffan's glowing holy sword out of its thighs with its hands. Holy fire seemed to be trying to burn its insides. Staffan roared in anger and in pain "You. Will. Not. Hurt. Her!"


The werewolf howled in anger and tried to grab Staffan but he suddenly took out his sword, which was now in flames of the holy light, and caused the beast to moan in pain. He screamed as he slashed the werewolf with all his strength. The werewolf howled in pain once more and fell at the ground. Blood was now pooling out of its wounds. Staffan was breathing hardly as he turned to Aelyn who was stiffed in fear and regret. He smiled at her "I... Am glad. You... Are safe."


Aelyn shook her head in panic and rushed at him as he slowly fell head first. She managed to catch him on her arms. He was breathing hard and the smell of blood from him... He coughed. She was in panic and checked her bag for her potions to revive him. Suddenly, she felt his hand on her face. He smiled sadly "I am... Sorry. It is... Too late for that."


She shook her head in despair "No. Not yet. We've been through a lot together! I won't let you die on me! Not this time!"


Staffan kept on smiling at her. That smile reminded her of she first met him at the farm when they were kids. That smile was full of warm and love. She was still a brat that time. Whenever she wanders at the village, she often bullied by several. children because of her brown hair. One fourth of the population of humanity had brown hair and many children kept on treating her as an outcast but there was one who didn't. Staffan. The last time she was bullied was the also the time he and she met. He fought the bullies in determination to protect her with his fist. After the fight, he scared the bullies away but among the injured, he was the most in pain and yet he didn't mind it and preferred that she was safe and unharmed. A fool yet beautiful. She doesn't know whether it was the right word or whatever for his determination to protect her yet she doesn't mind it. Staffan’s father, like Aelyn, was a farmer and had a little sister. Their mother died when she gave birth to his sister, leaving him and his father to take care of her. After a few years, their father died due to an unknown sickness leaving him alone with his younger sister. Aelyn persuaded her parents to take care of them both which she was so glad that they agreed immediately. She thanked the father and the mother for meeting Staffan. After years of childhood times and moments together, he along with her, joined the Order of the Sword in the east of their village which was located in the city called Topian City.


For years, they traveled and enjoy as well as explored the continent to the fullest. Years of suffering and joyful moments together. It was about to end now. All because of this QUEST. Her time with him was about to end at her own arms. She loved him and so was he to her. She wished in her heart they make plans. A family. She wanted to grow old together with him as her husband. Now it was about to fade in the winds with his life dying at her arms. What would she do? Would she carry him to a healer? They had ventured too far from the town they just stayed. She doubted any people of The Sword Order would be up and in adventuring this night. She prayed to The Father, Ranus and The Mother, Marla for help. She sniffed "Father and Mother, please heed my prayers..."


Staffan groaned and she managed to find their potion. She quickly poured the red potion on his wounds and waited for a miracle. It didn’t close. She threw the red potion in anger and cried "Useless! Damn it!"


Her knight coughed "Stop. It’s useless."


Aelyn kept on holding his hand on her face and tears were pouring out. She cried "You worked hard for me! You suffered, worked and done everything for me! I can't let you die right now! I am doing my best! And this time, I will be the one to save you!"


She placed both of her hands at his wound and began to chant with her eyes closed in determination "Oh Heavens, please help this poor one from suffering! Father and Mother, I implore you!"


Staffan's eyes widened and let his hand drop from her face "Don't... You haven't mastered that. You focused... On the power of archery. Not magic..."


"Shut up!" She whispered. Her hands glowed in green and she chanted "Holy Heal!"


Staffan felt a warm sensation then suddenly it felt as if a mirror broke. The healing magic immediately fade and Aelyn threw up blood on the ground. This was the result for someone using magic forcefully when he/she have not mastered it yet. Staffan shook his head "I told you... Stop."


She weakly smiled at him and shook her head "No... I must no-"


A sharp pain inflicted at her face. He slapped her. She was shock at his action. Staffan had never slapped her before. Not even once. His face was in anger and worry. He sternly said "Stop!"


Then his eyes softened "Please... For me."


Aelyn lowered her head with no response an uncomfortable silence between them. The Staffan brightened it up while smiling weakly "You've grown a beautiful woman, Aelyn."


His partner looked at him in the eye and giggled sadly and patted his head gently by his black "So are you, sir."


"Sir... Huh. " Staffan's eyes saddened. He sighed tiredly "I failed... As a sword."


She knew what he meant. Discard personal feelings in combat when fighting. Think and do the best decisions during battles. And he poorly made one. He chose to save her by risking his critical wound.


"No... No, you did-" She closed her eyes, still saddened and whatever she was about to say, she felt something warm and wet at her lips. She opened eyes and it widened. He kissed her. He was kissing her. What she was about to say stopped as he kept on. She let that moment kept on until he stopped and smiles at her sadly.


He said in a warm and romantic tone despite of pale face "Yet, I’ve succeed on the other part. I love you, Aelyn."


Her eyes shined and smiled, despite her face being red and eyes puffed from crying. She placed both of her hands at his face and kissed again. His lips felt warm. After a few more moments, she pressed her forehead with his and said "I love you too."


He smiled and then his face turned sad "Take care of my little sister, Aelyn... Tell her I am sorry... And..."


She paused for more of his words "Tell her... It’s not your...fault. And also... Please... Please... Live. "


Then the light of his eyes went out and his head fell backwards. His body became... Lifeless and heavy. She lowered her head and sobbed. Her only friend during childhood. The first stranger she met and trusted during childhood. And the first person she loved. Her heart ached. What would she do? Everything she worked hard for... Was it all for nothing? He was her reason for living. He was her idol. He became one when he saved her that day. She felt worthless. He saved her many times and now she failed when it was his turn to be saved. How stupid she was. She felt miserable. She felt her useless. Useless and stupid. She couldn't save him. He was already dead. How could she love him now since he died?


"Damn..." She gritted her teeth. Her teardrops met the face of her dead beloved. She roared in anger "Damn it!"


A few seconds of silence and out of the sudden, she heard a growl. That growl... Then she began to shake in fear. She was beginning to shiver in fright. She turned to where the werewolf's corpse was and gasped. The body was beginning to stir. It was impossible. Staffan's holy magic, Holy Burn, should have killed him. It was impossible for a beast even in level b to survived that. That was his strongest attack. Holy Burn, a holy magic. When the sword pierces the enemy and cast Holy Burn, it should able to burn its innards into nothing. However, Holy magic might not be very powerful against the three races, human, elf and azazons. Then a realization shook her. Was the werewolf once a-


Before she could think any further, the beast suddenly stood in fours. It growled in anger and howled. It stood and howled again and she shuddered at its great howl. The beast was once human was it? This felt so wrong. Werewolves were already in that form. They were not once human or any other race. However, despite the thoughts, the truth was already in front of her. It withstood the greatest attack of her beloved. That was the truth. Any level C monster could not have survived that but this one did. This showed that this beast was not a pure werewolf.


“No. It doesn’t matter anymore.” She muttered. Yes, it was no longer survival. It was revenge. She was no longer afraid. She felt so angry that she had not experienced before. Pure anger. Her heart ached as she watched the werewolf howling in the middle of the night. How much time did it past during their fight? She shook her head angrily. She gritted her teeth. Watching it being alive and whole while her love one died at her arms kept on roaring at her ears. She screamed in anger and despair that the werewolf was so stupid that its eyes opened wide that it forgotten that there was another one. His desert. Aelyn placed her beloved at the ground gently. She quickly picked up her beloved’s sword that was still wet with the werewolf’s blood and roared a battle cry. “You Monster!”


She charged and swung her sword at the beast that it suddenly swiped the sword at the side, yet she kept her hands on it but the force of the werewolf’s brute strength pushed her back. She landed at her feet and gritted her teeth again and roared once more. She was like a fierce cornered animal as she kept on slashing and dodging, trying to get a way to stab or slice the beast in revenge. She knew now holy sword magic or any magic related to swords. She didn’t care. Kill the beast. Killing it was all that matter to her.


The werewolf snorted. It seemed that it was beginning to tire of her and decided to end her right now and especially, it was already hungry. It wanted to maw her bones and her brain. It wanted to eat her flesh and tear those fats from her legs. Looking at her beautiful features, its mouth began to water.


She swung the sword and the werewolf swiped it aside so hard that she flew backward. She never felt so angry before. She felt a voice whispering inside her head. It was telling her. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.


She would do everything to do it. Revenge was so sweet they say and that was she wanted to feel. She wanted to slaughter the beast right there. Vengeance was everything in her mind. She roared when she was about to charge again at the werewolf and beat its ass unarmed. The werewolf roared and had stance itself to pounce at her. When they were about to collide, an explosion erupted between the two. The explosion caused them to flew backwards and Aelyn landed at her butt on the ground. Aelyn growled angrily “What now?!”

“You both are fools yet admirable ones.” A childlike voice spoke up. A new comer?


The smoke and dust cleared and what was now standing in front of her was a child, who like she was only nine or twelve? Despite that very childlike appearance. She had a long hair that reached on her shoulders. White hair. Since when humans had white hair? She even wondered if the child was like her. An appearance unique among others yet her appearance felt so alien that Aelyn kept on pondering of her unidentified identity. She had no armor except a long white sleeveless cloth that covered from upper body to her knees. The werewolf howled in pain and Aelyn noticed that it crashed against a tree. The white hair child turned her head to look behind her.


Aelyn gasped. The new comer had red eyes. Similar to a werewolf yet so different. This one was darker. Crimson colored eyes. She was even so beautiful. A beautiful childlike that could be mistaken for a goddess except those eyes were menacing yet… human? She smiled at Aelyn and said in a childlike voice “Don’t worry. I am human. I am not like those blood suckers you may suspect about.”


This gave Aelyn an idea inside her mind. The girl told her she was not like those bloodsuckers. Was she referring to the vampires? If she was not one, what was those eyes? Those eyes were radiating menace, hungry for something and something for killing?


“My name is Feb. Pleased to meet you, Miss?” The child called Feb gave a short bow like a noble at Aelyn.


“Aelyn is my name. What are you doing here and what are… you?” Aelyn shook her head in disbelief.


Feb sighed and straightened herself. She then turned right to the werewolf. “My identity is not important. Right now, my business is with that beast. Please, sit tight while I slew this pitiful existence.”


Aelyn could not believe what was the girl called Feb was saying. Slay this monster? She observed the girl but couldn’t grasped what makes her stronger than the red werewolf. Maybe she had powers of such explosions like she did earlier? However, this doesn’t matter to Aelyn. The one who kills the beast would be her, not Feb. It was her right. Her right above all, her right to slay, her right to avenge him, and her right to end this beast that could cause or rather had caused many people’s lives miserable. She was a sword in the rank of a knight. She would fulfill the duties left by her friend or beloved. She would not allow anyone to take her prey.


“Don’t be stupid, Miss Aelyn.” The girl said without even looking back at her. Her tone became iron and cold as well as mature.


“What?” Aelyn was surprise at her change of tone.


“You brought this among yourselves. You should’ve not accepted this quest. This was your and that annoying boy’s fault. As I said, you both had no common sense at all.”


Aelyns face became red and roared at Feb “How dare you! Who do you think you are?! You had no right at this! Get out of my way! This is my fight! I can’t allow a mere chi-”


A pain struck at her stomach and she threw up so much saliva and blood from her mouth. She swore that she could feel her own insides were about to spill out of her mouth. That girl gave her a hell of a backfist at the stomach and she could feel herself flying like a ragdoll and her consciousness fading.


Feb back fisted Aelyn on the stomach and didn’t even bother to look back. That punch caused Aelyn to flew backwards. Feb heard there was a crashing of wood. She betted that the young woman crashed against the trees at her back. Not that it matters now. She sighed and made a lewd smiled at the werewolf which was staring at her in excitement. “Now, where were we? Oh right! You are about to die tonight, young man.”


The werewolf roared in delight. A new dinner had served at itself on its own table. That’s what the beast was thinking. A new food and a quite rare one. It had never seen humans having a white hair before after all. It growled in delight for a life time experience. A human white-haired food.


The young girl smiled “Am I that tasty? How perverted of you, wild beast. It seemed that your new form is suited aside of your original form of being a human, rapist.”


She laughed maniacally and after a few seconds. She took a deep breath and calming herself. She smiled once more. “However, I only give myself to those who I considered worthy. Male or female anyway, and there is one thing you lack, monster.”


She shook her head and her smile began to warn something to the werewolf’s instincts. “You are no longer human.”


Her body began to radiated a deadly aura. That aura was so dense that it was even more powerful than the werewolf’s show of its own aura earlier. It was so dense that anyone could see its dark crimson color. The ground began to tremble and around her, cracks were showing up. Dusts and stone began to spread out like crazy around the girl as the force of her power showed that it was strong. Too strong. It was as if there is an earthquake going on. This gave the beast the feeling of fear. Its own instincts were crying to him. Run. Monster is that girl. Run. Far. Far from this place. Away from that being. Devil. Angel. Not human. Not human at all. Oh, that’s what the beast felt. However, that aura was similar to the being the monster worshipped. It was impossible. The beast thought. Its master was trapped. It was trapped where anyone except beasts or disciples had known its existence. It was impossible. The werewolf began to step backwards in fours as it watched the ground began to tremble around the girl. The girl was, the werewolf realized as it tried to visualize with its night vision clearly on her face, smiling in a manner not befitting for a human child. That smile began to send a very huge warning to the werewolf. A predator’s smile. A hungry one that was.


The werewolf was thinking on how to escape. It had to escape. The instincts of the beast were screaming. The werewolf believed it was not its time yet to die. The beast needed to eat more humans. For food, for hunger and for his master. It needs to feed more. The beast was beginning to frightened of her presence. It was so overwhelming. The aura of the girl was no joke. It was very demonic. Unholy yet something holy in that aura. An aura the beast could not understand. It was so dense. It was so dark and crimson.


Feb laughed at the frightened beast “Yes! That’s right! Fear me! I am who struck fear on those who defy me!”


The werewolf had stopped thinking. It does not matter anymore and it turned tail and ran. Feb’s smile grew wider and said “The hunter became the Hunted! It’s time!”


From the dense aura, Feb was keeping her smile on and lifted her right hand and brought it down. Out of the sudden, a gigantic wormlike sludge of smoke and blood came out of her aura and chased after the fleeing beast. It seemed the werewolf was not fast enough. Its wounds slow its speed in running. The wormlike smoke and blood wrapped around the werewolf’s body and brought it struggling back to its original destination.


Aelyn was beginning to conscious. However, she realized her back was damaged heavily. She struggled and pulled out her red potion from her backpack and drank. It was beginning to heal her and she had managed to stand up yet the pain still stung her. She muttered “What is that brat?”


When she tried to make way back to the clearing, there she saw the child was wrapped in an aura so dense. She began to feel fear. This aura was so menacing than that of the werewolf. This shows that the child in front of her was more of human. She tried to check her memories if she met that kid before.


She then saw Feb managed to caught the werewolf and now it was struggling from her powerful magic grip. She laughed maniacally “I think, I will not use Tana nor Nata tonight. Escape is rather a foolish move, werewolf! It’s time for you to die tonight!”


She closed her eyes and began to chant and the werewolf was struggling, howling and roaring. She didn’t mind it though. She raised her left hand, opening it wide. Crimson smoke coming out of hand, forming a hellish cloud around her palm. “Hell. Heaven. Purgatory. Such worlds are only worthy to belong to the one and true master. Those who call themselves kings are nothing but imposters. Those who call themselves lords are nothing but a disease. Those who call themselves gods are nothing but watchers. I am the only one True Master of this world. I call upon a small part of my power and demonstrate to such evil thing and for all those to see this.”


Then her crimson eyes opened, shining evilly and menacingly. She shouted “Nulla Diss!”


 The werewolf began to cry in pain. Its body began to expand like a balloon. It kept on enlarging and enlarging. Blood began to pour out of the werewolf’s snout like water. Its eyes were beginning to cry blood. It was a torture and a sight to see. Feb kept on laughing in delight and as she found the size of the werewolf balloon, she closed her left hand into a fist and in a split second, the werewolf exploded into pieces. Flesh. So much flesh and blood flew out in every direction. The werewolf could not be recognized anymore. Its body just exploded. It had nothing left but scattered red fur, blood, organs and bones. There was nothing. Nothing at all. The witness of this such situation was Aelyn. Her eyes widened and her legs buckled.


Sweat was pouring all over her face after she threw up. “What- What is she!? Is she a monster?”


The werewolf… became blood or rather for her, a pile of shit and nothing.




She turned to the source of the voice and her heart stopped. A great cold ran at her spine. It was Feb. She just suddenly appeared at her side. The one who cast such spell. The one killed the werewolf in one hit. The one who back fisted her at ease. Just what was she? What was she? A demon? A beast? An ancient Helf? Just what was she? Was she a normal being to begin with? No human had that strength at all. Not even Azazons nor Elves could rival that strange powers of hers. She was racking her mind and she realized that she had forgotten something. She turned to her beloved who still lying down lifeless at the ground. Her face became grim.


“You guys are not strong enough to face that kind of foe.” Feb suddenly appeared beside her. For a young girl, she looked mature though. The way she was giving her look at Feb was really a matured one. She had her arms crossed, then turned to stare at the full moon.


“Who are you? Really?”


Feb was silent. She didn’t answer her question and only responded with a sigh. “I think I will teach you a lesson in the place of your parents or your superiors”


Her question was ignored. Aelyn was about to retort. Her face became red about that and out of the sudden, Feb slapped her. That pain couldn’t be compared to Staffan’s. Wow, how much work out did the child had? It was so painful that she swore that she could feel her own jaw being moved to another direction. Thankfully, it did not.


“You both were too confident with your abilities. You brought this among yourselves. You should have observed. You should have watch your opponent’s strength. Are you both blind? How did you both reached the Sword Rank of a knight if you could not even do that? Don’t even start with stupid words such as duty or such. Those were just pretty words. Where is honor if you are dead? Is it a duty for a knight to die for nothing? Have you learned nothing from your past experiences, Miss Aelyn?”


She didn’t reply at her argument. All of her words shot into the mark of her heart. Feb clicked her tongue “Many Sword parties died out due to cases like this. You are lucky that I managed to catch up the both of you. If not, you both are dead.”


Aelyn opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. She felt humiliated. A child had known what the best action was to take and they, already older than her, couldn’t even think about what the best course of action was. She pressed both of her hands at her face and began to cry again. The child was right. They were too confident. SHE was too confident. If it wasn’t for her, Staffan would still be alive. He would still be alive now and enjoying the beauty of the full moon. No. It was her fault. It was her fault he died. What was worse, he was in love with her for a long time and he only confessed when he died right at her arms. He saved her many times and she didn’t gave a chance to save him with her own abilities. She was weak. She was a weak woman. She felt she was not worthy of the rank of the knight now. She was ashamed and humiliated by a girl, who seemed younger than her yet had such reasonings worth much more of older people.


Feb sighed again and smiled gently. She placed her hand and said “It seemed you understood my words. Right now, you are tired. You may go to my house. My guardian, Mala, would be able help you with your grief.”


Aelyn looked at her and shook her head. There were still tears at her face but her face was wary “Why would you?”


Feb shrugged “It would leave a bad taste in the mouth if I had left you here alone.”


Aelyn stared at her in disbelief “You sound different now”


Feb shook her head sadly “I got issues… with myself. I have problems that I could become a war monger or a pacifist or any...” She stopped for a few seconds, she shook her head “No, you may not understand but soon you will. And by the way, it was not YOUR entire fault in that mess. It was yours both so don’t feel too guilty about it like it was yours alone.”


Aelyn didn’t know how to respond at that. She just shrugged her shoulders and said.


“Whatever you say, Miss Feb. As a sword in the rank of knight, I also thank you for such criticism earlier to correct our mistakes” Aelyn sighed sadly and nodded. She stood up and eyed Feb sternly “Though, you could at least have held back that strike.”


“Oh?” Feb tilted her head at her side and remembered of what she did. Her childlike feature returned. She laughed “I couldn’t! If I did, I doubt you would’ve listened and sit there like a nice girl I wanted you to be.”


The kid was a lunatic. The bow woman didn’t say anything and turned her view to her love one who was lying lifeless at the ground. She turned back to Feb and asked “Will you help me bury him, Miss Feb?”


The girl clasped her hands and happily said “Nope! You bury him yourself! You both brought this among yourselves anyway!”


Her tone returned to her very childlike. Aelyn shrugged again and accepted her refusal without any comment. She better shut up else she would have ended like that werewolf. She left Feb staring at the moon and arms crossed. It seemed also that Feb had no problems being called Miss.


As she reached his lifeless body, she knelt at his side and lowered her head “Thank you for everything. At least, let me be the one to bury you, Staffan.”


She placed her hands at his back and legs. She stood up and carried him inside the forest. She searched for a suitable one. A tree with blooming flowers under it. Then she found one. She smiled with her teary eyes. Though she felt she could not cry anymore. She had already worn out her tears. She nodded “I promise that I will inform her.”


It was a struggle but she managed to bury him and with a large stone as his own tombstone of his grave. His sword was also buried along with him. It was his. Not hers. Not for anybody. It only belonged to him. She took a look at the grave and then at her necklace. That item was special to her. He gave it to her on her latest birthday. Circular moon shaped gold and silver outline necklace. She smiled at the memory and promised in her heart to treasure it so she could remember him always.


“Are you finished?” Feb, the strange girl, appeared behind her. Aelyn shrugged as she noticed, Feb’s attire was not even stain by dirt or blood. The weird kid smiled again “Dawn is approaching. We can’t linger any longer.”


Aelyn took one last look at his grave and gave a sword salute. Her right palm placed at her left chest and lowered her head. A sign of respect and honor for the dead, a fellow comrade and a family. She then turned her back to it. She nodded at Feb. The child laughed sweetly like a cute little kid “Yes! Let’s go home! You will enjoy it there! Mala’s cooking is worth three times than a normal restaurant!”


Her smile kept on giving Aelyn the chills. Why does she keep smiling in a childlike anyway? She wondered if the girl’s smile was genuine or… fake. Aelyn lowered her head and thought that the girl may have a multiple personality order. After all, she showed earlier in being like a sadist and later showed herself like she cared people. Now her childlike side… Then a thought came as she remembered of what she said to her.


Home huh? She thought and smiled. She remembered the place where she first met him.


As she walked, she eyed Feb curiously. Another issue unsolved, just who was this girl?



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