Josh Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about a boy who loses everything.

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Josh sat at his school desk next to his best friend, Charlie. Charlie hadn’t noticed Josh come into the classroom because he was too busy talking to his girlfriend, Jessica. Ever since Charlie and Jessica had been going out, Josh had felt like an outcast.

‘Hey Joshy.’ Jessica said. Josh thought she was beautiful. Her eyes were the colour of the sea and her hair was the colour sand.

‘Hey’ Josh muttered back before running his hands through his hair and staring out the window. As he did this, tears started to fall onto the table.

‘Hey. You OK?’ Charlie whispered. Charlie had brown hair that was always spiked up and had big brown eyes.

‘Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?’ Josh mumbled before gesturing towards the front of the class. The class fell silent as Mr Letterman walked into the classroom.

‘Well it’s just that … you’re crying.’ Charlie muttered.

‘CHARLIE … PLEASE BE QUIET. For your project I want you to focus on your family.’ Mr Letterman said excitedly. As he wrote the project on the whiteboard, Josh grabbed his stuff and ran out of the classroom in tears.

‘Charlie, what’s wrong with Josh? Jessica said as she sat where Josh had been sitting.

‘I don’t know, but I'm going to find out.’ Mr Letterman was oblivious to all the drama as Charlie managed to get out of class.

‘Josh … Josh… Where are you?’ Charlie shouted as he walked around the deserted corridor.

Suddenly a door opened and Josh came out of the deserted classroom.

‘Hey, you ok?’ Charlie asked.

‘Kind of…. I think.’ Josh replied trying to hold back the tears.

‘Why were you crying?’

‘If I tell you, you have to keep it a secret. Ok?’ Josh said as one tear fell down his cheek.


‘One week ago, my family were involved in a car crash…. My mum and Dad died and my little sister is in hospital fighting for her life. All I got was some cuts and bruises but my family is messed up… if my sister survives we will be split up and put in separate foster homes. I can’t lose her as well as mum and dad.’ Charlie could tell that Josh was scared and he needed help. But as Charlie was Josh’s best he made a promise and wouldn’t break it.

‘Josh you have to tell someone.’

‘I can’t.’ Josh said before running off. Charlie heard the bell go for the end of school and heard everyone moving around.

‘Hey, are you coming?’ Jessica said as Charlie walked out of the classroom.

‘I’ve got to find Josh.’ Charlie said as he walked past Jess. He knew where Josh would be and sure enough when Charlie walked through the doors of the hospital Josh was sat on one of the chairs crying, just like he had in lesson.

‘Hey. Thought you could do with a friend.’ Charlie said as he sat down beside Josh.

‘Charlie… She died.’ Josh said before bursting in tears. Charlie could tell that Josh needed him more than ever. As they were talking a nurse came over to talk to Josh.

‘Joshua.’ The nurse said. Josh looked up with tears in his eyes.

‘Can I see her?’ Josh said.

‘Of course.’ The nurse said before walking off.

‘Can you come with me?’ Josh said as he looked at Charlie. Charlie looked back at him and nodded. They both got up and walked into the room. Josh couldn’t believe his eyes. His sister didn’t have a scratch on her but she was dead.

‘She will be 10 tomorrow.’ Josh said as he looked down at her.

‘She will be watching you and making sure you’re ok.’ Charlie said as he walked towards Josh. Josh knew he was right but he wanted Chloe to come home and he wanted to cuddle her when he was upset.


© Copyright 2020 Pancho1993. All rights reserved.

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