Peter Picked and His Picked up Pecker

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Just a little dibby that I did procrastinating. I was trying to get me writing juices flowing with a 15 minute time frame. Don't be too harsh on the errors, if anyone even reads this crap.

It's about a young boy who spends a Summer day with his friends fishing. Then the impossible happens. It is a day that will change his life forever.

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012




__The day was just beginning as Peter Himmel rose from his bed. It was the 12th of June 1985 and he was unaware of the events that would take place on the hot summer day in West Livingston. As he got up and brushed his teeth, took a shower, and got dressed, he went into the kitchen to find something for breakfast. His younger brother, Patrick was sitting at the kitchen table nibbling at his oatmeal with a spoon in his right hand and a toy airplane in his left. Peter, then joined him at the table with his bread and cheese. Shortly after he began eating his friend Martin, knocked at the door. Peter's mom answered. Martin asked, "Is Peter here? The rest of us guys are going fishing at Palmers Point." The mom said "Sure he's here, he just has to finish his breakfast." Peter ran to the closet and grabbed his fishing pole in one hand and his bread and cheese in the other. He darted out the door telling his brother and mother goodbye, not knowing that his life would never be the same.
Peter and Martin were joined with their other friends Mark, Russel, and Jimmy. They took a short walk through the woods before arriving at the bank of Palmers Point, digging in the soil for worms to use as bait. Russel found the first worm, squirming for dear life, before being stuck to its death from a hook through its body. Russel cast his lure out into the water and it made a faint splash in the lake. It was at this time that Jimmy asked, "Hey guys wanna see sumtin' cool? But you gotta promise you won't  tell a soul." They all looked at him suspiciuosly, because Jimmy was always up to no good. They then quickly said, "What is it? What is it"  I won't tell, I promise!" All of them talking over eachother. He then pulled a Smith & Wesson out of the back part of his pants and opened the revolver to show that it was loaded. The gun was loaded with four bullets. Mark exclaimed, "Holy shit! where did you get that?!" "From my dad's sock drawer" , said Jimmy. "What're ya gunna do with that?", Peter asked? "I'm gunna be a cowboy, like Jesse James and rob trains.", said Jimmy. "Watta ya talkin' about, you aint gunna rob no trains.You don't even know ho' ta aim that thing." Jimmy grew embarrassed and began to grow annoyed. As the boys were dip-shitting around, a man came out of the woods with a knife and charged after them like a wild dimmybobber with jimmyjibjib covering the hair on his wolly perky beard.
Jimmy threw the gun up in the air in fright, as it hit the ground the gun went off and pierced Mark right in the pecker. Mark screamed in agony as everyone looked in fright. There was a sea monser coming out of the water behind them and the rushing ramrod tackled it back into the water wrestling and splashing around in the water. It was a great fight, but the man slit the monsters throat and the boys, looked in shock and began cheering as Peter picked up the penis from the ground, hooked and baited it and casted it into the bubbling blue water. It was on this day in history, the first time in the history of history that a human being caught a catfish with another persons' penis._

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