The tale of Gren! character's

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These are the characters from my short story, The tale of Gren.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



The tale of Gren characters!



Gren looks like your average 20 year old guy, but he's far from it.when he was younger he got into a lot of trouble which in the long hual caused him nothing but pain.

Gren has twoimportant people in his lifeShouhei his best friend who is more like a brotherand Sio the only girl he ever truly loved the only girl he would show his true emotions too, they both helped him out when he was at his lowest even when he caused them nothing but pain and heart ache esapacially Sio.
Growing up in a smallvillage in the south-west of Japan Grenwas always seeking for adventure, but this gothim into a lot of troublebut he didnt stop to think about the consequences of his actions not even once not until it was to late.



Sio is one of the smartest and most popular girls in her class she has loving and devoted parents and friends who love her but she still feels empty inside.

Sio used to be a happy girl always smiled but nowadays all she seems to do is frown or not to show any emotion at all, this was all down to Gren. The only friend she has is Shouhei, they have known each other since they were kids when they used to hang around with Gren but all that changed Sio grew apart from Shouhei and never told him anything anymore.

To try and fill the void in heart she often how should I put this...dates alot, the longest boyfriend she has had since Gren is 3months, every other guy she has dated doesnt feel right.



Shouhei is a crazy outgoing guy who would do anything to make his friends smile.

Shouhei doesn't care for what people think of him he just does what he feels like doing, he is overally popular with the girls but doesnt seem to pay them any attention, because he is happy being with his friends.

Shouhei attends the same university as Sio, he's been worried about Sio and her anticts since Gren left. He always hangs out with his friends and doesnt like to be stuck inside he would rather be outside having fun, but even though he has alot of friends he has felt lonely since he lost his best friend even though he still calls.

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