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A character profile for each character in 'Love after death'.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012





Amber is a typical, happy, healthy 16 year old girl,She has recently started college and is still adapting to the change, she loves nothing more than listening to music likeheavy metal, screamo, K-pop she also loves being with her best friend Luna.

Amber's interests are drawing and photography, she is an inspiring tattoo artist and loves to go hang around with her mates, Amber also spends most of her time watching anime/horror films. She also reads a lot, she loves Manga most people see her as an Otaku.

Even though Amber smiles a lot sometimes her smile is a mask to hide her true feelings of sadness, when Amber was younger she lost her mother in a freak accident, Amber blames herself for her mothers death, even when her father says it wasn't her fault she never feels any form of closure.



Luna Is 17 and attends the same college as Amber studying English Literature and Philosophy and art, Luna is mad about Rock and Jazz music and steam punk fashion, she's into a lot of the same things as Amber but has a more critical view on things for example where as Amber likes Shoujo anime Luna like's Political and action anime.

Luna is aspiring to become an author where her books will sell millions all over the world, so she get her views out there and hopefully make a difference to peoples lives.

Luna has grew up around people who have a more outgoing view on the world so Luna has a lot to say about things and isn't afraid to say them where ever she is and doesn't care who she says it to.



Alexander is very quite no one really knows much about him, the only things people really know about him is that he is 16 and that he is in the same art class as Amber and Luna. the only person who knows much about Alexander is his cousin Eric.

Alexander's personality is that of a gentleman, even though he is quite scary and has a mysterious vibe about him.

Even with that though he is highly attractive, he has grey eyes and pale white skin that shines in the pale moonlight and ebony black hair that falls neatly around his face and highlights his features.



Eric is an extremely tall 18 year old and is the cousin of Alexander even though they have nothing in common they are seemingly close. Eric's attitude is very cocky, he always seems to have the girl's smitten over him, he is quite the lady killer Doesn't seem to acknowledges anybody feelings with what he says or does.

Eric has dirty blonde hair and always seems to be smoking with a smile that says he's proud of himself for some reason, but he never tells anyone of his past keeping it a secret like if anyone knew it would end the world as we know it.

even though Eric acts the way he does around the girl's he only has true feelings for one girl and does everything he can to make her happy but does it without revealing his Tue feelings.



Jasper is a young boy who always seems to be very distant with everyone around him, he never changes his expresstion a cold, heartless gaze that makes you wonder what he's thinking about. People don't know about Jasper he never really talks about himself or to others for that matter the only people he properly communicates with is Eric and Alexander even sometimes Luna, nobody knows what relation his is to them the only thing they know is that there very close to each other.

Jasper tends to wear very smart clothing but never anything that wil make him stand out in a crowd, he likes to blend in and never gets anyones attention, even though he's really attractive he always from a very young age covered his face with prescription glasses that he no longer really needs but he is very cautious about what people will see if he takes them off.

no one trully knows why he covers his face with the glasses but no one dare's question him and his choices. Even though people aviod him he is actually very knid and doesn't mean to scare anybody he only wants to protect those around him and make sure that his loved ones are safe.

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