I'll Always Protect You

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Her best friend risked his life for her, and it cost him his memory. -names aren't said till the end-

Submitted: December 03, 2014

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Submitted: December 03, 2014



He aimed the gun carefully but quickly. The shot was heard to anyone nearby. She turned just in time for the bullet to hit her right in the chest, but she felt nothing. No pain. No hurt. Nothing. 
"Is this how death feels," she thought carelessly. 
As soon as that though quickly ended she seen her best friend fall to the concrete in front of her. With a bullet hole in his chest, blood flying every where. 
She was frozen as he dropped to the ground in front of her. His eyes slowly closing. 
The shooter stood back up after falling back from the first firing. He aimed again, this time positive he would hit the girl. But what he seemed to miss was, the boy pressing his hand against the cold concrete in attempt to stand up. He fired again and the boy rose quickly, once again blocking the shot and earning another bullet hole. 
The boy slapped the gun out of the mans hands and reach, then tackled him. The mans head smashed against the cement, knocking him out cold. 
The boy stands once again only to fall forward onto the girl. 
"I told you I'd always protects you, right?" He asked in a whisper. 
Tears streamed down her cheeks in attempt to stand him up right. She nodded and sniffled. 
He heard a faint ambulance in the background then blacked out. 

She holds his hand in a silent hospital room after a six hour long surgery, waiting for him to wake up. 
Days past with her being run out by nurses saying she needs to eat and rest, but comes back hours later. 
It's been a week of stillness for her best friend, when finally some improvement. 
She holds his hand loosely, not expecting any movement, per usual. 
Suddenly, her head jerks up. 
Did he just squeeze my hand?
It must've been my imagination. There's no way...but it's true. He just held her hand back. 
"Nurse! Nurse!" She yells anxiously. 
A nurse in dark blue runs in and tells her she must leave. She obeys an paces back and forth in the hallway. Moments later the same nurse comes out with a slight smile on her face. 
"He's awake, you may see him now," she says gently. 
She walks in with a hopeful smile on her face. She opens the door and stops, just seeing him with his eyes open makes her happy. She walks in quietly and shuts the door. Pulling up a chair, she sits next to the bed. 
He stares at her, dumfound. 
"Do I know you?" He asked
She never loses her smile as a single tear ran down her cheek. 

More tears run down her cheeks as she stares at him, wondering why he asked that. Then it clicks. The blood loss, it must have erased his memory. 
As the silent tears turn into heart wrenching sobs, she holds his hand once more, and he lets her even thought he has no ideas who she is. 
"I'm your best friend, the one you'd always protect," she manages through her sobs. 
"I'm sorry, but I don't even know you," he whispers. 
The only thought running through her mind is "now I'll be the one to protect you"
"It's okay, but I'm not leaving, I am your best friend and I will watch out for you." She smiles sadly at him. 
"He almost died trying to save me, maybe this is for the best," she instantly regretted that though. 
For the next six days he had to stay in the hospital.  Six  crucial days of awkward talking between two former best friends. With simple conversations. 
"How're you feeling today?"
"I got you some flowers to brighten up the room,"
She hated this. He felt uncomfortable around her and she knew it, yet she kept trying to talk to him. Over and over again. 

On the day he was to be let out of the hospital, he was wheeled out. She followed him out to the main doors, until he told the nurse to stop and give them a minute to talk. 
"Could you, like, stop coming around me so much. I get if I was your best friend once, but I don't remember any of that. So just stop. Okay? Don't talk to me again please. It's weird." She looked surprised at first, but nodded slowly, then took off running. Not wanting him to see her cry. 

He asked the nurse pushing the wheelchair about the girl that kept visiting him. 
"Oh, her? She came every day and stayed so long we had to run her out so she could eat and rest. She practically never left." 
He suddenly felt guilty, but let the nurse keep going. 

He was sprawled out on his bed three weeks after being released from the hospital. He couldn't stop thinking about her. The girl he can't remember. He fell asleep with her on his mind. 
He awoke to his alarm clock, beeping at seven thirty in the morning. 
"Ah. First day of school. Gotta get ready, I guess," he mumbled into his pillow. 
He walks to school, not knowing what is going to happen. How could he know, he still doesn't remember anything. 

She wakes up bright and early, four minutes before her alarm goes off. She sits up and turns off the alarm clock before it rings. 
"Will he still go to our school? Will he recognize me after these three weeks? Will we run into each other? Do we have any classes together?"
All these questions filling her head this early in the morning made her dizzy. 
She fell asleep with two pictures of him in her head. One of him falling to the ground before her, two bullet holes in his chest. The other, him telling her to never talk to him again at the hospital's main doors. 

The school day passes quickly, for both. At the end of the day she's sees him walking back-on the same street as her. She tries not to talk to him, look at him, think about him. But that's all she wants to do, has wanted to do for three long, tiring weeks. 
But as she goes to tell him hello, he steps into his house. 

He watches her though the window, wanting to say something to her but simply can't. He told her not to talk to him, talking to her would be kind of wrong. 
He jolts awake, his head spinning. He has a massive head ache, remembering all the days for the past two weeks, walking home from school with her. The girl he needs to know more about, but cannot talk to. But, although this has happened for the third night in a row, something else is making his mind hurt. More memories. From years ago. With her. 
He remembers. He remembers all of it. Every single memory with her.
He sat up strait in his bed. 
"I remember now!" He shouted 

She awakes to the sound of knocking at her door at three in the morning. 
"What would anyone want at this hour?" She asks as she unlocks the door. 
She opens the door and sees something she never expected to see. Him. It's Leo. 
She's frozen to the spot, watching him pant from running all the way to her house. He's bent over with his hand on his knees. He looks up, still breathing hard, and the next three words that leave him mouth, make tears stream down her cheeks. 
"I remember, Max."

He remembers. He remembers me. 
"How much do you remember?"
The next sentence breaks her heart. Shatters it. 
"All of it, every last bit." He whispers. "All the pain from the bullet, all the courage I needed to jump in front of it, and all the love I had for you to do it,"
She stared him with her mouth open slightly in surprise. 
"You...you love me?" She asked in confusion. 
"Yes. With all my heart. Max, I love you. Do you love me back?" He questioned sheepishly. 
It seemed to take hours for that question to register in her mind. 
"Leo, I...I love you too,"
He suddenly leaned forward, grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her fingers though his hair. He slid his hands off her shoulders and down to her waist, where he pulled her close. 
He pulls back and whispers in her ear,"It took a while but, I said I'd always protect you, right?"

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