Tribute To Every Mother

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It is my message to every Son/Daughter of a mother. Please share your success with your mother along with your Husband/wife and children.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



When i was waiting out of this universe, she dragged me into this universe.

When i was trying to come out of her womb, she seamed like leaving this galaxy.

When i came out of her womb, she came back into this world.

When i opened my eyes for the first time, she showed the whole world in her face.

When i started to cry, she made me to tune. 

When i started to tune, she made me to sing. 

When i started to sing, she made me to talk. 

When i started to talk, she made me to walk.

When i started to walk, she made me to run. 

When i started to run, she made me a goal.

When i started to achieve my goal, she helped me to reach my goal.

When i reached my goal, she too reached her goal. 



This is what a mother trys to achieve. 

A successful person's success lies in his/her mother. 

Share your success with your mother equally with your husband/wife and children.

Because your wife/husband and children ask to share your success with them. 

But a mother will never ask to share your success with her because it is her success which you shared from her.

As we all feel like it is our own success, for that sake share it with your mother a bit. 

She even feels much happier than what she apparently succeeded.


This is a tribute to each and every mother.

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