We Found Him First

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ross is having troubles at home, he sends a goodbye message to his best friend, Tyler, but he receives it a little too late.

Tyler woke up in the morning and yawned. He didn't bother to check his phone, he never got messages this early in the morning anyway. 
He smiles as he walked to the bus stop, awaiting to see his best friend at school. As Tyler sits in his seat on bus seventy nine, he laughs with fellow band members. Page, a saxophone player and Brady, a French horn player. He's known Page for nine years and Brady for seven. The three arrive at the school fairly early and Brady goes off with other friends, while Tyler and Page look for the last member of their trio. 
They can't seem to find him, which is quite strange. Ross is always here early, his bus gets here practically before school allows people in. 

While the two search, Tyler stop to check the time on his phone, but sees a message from Ross. 
Tyler is a tough guy, people rarely see him cry, and the only people  who really have seem him cry is Page an Ross. He knows Ross has been having a lot of problems at home, but rarely said anything. But what he seen surprised him. 
The message he sent him at one forty three in the morning stated, "I can't do this anymore, Ty. I'm sorry, but I probably won't be at school today."

Page looked up to see Tyler staring at his phone. Tears building up in the corners of his eyes. She walked silently up to him, and peeked over his shoulder and read the message on the screen.
"This can't be good." She whispered, barely audible. 
He didn't hear her though, not because she was quiet, but because his mind was racing. His parents hadn't been home last night, he was all alone last night.
 Maybe he just didn't feel good?
 Maybe he got sick?
Maybe his aunt took him someplace?
Maybe he went out with his cousin, Cole. 
These were the only thoughts in his mind at that moment. 

School went by slowly that day. Torturing him every minute of the day. He was nervous but the only was who noticed his strange behavior was Page and Mason, a bass player. 

After school, Tyler grabbed Page by the wrist and pulled her after him. 
"Where are we going?" She asked him, although she already knew. They were heading to Ross's house. 

They made it there quickly because Ross doesn't live far from the school. Page and Tyler marched up to the pale yellow house and knocked on the cream colored door. No answer. They knocked twice, then a third time. Still, no answer. Tyler knew where a spare key was hidden, so he let himself and Page in.

The house was silent, except for a television on somewhere in the house. They crept up the stairs, to Ross's room. They've been there several time so they knew exactly where it was. Once the reached his door they knocked lightly. No answer. 
"I'm not doing this again!" Page yelled as she flung the door open. 

They did not expect what they saw. 
There was Ross, in his room. But hanging from the ceiling. 
Page screamed and fainted while Tyler stood there staring at Ross's limp body. Horrified, he picked Page up off the ground, he didn't care if he was getting salty tears on her face.
He wobbled down the stares with Page in his arms. Once he reached the bottom, he laid her down on the couch and picked up his cell phone. 
"Hello, nine one one? Yes, my friend is dead. He commited suicide." He could barely choke those last three words out. 
He hung up and shoved his phone down into his pockets. He sat in the middle of his best friends living room, and started to cry. First it was just silent tears, but soon turned into sobs. He couldn't breath right, his breath kept hitching. He held his stomach as he crumpled over. 

The police came and took him off the noose, laid him on a stretcher and covered him with a black bag. All Tyler could do was sit at the unconscious Page's feet and watch the police take Ross away. 

Ross had been there since he sent Tyler the message. Tyler and Page had found him first. Before either of his parents. Before his cousin, Cole.  How sad. 

An hour or so later Tyler was still siting there next to Page. When she finally awoke she burst into tears. Tyler held her as she cried. 
"I wonder, does his parents know?" She managed out between sobs. 
He just looked away. 

The next day at school, the morning announcements came on. After reciting the pledge, they asked for a moment of silent for a lost student.
Page doesn't have first hour with Tyler, so she couldn't try to comfort him as he dropped to the floor at that minute. He covered his face with his hands so no one would see him cry. The only one who could ever comfort when he was like this, was Ross. But Ross wasn't here. And he never would be. 
Tyler was sent to the school counselor four times that day. 
Twelve times altogether that week, actually. Page wouldn't come out of a daze for that week either. It was a very depressing week for both friends. 

The day had finally come. The day for Tyler and Page to wear black. The last time they would ever see Ross. 

There he was in a dark brown coffin. In a black suit with a maroon tie. It was easy to spot the bruise marks on his neck from the rope. His cousin, Cole, stayed by the coffin a good five minutes before he started to cry and walked away. Page looked around and seen that, his parents weren't there. At his own freaking funeral, they still couldn't show up. 
"They couldn't even make it to his damn funeral!" She whisper-yelled to Tyler. 
Tyler just stared at the coffin from a distance.
He stood up suddenly, which startled Page, and slowly walked over to the coffin. As he stood next to Ross's limp body, he thinks about what he could've done to prevent this. 
I shouldn't have broke that promise. 
I shouldn't have yelled at him. 
I should've talked to him more. 
I should've asked him what was up. 
I shouldn't have lied. 
His head clouded with these terrifying thoughts, because he should've seen this. He could've stopped this and still had a best friend. 

It's been weeks since his funeral. No one ever talks about Ross, afraid they will see Tyler, Mason, or Page start crying, and no body wanted that. But one morning Cole walks into the band room, a blue notebook in hand. The whole room went to whispers as soon as he stepped through the door.  He walks up to the group consisting of Tyler, Page, Mason, Brady, and Josie (a clarinet player). 
The group just stares at him, wondering why he's here. 
"It sure is a lot quieter here without him here, isn't it?" Even the band director freezes as the words echo though the room. 
He holds out the hand that has the blue book in it. Words written in pencil a blur on the cover. 
"I found this. It was his, he wanted you to read it. I knew he wouldn't leave without saying something. Ross wouldn't do that." He says loud enough for everyone to hear. 
At the sound of his name all sound in the room disappears. Everyone's frozen to their spot. 
He walks out without another word. Tyler just stares at the blue notebook in his hands. Not knowing what to do with it, he sits down and opens the first page. 
He knew this book. Ross used to write poetry in it, he carried it everywhere. He flipped though the first few page because he practically knew them by heart from reading them over and over again in this book when Ross let him write a poem in it. But stopped on a paw that was once blank. It had giant lettering in it that said "Where Were You When Everything Was Falling Apart?"
He flipped though the book, each page making more and more tears spring to his eyes. 

That day he never let that book out of his sight. And that night he carefully looked over each page. Over and over again. Reading them four or five times each. 
He seen his name mentioned several times in the book, Ross saying goodbye am I'm sorry. 

The next day he slumps over to Cole and hands him the book, whispers "I read it" and walks off.

Submitted: December 04, 2014

© Copyright 2021 PanicInMyBrain. All rights reserved.

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Good story. Well, you'know, not good happy; but good.

Thu, December 4th, 2014 5:36am


Once again... Awesome job

Thu, December 4th, 2014 6:15pm

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