The Red Rose

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A Love based story about a man and his family

Submitted: February 24, 2014

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Submitted: February 24, 2014




As i was walking down the lonely road of Shimla, i heard a sound and thought i was being followed. It was winter evening and it was starting to snow. It was a lonely path so i walked a fast as i could, with both mortal fear and curiosity. I had heard that Shimla forests are hugely populated by wolves. Anyway my curiosity got the better of me and i finally turned around. But there was nothing. So i assumed that the falling of snow may have made the sound. So without thinking twice, I started walking back to my cottage.

As i reached my cottage,i saw my wife was standing there waving at me. I waved back and ran towards her. She had a big smile on beautiful face. "I got the reservations at the restaurent nearby in the city", she said. I also grinned at the thought of having my dinner at one of the best restaurents there." I'm waiting here",she said,"Go and get ready fast". I ran towards my room as fast as i could. I used to be a food lover back then. So i kicked open the suitcase and took out my finest shirt. But suddenly there was a knock. I went to the door and opened it, to see there was no one. "Strange!", I said to myself. I was about to close the door when i heard another knock and I was certain it was from the window. So I closed the window and went to the window and opened it. I was greeted with a gust of chilly wind. But my mind was not on that, I was looking straight into a pair of eyes. Those eyes had a sense of warmth in them. I knew them very well. I was looking at my father.

"Dad ! How ? I mean you are supposedly..", i could not complete the sentence. I was dumbstruck at the site of my father."Dead ? Yeah Son that would be quite right to say",he said,"But i have come here for something else. I want a favour. I want you to give your mother this book". He kept a book on the window sill and turned away to go. I called him,"Dad, but how did you.....?". My dad smiled at me. I was still looking at his eyes.

"What are you looking at ?". I turned my head towards the source of sound. My wife Ellie was right there, looking at me with a frown. " Umm, Nothing", I said and i turned my head back to the window to see that he had gone. " Well we will be late if you waste another minute"."Right !",said I and i put on my coat hastily and went out of the room.

The talk with my Dad had been washed out of my mind when we were in the restaurent. After a hearty and filling meal, we went back to our cottage. "Packup your bags fast Mister, We can't keep it for tommorow",Ellie said. I did not argue and started packing. But while packing my clothes i saw a book on the window sill. I could not believe that it was true after all. My Dad did talk to me. But he had asked for a favour so i thought why not complete it ? The next day we caught the plane to Dubai from the Delhi airport, about 350 km from shimla, So it took us a 6 hour journey through the white snowy paradise of Uttaranchal hills. After the flight we went straight to my Mom's place.

I pressed the bell and a second later she opened the door. " Aah ! i was waiting for you only", Mom said cheerfully. " Mom i am going to freshen up a bit and then catch up with you all ", said Ellie and she went straight towards the bathroom.

"It feels a little bit lonely here without your father here. His passing away last year was one of the worst thing happened in my life", Mom said sadly. I suddenly remembered about the book which he had given me. Now was the chance. I narrated the whole story to my mother. She look at me as if i was exaggerating. Well looking at the condition and the time, anyone would have thought that i have gone crazy. " He also gave me this to pass on to you ", I said. I gave her the book. She looked at the book and tears had started flow from here eyes. She opened the book and took out a red paper. No, it wasn't a paper, but a dried Red Rose. Mom looked at me and said, " Your father had given me this rose during our marriage. I had kept it in this book and forgotten where I had kept it. Your father had promised that he would look for it and give it back to me. Looks like your father did not break the promise." I smiled back and that is when i understood the true meaning of the phrase "Love has no Boundaries".

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