The Monster Boy 8

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Ayva worries about Garrett while they look for her mother.

Submitted: October 14, 2015

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Submitted: October 14, 2015



The sun was already close to setting over the town before Ayva and Garrett set out to find Rachelle. Josh agreed to watch the hotel while they were gone, and Garrett had agreed to take it easy while they looked for her, which calmed Ayva down a bit.


The only way she could let Garrett come with to find her mom, and not over exert himself though, was to drive, and he insisted that they take his car.


“I’ve only seen this thing move once since you’ve been here,” she laughed.


“And you probably won’t see it move much more. This town is so easy to just walk around.” Garrett dug in his pocket with his good arm, fishing for his keys.


Ayva stood in front of the driver door and crossed her arms, letting her weight fall onto her hips, giving her a sassy, but stern look. “If you think you’re driving then you got hit in the head harder than I thought.”


His fingertips finally connecting with the key loop, he sighed in relief then rolled his eyes and tossed them at her. “I’m not dumb.” His voice was low, and it was obvious that he was less than pleased with sitting on the sidelines.


Ayva excitedly opened the black car’s driver door, and sat in the nice, fairly new, leather seat. She let out a low whistle as she put her seatbelt on. “I never noticed, but this car is pretty nice. You demon hunters have some crazy funding or something?”


“Yeah,” he grunted. He flinched as he forced his hurt body into the passenger seat. “You’d be surprised how many rich people we hunt for. They like to keep us in business just in case they get spooked,” he chuckled.


The car purred to life, and Ayva drove quickly, making sure to check around town quickly, before driving out of town to see if she had gone so far as to leave.


“So, explain to me what the demon is, and why it has something to do with my mom?”


“Well, Trickster demons tend to follow each other, and I’ve seen two so far, and both of them have been killed. Usually there are about four or five of them, though so we have two or three left. They think it’s funny to see which one can cause the most havoc, and the bigger they are, the more magic they can use to mess stuff up. It’s very likely one of them thought taking the owner of a busy place would mess things up.”


Ayva nodded, keeping her eye on the mostly empty road. No one really ever drove around town, since it really was too small to waste the gas. “So, the one that made my mom leave, is it going to be bigger, or smaller than the one at the hotel?”


Garrett shrugged, but cringed when his arm wouldn’t follow his shoulder. “I’m hoping,” he huffed “that the one at the hotel was the one that tricked her to leave. I’m guessing it told her to go somewhere dangerous because a loved one was trapped there. They can make people see whatever they want, so I’m not sure what else would really make her leave for so long.”


She thought for a moment, biting at the side of her cheek. “Somewhere dangerous? In this town?” She forced a breathy laugh. “The only thing I can think of is the woods.” Her eyes widened. “Oh god, what if it got her lost in the woods?”


“I suggest that one of us stay in town and look, and the other go into the woods and look.” He put his hand up before Ayva could call which she would do, and shook his head. “And by that, I mean, if there really is one getting her lost in the woods, it could be hiding her from normal eyes.”


“Garrett, no,” she said sternly, gripping the steering wheel. She pulled off to the side of the road in front of the mall, turned off the car, then turned to him. “I can have some friends stay here and watch for her, while we both go to the woods.”


He shook his head. “Do they have guns, or the means to kill a demon if there is one? Ayva, you have the gun, I have all of my other weapons; it makes sense to have us cover more ground.”


“Why won’t you let me help you?” she snapped. “Garrett, you’re hurt, and you’re acting like you’re fine, but I know you’re not.”


The heat of her words made him look down at his hands in his lap. He was silent for a moment then he sighed. “Ayva, I’m just doing my job. I’m supposed to keep people out of danger from demons. I’m supposed to, at all costs, make it so people can live their lives without demons trying to ruin it. And I’m really bad at it. I just want to help your mom.”


“I do to, but you have to learn to take care of yourself first. You can’t help other people as effectively if you’re all beat up.” She sighed and looked back at the wheel, where her hands were still clenched onto it tightly. “Is there any faster way to find her? You’ve got to know how to track people, right?”


“I could use magic.” He looked back up at her and relaxed into his seat more, trying not to tense his shoulders as much as possible.


She let her hands slid off of the wheel and shrugged. “If you really feel up to it, and if it will help, then I suppose you could. But please, let me stay by you so that if you need help, I can help.”


“Alright.” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Okay, drive where I tell you to.”


She nodded and turned the car back on, waiting to pull away from the curb until he said to.


Garrett could feel the magic forcing its way through his body like little needles on a mission to make him suffer. He opened his eyes, and saw what looked a fog of colored trails, each following where a person had gone in the last couple of hours. He looked at Ayva, since her color would likely match Rachelle’s more than anyone else’s, then looked back out to the street to see if there was a matching trail.


“So, where to?” Ayva examined Garrett’s eyes, and saw no change.


“You were right about the woods. Head out to where we found that demon we scared off.” He kept his eyes on the bluest trail, since Ayva’s left a turquoise color. It was hard to concentrate, and making sense of all of the similar trails was a little difficult, so there were times when he had to pause and really think about where they were going.


“You doing okay?” Ayva asked as she pulled up to a stop sign. They were close to the edge of town, and she noticed that he was becoming less and less coherent.


“Mhmm,” he mumbled. “Go right at this road.” He lazily pointed with his good arm, then let it fall into his lap.


The right turn lead onto a road that stretched on for a good mile, then just stopped. “Road ends here.” She turned the car off and let her arms fall into her lap as well. “Maybe you should wait here and I’ll just go call out for her. Try to get some rest. You did say you were going to nap before this all happened.”


Garrett shook his head and pushed the car door open. He forced his body out as painlessly as he could and looked out into the forest. “My magic is fading, but I can still see where she went. You’re going to need to stay here incase one of the demons thinks it will be funny to mess with the car and strand us all here.”


“Uhm, hello, I can’t see them,” she said as she pulled herself out of the car.


Garrett kept his eyes out to the trees and held his hurt arm up with his other arm, cradling the now swollen shoulder. “Easy. If anything sounds like it’s walking by you, and messing with the car, you shoot in that direction. Here,” he popped one of the bottles of holy water off of his belt and handed it to her. “sprinkle this around where you hear a noise, and the demon will show itself when it’s hurt. Then, shoot it.”


She grabbed it, then looked at him with concern and huffed, knowing that she couldn’t argue with him anymore about it. “Garrett, hurry back.”


“Will do.” He cradled his arm again, then walked behind the blue trail, following it into the treeline.


After a while of walking, his magic faded and the blue trail disappeared. He swore under his breath and realized that without the magic, he couldn’t see very well in the darkness that had been slowly creeping in without him noticing.


“Ayva, where are you going?” Rachelle’s voice echoed off the trees just in front of him, and it snapped him to attention.


“Rachelle? Stay where you are!” Garrett forced his legs to walk as quickly as they could, and eventually bumped into Rachelle, who was leaning against a tree.


He stumbled back and took a moment to breath, since his body began to ache all over again, causing any pain that had dulled to flare up again.


“Hey kid, where are we? I could’ve sworn Ayva was asking me to follow her around all day. Don’t know why she lead me here.” She pushed herself off of the tree and ran her hand through her hair. “Guess I’ve not been in my right mind today.”


“Yeah, a demon lead you out here.” He took a deep breath and held it for a moment, then slowly let it out. “Follow me back, and ignore it if you hear Ayva’s voice until we get into the car.”


“Alright, lead the way kid.”


Garrett wouldn’t admit that he was a little lost. Without being able to use his magic, it was going to be difficult to find where Ayva and the car were.


“So do you do this kind of stuff often?” Rachelle was walking lazily behind him, not realizing that he seemed hurt, since it was too dark to even really see much of each other.


“Not really. This is my first solo job, and I didn’t do anything like this when I was with my mentor.”


Rachelle opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by a loud snapping noise in front of them.


“Hold still.” Garrett let his hurt arm fall carefully, then used his good arm to pull out the largest knife he carried. He held it out in front of him defensively, and slowly took a few steps forward.


A gurgling noise grew louder and louder, as whatever it was approached them quickly, and when it finally was right in front of Garrett, he could see that it was in fact another trickster demon, one that was about the same size as the one at the hotel.


Without his gun, he would have to fight it hand to hand. Not like having the gun would help much, since he knew he was the worst at using it.


As if the demon knew which arm was hurt, it grabbed at it and used it to push him back into a tree.


He groaned in pain, and had to force himself to stay alert.


The demon bit at him, but he moved out of the way of its teeth. With his left arm out of commision, he used his right with the knife to haphazardly swing upwards, cutting into the demons abdomen.


It stumbled backwards and Garrett used the time to plunge the knife into the side of the demon’s head.


As soon as the ash from it had fallen, Rachelle stepped over to Garrett and carefully grabbed his arm. “It’s pretty swollen, but let’s see about pushing this back into place before you can’t anymore.”


“How did you know that-” he was cut off by the sudden pain of his arm being shoved forcefully back into its socket, and he let out a loud yelp. “Hey, that really hurt!”


Rachelle chuckled and patted his good shoulder. “But it’s back in it’s place. If you wait too long and abuse it like you did, then you might not have been able to put it back in later.”


Garrett was focusing on his breathing to try and ignore the pain as they walked, but it seemed to make the walking go by slower.


“I think we’re lost,” he mumbled under his breath.


“We’re not lost, I know where the damn road is. Besides, there’s still enough moonlight to see where I’m headed.”


Garrett followed behind her for a little while, listening to the sounds around him since his eyes didn’t seem to want to work after he had used magic.


After stumbling over a rock, or root, he wasn’t sure which it was, and slamming into a tree, he decided it was time to try magic again. He took a deep breath, then forced the magic back into his eyes, even though his body was trying so hard to push it out.


Finally, the world lit up again, and he could see exactly where they needed to go. “I think I see where to go.”


Rachelle stopped and crossed her arms. “Do you? Because I wasn’t going to say anything, but I got lost a few minutes ago.”


Garrett laughed as he started to walk back to where the car was, and made sure to walk slowly so Rachelle could follow in the dark.


“So, you and Ayva seem to spend a lot of time together. Have you guys been workin’ on that list of hers?”


“Yeah.” He kept his answer short, since using the magic took a lot of focus.


“How can you suddenly tell which way to go? Why didn’t you do it earlier and save us the mosquito bites,” she laughed.


“Magic. Takes a lot of energy, had to wait until I could use it again.”


She nodded. “So I take it you two have made it past the cute thing, huh?”


His vision blurred for a moment as his mind de-railed and went back to the memory of Ayva shouting over the Techtravits. “Yeah, we’re back to normal now.”


Rachelle chuckled and put both of her hands behind her head to stretch. “Don’t worry, she’ll go through the stages with you like she did with the other ones.”


The trail blurred again and he had to shake his head before continuing. “What do you mean?”


“She likes you kid. Not sure if it’s the hero thing you’ve got goin’ on, or if you’re just her type, but the stuff you guys do is all she talks ‘bout.”


Garrett wasn’t sure how to respond. He likely wouldn’t remember much of this conversation, but he didn’t want to respond the wrong way and seem like an ass while he was in that state.


She chuckled again and nodded her head. “I think I see the road. Thanks for coming to save me kid. Hopefully the last time someone has to pull my head outa my ass!” She jogged to the car, and as soon as Ayva saw her, she hopped out and embraced her in a hearty hug.


“Demon danger is my thing mom! Leave messing with demons to us next time, please.”


“Hell, I could of beat the damn thing if I could see better. Lucky Garrett knows how to stab ‘em.”


Ayva loosened her grip on Rachelle and looked behind her to see Garrett walking over, still babying his arm.


She met him halfway and hugged him carefully. “Thank you for helping my mom.”


He relaxed his muscles, stopping the magic, and nearly fell over onto her. The world got dark again and he clenched his eyes shut before opening them again. “No problem.”


She moved back from him, and he waivered a bit, struggling to stand on his own. “Get in the car, and let’s go back to the hotel, okay?”


The ride back was filled with Ayva bombarding her mom with questions as Garrett sat in the back, quietly, with his face pushed up against the cold window.


He couldn’t fall asleep, since cars were always a place he could never get comfortable in, no matter how tired he was, so he sat and watched as the buildings started to go dark.


People were going to bed rather late because it was a Friday, and Garrett found himself smiling as he saw a couple walking along the street. When he first showed up, he remembered that once it got dark, no one in their right mind would walk around at night, no matter what day it was.


“Garrett, are you okay?” Ayva asked as the car pulled to a stop in front of the hotel.


“Huh? Yeah, no I’m good.” He swung the door open and had to bribe his body with sleep to get it to stand up again.


Ayva rushed around to his side of the car and pushed him up against the door. “You,” she put her index finger on his chest and gave him a serious look “get some sleep. I don’t want to see you in your hunting gear, or to hear you ask about what’s next unless it’s an absolute emergency for at the very least three whole days.”


He went to protest, but a pain in the back of his head agreed with her. “Fine, I’ll take a few days off. I could use the time to catch up on some reading anyway.”


Ayav helped him up to his room, and watched as he sprawled out on his bed.


“I know you said no hunting gear, but I’m not taking the time and effort to take it off right now,” he mumbled and chuckled.

“That’s fine.” She walked over to the door and before she closed it behind herself, she smiled back at him. “Sleep tight, monster boy.”

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