She Got Forced.....

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Girl got forced to have sex with some freaky guys by hitting her boy friend hard and thrown away.

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



She shouted with pain seeking help from her friend but he was not in a position to help her.

She cried with pain in that rain but no one is awake at that night to listen to her.

She screamed with pain through her vein but no one among them understood her.

She felt that pain more than the pain a mother bared while giving birth to such kind of guys who forced her.

She has alternated her pain into anger but she could do nothing to them with just anger and recognized that it needs strength in her to fight them.

She started losing that pain after few nights but still remember that movement every night she sleeps.

She forgot the pain after she left this world after few days but she thought you would never forget to leave those guys who forced her.

She feared to that pain you left with her still by setting those freaky guys free outside to this world again.

She cared for your response on her death but you forgot what you promised to her.

She wants to seek justice for the loss of her happiness and would you help her out through this.


***** This is the pain every small girl to old woman facing in this irresponsible society *****

***** Even government does care nothing for them after losing thousands of raped victims *****

***** Even youth are busy with their own short of problems they face in this society *****

***** Let’s find our own responsibility to be careful with this cruel and disgusting society *****

***** So guys enlighten your minds, girls mean everything for us because they have the activity of producing a child like you more and more *****

***** Let us fade the mark in this society that giving birth to a girl child would be a burden to the parents in future *****

***** Be proud to have a girl child and proud to be a girl in this world but remember to be safe with such kind of freaky boys *****

***** Boys this is a message to you all, do not ever make your parents or friends or wife or children to feel ashamed looking at your activities *****

***** So behave like a man but not like a beast and make yourself hateful to have you one among them, Live like a man and make your surroundings to feel proud of you *****


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