missing the old times with you

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kinda personal thoughts and questions about my bro :""(
feel free to read if u want to its jus about sibling separation

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



do you remember the days when we both lived at moms?

the days we lived at dads?

all the fun we had?

remember when i put chocolate covered peanuts in your bed?

or how you stood on my hair when i was on my head and ripped my hair out getting up?

do you remember our fights?

our faults?

how we became close friends?

how we helped each other out?

you were the only one i let see me when i was in the hospital

and now shes the only one that gets to see you and you are safe and sound

do you remember how we had to help each other?

how we annoyed one another?

remember the times?? do u?

because i do and i miss them

do u think of those times? of me?

i miss you brother and wish she would go away so we could be siblings again

so u could help me and i could help you

so we could make life bearable at our parents by making fun together

so we could make their lifes hell in the good way

i want my brother back instead of this mummy

do u even want to go back? or do u want to stay with her?

and forget about ur dear sister who needs you?

would u even be upset if i died?

would u still be with her if i said it was because she took u away from me?

or would you end it an mends the wounds of the rest of the family?

y do u continue to get mad when i express my opioin of her?

y cant we talk about anything anymore?

y has she changed you?

y is it sooo embarrasing to hug me now?

y cant i be protective of u as u r to me?

how can u act like the old u at times and then change back to u now in seconds?

y r u different? how did she change u?

can we change u back? do u wanna go back?

do u not like being a bro?

am i still like the annoying 11 year old i once was?

do u disregard me like the rest of our family?

am i that bad? did she replace me?

can i do anything to get u back?

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