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A woman who wakes up with no memories but a need for blood.

Submitted: February 23, 2014

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Submitted: February 23, 2014



I awoke to darkness.  My throat ached and I tried to swallow but it felt like I was swallowing sawdust.  My hands explored my surroundings – it felt like I was in a wooden box of some sort.  A coffin, I thought.  That was my last memory.  A large man was lowering me into a coffin.  My mind raced as I tried to recall memories prior to that but I came up empty.  Who was I?  What was I doing here?  I banged on the wooden boards above me and cried out in frustration. 


“Somebody!  Help me!”, I rasped.


My voice sounded so unfamiliar – so alien.  I grit my teeth in anger and balled my fists, banging again on the wooden boards and screaming.  I’m not sure how long I continued this for, but eventually I felt too weak to keep going and my eyes were closing of their own accord as I was sucked into the darkness.


“She was awake, I heard her screaming and banging on the coffin,” said a deep voice, thick with an accent that I can only assume was Irish.


 “Fine.  Open it,” replied another male voice with a similar accent, only his was smooth and laced with a trace of anger.


 The lid slowly opened and a small amount of candlelight shone into my prison – the light growing as the lid opened more and more.  Eventually I was able to see a man’s face staring back at me – cold, hard but with a look of curiousity.  He had deep brown hair, falling to his shoulders and a scar above his right eye. 


“H-hello?,” I croaked, shielding my eyes from the candlelight.


 “Hey there darlin’,” the man replied, “Welcome back.” 


“Leave us,” said the second voice, and I wondered who it belonged to.


 I tried to life my head but I was too weak.  The brown haired man gave me a wink and walked away, leaving me staring at the ceiling.  It was a dark grey brick, which gave me the impression that I was in a dungeon, or a castle of some sorts.  I heard footsteps as someone approached.  The next thing I knew, a set of male arms came into view and I was being lifted up out of the coffin. 


My chest throbbed and pined for something although I did not know what.  I opened my eyes and my gaze fell on the face in front of me.  I gasped as I realized that I was looking at the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life.  Dark, chiseled features and lush lips complimented grey stormy eyes and black hair as dead as night. 


“Who are you?  Where are we going?” I wheezed. 


I received no answer as we continued walking through a maze of corridors, decked out in the same grey brick.We eventually stopped and my captor lowered me gently onto a comfortable, plush bed.  I quietly murmured my thanks, when I smelt it.Initially, it smelled like copper.  I felt something stir in my chest as I licked my lips.  My teeth started to ache and I cried out in shock.  I bit down on my lower lip and the smell of copper became intoxicating – but it was more than that, it made me excited.I felt my nipples harden as my throat seized up momentarily.  I followed the smell of copper with my nose as I rolled over to my side. 


I saw a man laying next to me, no older than 30, I guessed.  His was facing me and his eyes were closed.  My own eyes darted to his neck and I could see he was wounded.  His neck was bleeding and before I knew it, I was kneeling next to him with my mouth mere inches away from his neck.  I knew what I wanted to do – I couldn’t stop it.  I buried my face in his neck and bared my teeth – my mouth on his open wound before I knew what was happening.  My teeth sunk into his neck so smoothly, but I didn’t question it – I needed this.  I needed his blood.


As I drank, I could feel all my senses coming to life.  I no longer felt weak, my arms and legs tightening and feeling stronger than ever.  I felt my panties moisten as I moaned into his neck.. they were getting wetter by the second and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to a climax… 


“Stop,” said my captor.


I felt strong hands grab me by the waist as he proceeded to tug me towards him.Still on all fours, he dragged me backwards by the waist until I could feel something hard poking me through my panties.  I nearly came there and then, but I willed myself to stop – I wanted more.  With an animalistic growl, I felt my skirt being lifted above my waste and my panties being ripped off and flung aside.  Without a moment to lose, he plunged his hard cock into my wet and welcoming pussy.  I gasped – he was strong, hard and huge.I heard my shirt ripping at the seams as that was also flung aside and the only thing left my was skirt and my bra.I felt myself quicken to a climax again, and willed myself to stop.


“Wait,” I said.  “I want to ride you.”


Not two seconds later, he had pulled out and flipped me on my back.  His fingers gently touched my cheek and traced them downwards until he got to my bra.  With one hand he ripped the front of my bra off me and my breasts sprang out – hard nipples and aching to be touched.  He laid on the bed and I straddled him, taking his large cock with my hand and gently sliding it into me.  I winced as he finished entering me; I had never had a partner with such a big cock before. 


His eyes never leaving my breasts, I slowly start riding him.As I rode him, going faster and faster, he lifted his hands and took a breast into each one.  He rubbed them, massaged them and flicked my nipple with his thumbs.  I couldn’t contain myself any longer – I left myself succumb to my orgasm, screaming in ecstasy as my fangs showed themselves once again.  This must of triggered his own orgasm, because I felt his seed erupt inside me as he choked out his own climax.


Only then did I realise what I had become.  A slave to my most animalistic desires.. I was a vampire.

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