The Monster Boy 6

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Ayva must help Garrett get his body back when a ghost steals it from him.

Submitted: October 01, 2015

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Submitted: October 01, 2015



A loud creaking sound woke the old man from his sleep for the second time that night. The large house was old, he knew that, but the creeks that were waking him were more than a house settling. He had even seen objects move on their own, and was certain his house was being haunted by something otherworldly.


He had let Ayva know when she was wandering around town asking people what was bothering them, but he wasn’t sure when she was going to get to him with that demon hunting boy. The old man only hoped that when they did get to him, they would know how to get rid of a ghost.


Garrett fell from the small step ladder as it fell over from underneath him, and landed on the floor of the lobby with a loud thud.


Sally and Ayva were sitting on the couch facing the fireplace, giggling over his fall.


“You know, one of you could’ve come and held the ladder for me while I hung the clock back up.” He had just replaced the batteries in the clock for Rachelle, and he was trying hard not to laugh himself, since he knew the sight of him falling from a tiny ladder was probably pretty funny, but he was determined to look serious to them about asking for help.


“It was like a foot tall, I’m not even sure how you got it to tip over.” Ayva stood up quickly and offered her hand to help him up, but he refused and pushed himself up.


“I’m talented in the department of screwing up, how do you not know that by now?” he laughed.


“So, what are your plans today? I know you said you’d be busy, but for like, how long?” Sally didn’t looked up from her phone when she spoke, and looked super fascinated in what ever was on her phone’s screen.


“Well, Mr. Thompson wanted us to come check out his house. He said he thinks there’s a ghost in it that’s been bothering him.”


Both girls looked up to Garrett to see his response, both wondering if a ghost was really the culprit.


“Okay. Let me go get some things from my room and we’ll go.” He stretched his arms, then started to walk to the stairs.


“So that means ghosts really are real?” Ayva raced after him, stopping at the bottom of the stairs next to him.


“Yeah, I mean, after all the stuff we’ve seen, why wouldn’t you think that they were?” He gave her a strange look and gripped the railing, ready to run up to his room to grab the items quickly.


She shrugged. “I just didn’t think something so cliche would be real.”


“You’d be surprised. A lot of things are real. Every legend has a little bit of truth to it.” Before she could say anymore, he launched himself up the stairs, wanting to get the ghost out of town as quickly as possible.


Ayva was silent on their way over to Mr. Thompson’s house. She wasn’t sure what to talk about with him since he had opened up to her. She knew she didn’t have to tiptoe around words, but she felt like it was the right thing to do. She had already made him bare his soul, she didn’t want to dig into him any more.


“So is this just the normal, makes things float, moans in the night, ghost? Or has it done much more than that?” Garrett lifted his fist to knock on the door, but waited to knock until she answered.


“That’s what he told me. He did sound pretty distressed about it though, so I wish I could’ve put him a little higher on the list, but I figured the things that affected the whole town should come first.”


Garrett knocked on the door then crossed his arms while they waited. “Well, at least we’re getting to it now. It’ll be easy.”


When the door opened, Mr. Thompson, an old, plump man who had bifocals thicker than his hair, meekly peaked out from behind it.


“Oh Ayva! I knew you wouldn’t forget me. Please come in, I will get us all something to drink.” He let go of the door and it creaked open, revealing the neatly kept home inside.


“While you guys do drinks, do you care if I check out the place the most activity happens?” Garrett looked around the house in awe. He had never seen so many random objects sorted out and put on display before.


“Oh of course, of course. Basement’s always been the worst. That’s why I only keep the stuff I don’t ever need down there,” he chuckled. “Just be careful, place hasn’t been cleaned in a while and light’s not too bright. Plenty of things to trip on.”


Garrett headed straight for the door the man pointed at when he said basement, and opened the door quickly, wanting to get the job done and over with.


The jobs seemed to be getting easier and easier, and at the rate they were going, he would be done with the yellow papered list in no time. His first solo job would be a huge success, and he would officially be a recognized hunter


A white string hung down from the light in the middle of the basement room, and he had to swing at it a few times before his hand finally gripped it.


Soon after pulling it, he realized it almost wasn’t worth the effort. It was a small orange glow that only lit up a few feet around it, leaving a good portion of the basement left in the dark.


Garrett sighed and walked forward a little bit, hoping to see what kind of objects the man kept down there. Ghosts attached themselves to an object of some sort, and he was hoping he could find something that was sitting by itself, or looked out of place, as those were the objects they would usually stick to.


His foot caught on something he couldn’t see, and he fell forward. He flailed his arms around trying to catch onto something, but was only met with his head bashing into a desk in front of him, making the world go dark.


He wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but a while after, he saw a blue and purple object in front of him, pulling him up to his feet.


Are you okay?


His eyes focused, and the blue and purple thing turned into a boy, a preteen, who was clearly no longer among the living.


Yeah, I think I’m good. What happened?” Garrett looked down, and saw his unconscious body lying on the floor of the basement.


The boy floated around him and hovered over his body. “I tripped you. I’m going to steal your body and use it to get the hell outa this place!


You ripped me out of my body! Do you have any idea what that does?” Garrett tried to swing at him, but couldn’t quite control his new spirit form yet, and missed miserably.


Uh, yeah, I’ve been dead for a while and this place is crawling with demons. I’ve picked up a few things. Besides, your soul is already corrupted! Just look at your arms!


He looked down at his arms where purple splotches had formed on his soul from being bitten by demons. “I know those are there, but they aren’t nearly as bad as you ripping me out of my body! If I don’t get back into my body just right, I could get covered in this!


Not my problem! I’m getting outa here old man!” The boy disappeared into his body, and soon after stood up, and rubbed his head.


“Man, I haven’t had a body in so long! My head hurts, and that’s awesome!” He made his way back up the stairs in Garrett’s body, bumping into the walls and nearly tripping as he did. “Darn legs don’t do what ya’ want ‘em to! Gotta get used to this older body, doesn’t seem to fit right.”


I’m going to get my body back, you know! Quit messing around with it!” Garrett followed close behind, doing what he could to make sure his body didn’t fall down the stairs.


He opened the basement door with pride, walking as if he had just slain a dragon, then closed it behind him quickly, causing Garrett to pause.


Wow, rude. You’re lucky I can just go through the walls.


“Hey, Garrett, how did it go?” Ayva walked over to him quickly, but paused and looked at him strangely. “You’re eyes are blue, what the hell?”


“Yeah, they do that I guess. They were probably brown before, right? Hey, is this your girlfriend?” He turned to Garrett, who no one else could see, and smiled. “Whoa, hey I just realized I can see you! You can see demons! Freak!” he laughed.


Says the ghost! And no, she isn’t my girlfriend.


“Uhm, Garrett, are you okay?” Ayva stayed a few feet back and continued to give him a strange look.


“I’m fine tuts, but my head kinda hurts. Isn’t that great! Pain!” he laughed.


“Tuts?” Ayva walked up to him and examined him closely.


“Tuts, babe, honny, what ever. I’m out!” He sauntered off to the front door, and nearly slammed it behind himself.


“I think something has gotten into your friend dear.” Mr. Thompson patted Ayva on the shoulder. “Better go get him.”


“I don’t think that was my friend. I think the ghost is possessing him. I have no idea how to fix him either.”


Oh geez, just get the book! He has it!” Garrett focused as hard as he could to get one of the books from the old man’s shelf to drop in front of her.


Ayva noticed it immediately, and bent over to pick it up. “Garrett? Are you like out of your body now?”


He flipped a few of the pages in the book in her hand, making her gasp.


“Okay. Are you telling me to get the book from him? If so what page is the information I need on?”


He flipped through the book until he found the page number he needed, then went to the front door, opened it slightly so that she could see that he left, then went off as fast as he could to find his body, so that the ghost couldn’t do too much to it.


“Oh hey! Your body is great! People keep asking me what I’m up to and seem really happy to see me! I thought you were a freak, but looks like you’re pretty popular.” He was making his way back to the hotel, as if he was following the body’s muscle memory of the town, and had a big smile on his face.


Yeah, people like me because I don’t steal their bodies! Get out, now!” Garrett swung at him again, but he moved out of the way.


“You should know what happens when you rip a soul out of the body when it’s conscious. You’re lucky I had the courtesy to knock you out!”


Look,” Garrett sighed. “At this point I just want my body back. I can help you move on you know. I can get you out of that house to where you’re supposed to be.


He stopped walking and looked at the ground. “Ya’ have to know how I died to get me to move on. And I’m not tellin’ you. No one in this town talks ‘bout it anyway, ‘cause no one cares, and no one even remembahs!”


Garrett saw that he had tears welling up in his eyes, and noticed an accent when the ghost raised his voice. “Well, I think it was something very sad. That’s usually the big reason most of us stay. And based off the accent you’re trying to hide, I’m going to guess it was quite a while ago. And you know, I can also just find the object you’re stuck to.


“Yeah, well, good luck findin’ it! No one’s messed with the thing in a long time!”


Garrett smiled. Ghosts were stubborn, but they all really just wanted to move on, and this kid was subconsciously giving Garrett all the information he needed. “So were you murdered then?


He clenched his fists and got red in the face. “Look guy, you’re the ghost now, and I’m tha demon hunter! I’m goin’ to live the life I nevah got, and you’re going to be stuck here! Not me!” He stormed off, but Garrett followed.


Ayva finally caught up to him, and was panting as if she had just ran around. “I’ve been everywhere looking for you!”


“What d’ya want? I’m busy looking for demons! I fight them now!” He crossed his arms and puffed. His face was still red from the tantrum he threw.


“Well, I’m your demon hunting assistant, remember? Can I borrow your book so I can tell you what we need to go fight next?”


His face relaxed and a small smile found his lips. “Really? We’re gonna go fight a demon?”


She nodded. “I just need to borrow the book really quickly so I can see what we’re going to fight next, okay?”


“Well, where is it?” He looked around and patted himself. “Wow, there’s so many gadgets in here!”


Don’t play with any of them, you could hurt yourself! Or, me, or whatever! The body!


“Hey man, I wasn’t gonna shoot myself in the foot ‘er nothin’! I know how to handle stuff! Quit butting in!”


Ayva looked to see where the ghost was yelling at, and saw nothing. In everyone else’s eyes, he probably looked insane. “Hey, the book? We’ve got to get going on those demons. It’s in your front inner pocket of your coat.”


The ghost pulled out the book and examined it. “Hey I’ve seen this before! Some guy used to carry one ‘round town.” He handed it to her then crossed his arms. “Tell me what you need me to do!”


Ayva thought hard for a moment. She needed to tell him to do something simple so that he wouldn’t hurt Garrett’s body, but it had to keep him busy for a while as well. “Uh, well, why don’t you go and walk the streets and watch for demons while I do some research?”


He looked at her for a moment then grinned. “Sure thing tuts! I’ll check ‘round town and make sure the demons stay in their place!”


She smiled and nodded. “I’ll be at the library, okay?”


“Uh, where’s that again?”


She explained to him how to get to the library, then patted his shoulder. “Stay safe. I’ll go alone to the library, while you watch out and keep everyone safe.” She acted like she was speaking to the ghost, but was looking to where she assumed Garrett was.


As soon as she made it to the library, she flipped the book open to the page on ghosts, and read it quietly aloud to herself.


“Spirits that are stuck to this world have bound themselves to an object that remind them of their death, or of the reason they stayed. Most of the reasons include murder, a loved one that is still alive, or a large life problem that they never got resolved before they died. To get a spirit to move on to the next world, their soul must be mostly untainted of Infection, and you must either lay the object to rest, or mark the place of haunting with an X Symbol, written with the reason they stayed.”


She huffed and tapped her finger on the book. It didn’t explain how to properly lay an object to rest, and she had no idea how to draw any of the symbols. She didn’t even know what an X Symbol pertained. She read on, in hopes that it would explain what to do about Garrett’s body.


“Spirits are more likely to be hostile, and will either do what it takes to move on, or to stay and freely roam our world. Spirits have been known to become more hostile as time goes on, and will eventually take to hurting the living to accomplish what they want.”


She skimmed the page for anything about possession, but had to flip through the book to find a different page with what to do about it.


“There are two forms of possession; the spirit or demon taking the soul from the body and stealing the body, or the spirit or demon forcing the spirit to share space and taking control of the body while the native spirit is forced to sit in what some have described it as ‘the darkness’. If a spirit is ripped from the body, is it subject to heavy Infection, but can avoid it if the spirit adjusts back into its body properly. If the spirit is forced to share space, it is likely that the spirit or demon will Infect the native spirit, however the Infection tends to be light, depending on how hard the native spirit fights for its space.”


Riece sat next to her suddenly, causing her to jump and nearly scream.


“Hey, it’s just me. What are ya’ reading?” He leaned over the book and skimmed the page. “Demon stuff huh? Where’s Garrett?”


She inched the book away from him a little and laughed nervously. “He’s just wandering the town right now, looking for any trouble.”


“Oh. Need any help with whatever it is you’re doing?” He leaned back in the chair and rested his head on the back of the chair.


She figured it would probably be good to get someone to find out why the ghost died while she figured out how to help Garrett, so she smiled and nodded. “Yeah, actually, I do. Could you find any death records from here in town from about thirty years ago? Maybe even forty? Specifically really tragic deaths, or murders.”


He stared at her with wide eyes for a moment before his mouth opened slowly. “Wow. Okay, I guess. Anything to help.” He stood up slowly and went to ask the librarian where he could find that information.


Ayva continued to read the page on possession, finding out that you can either make the spirit leave on its own, or you can force it out by knocking the body unconscious while the native spirit is around to force it out.


“So, I found that creepy stuff you wanted. There were a few really sad cases of like kids and parents dying from illnesses and stuff, but there was only one murder case in the last couple of decades.”


“I guess I should have narrowed it down to males specifically. Which ones are sad deaths of men?”


His face turned to concern and he looked around the room. “I’m glad there’s other people in here, it’s starting to sound like you’ve murdered Garrett and I’m next.”


Ayva rolled her eyes and smiled. “No, I just need it for a ghost. I have to know how he died.”


“Oh,” he sighed. “Okay. Well, there was this guy who went nuts and killed his wife in front of his kid, then killed himself. The kid was only like ten, his name was Alan, and he was forced to live with his uncle for a while, but died only a year later because he killed himself.”


“Jesus,” Ayva huffed. “That is tragic. That’s got to be our guy. Okay, so I can use that to coax him out of Garrett’s body then. Thanks for the help!” Ayva stood up quickly, taking the open book with her, and darted out of the library, leaving Riece with his mouth half open and confused.


Listen, I really am trying to help you.


“Shut up! I don’t need ya’ tellin’ me what’s-what!” Alan stomped his foot on the ground and crossed his arms.


We’re lost, dude. I’m trying to help you get back to Ayva. It’s going to get dark soon, do you even know how to kill a demon if you run into one? In the dark?


Alan dropped his arms and looked away from Garrett. “I can get back to her on my own.” He walked away quickly, heading back towards Mr. Thompson’s house. He couldn’t seem to find his way to anywhere else, and it was making him angry.


Garrett followed, but knew at that point the ghost was likely going to just walk around in circles and not hurt anyone.


As the sun was setting, the town came to a quiet murmur of noise, people still a little wary of being out at night, and Alan had given up trying to find any demons, or his way to the library.


He leaned against a tree that was neatly planted around some flower beds, that were placed to try and make that area look nicer, and let his head rest on the trees rough surface. “I forgot that walking so much makes you exhausted.”


Garrett nodded. He had let his anger go after he saw the look on his body’s face. The ghost was defeated. He just wanted to move on and be done, but he wouldn’t let himself.


“I hope that girl finds me,” he said quietly. “I’ll admit I’m lost now.”


Hey, I really can help you,” Garrett said softly. “I can make it so you can move on. You won’t have to be tired and lost anymore.


The ghost looked at him, and was ready to fight with him, but just shrugged and let himself slide down the tree until he was sitting on the ground. He pulled his knees to his face and crossed his arms over them, resting his chin on his forearms. “It’s not fair. I just wanted a life. I just wanted my mommy back.”


Before Garrett could respond, Ayva turned the street corner, then walked over to Alan and kneeled down in front of him.


“Hey, Alan, are you tired?”


He looked up to her and nodded, his blue eyes looking less vibrant.


“I bet you want to go to bed huh?”


Again he nodded. “I don’t want to stop hunting demons though.”


Ayav nodded. “I bet your friend Mr. Stringy wants to go to bed though. He hasn’t been able to sleep for a long time, he missed you too much.”


Alan’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. “Mr. Stringy?”


From behind her back, Ayva pulled out a donkey made of yarn, that was clearly old and well-loved. “He’s been waiting for you to go to bed Alan. He wants to go to bed too.”


Alan slowly reached out and touched the toy softly with his fingertips, before grabbing it from her. “My mom gave me this. It was to help me sleep when they fought.” Tears were streaming down his face, and he hugged the toy tightly.


Ayva sat next to him and pulled him so that he was leaning on her. “Mr. Stringy is here now to help you sleep Alan. You can go to bed.”


She held him closely, rubbing his arm and humming lightly until he fell asleep.


Alan separated from Garrett’s body, and he looked down at his spirit form. “Well, looks like this is goodbye. Sorry I took your body.


Garrett examined Alan’s spirit, and saw that he had quite a bit of Infection on him. “Meet me on the other side when I get there?


Alan nodded. “For sure.


Shake on it?


Alan extended his hand and smiled as he shook Garrett’s hand. “See you then!


Tell your mom I say hi.” Garrett waved as a white light engulfed Alan, and smiled when he could tell he was gone.


He pushed himself back into his sleeping body, and embraced the sudden warmth of being alive again.


He woke up to Ayva shaking him lightly a little while later.


“Garrett? Are you, you?”


His body was sluggish, and he had to really push to get himself up, but after he stood up, he felt better. “Yeah. Pretty sure.” He rubbed his eyes and wiped his face from tears, finding that he was still holding on to Mr. Stringy. “How did you find this thing anyway?”


She examined his eyes closely, and smiled when she saw that they were brown. “Mr. Thompson has a story for every one of his nick-nacks. Mr. Stringy just happened to be one of them, and as soon as I mentioned a murder, he went right to it and told me the story of how Alan was famous for carrying the thing around back in the day, and he found it in the attic of that house after moved in. Alan would probably still be alive today if he hadn’t killed himself.”


Garrett nodded. “I desperately need sleep. He wore my body out walking all over for demons.”


“You’re welcome by the way. The whole laying the item to rest thing was a long shot. He moved on just fine because of me.”


Garrett smiled and glanced down at his hand. New splotches of purple that only he could see had nearly engulfed his hand. “Yeah, he said goodbye and everything. Thank you.”


As they walked back to the hotel, Ayva asked a million questions about what it was like being out of his body, and when they finally reached the hotel, she had to take a deep breath from talking so much.


“Oh, I forgot, the book said something about Infection if you didn’t get back into your body correctly? And I’m guessing Alan didn’t have any Infection since he was able to move on.”


Garrett’s tired smile faded and he nodded. “He had some, but he didn’t have enough to hold him back. And I’m doing fine. If I hadn’t adjusted correctly I probably wouldn’t be able to walk and answer questions all night,” he chuckled.


She rolled her eyes and nudged his arm. “Just making sure. Get some sleep Monster boy.”

As soon as he got into his room, he stripped down to his boxers and laid down on his bed. He made himself comfortable, and before he fell asleep, he looked to his nightstand where the string donkey sat and smiled. “Goodnight Alan.”

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