The Monster Boy 9

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Trouble finds Garrett, interrupting what was supposed to be his time off, and Ayva begins to worry that he won't let her help, and that he will be stuck like that forever.

Submitted: October 30, 2015

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Submitted: October 30, 2015



The hotel was quieter than usual that morning, a soft murmur of voices came from the dining room, but the rooms and lobby were all silent. A lot of the people who came to sight see either got really early starts, or were already getting set to leave, as the town didn’t have a lot to see unless a demon was being active.


Ayva looked at her list, reading it over and over again, seeing if the trickster demons could be something that was bothering someone. Garrett had said that they usually came in fours or fives, and from what she heard only three had been taken care of.


Someone coming down the stairs made her turn her head, and she saw Garrett heavily leaning on the railing as he nearly stumbled down the stairs.


He was wearing a long-sleeved, skin-tight, black, shirt, and his long hunting cargo pants.


She glared at him as he sat down on one of the couches. “I said no hunting gear!” She stomped over to him and crossed her arms.


“Sorry,” he groaned as he relaxed. “My hunting pants are my only long pants, and I needed to wear long-sleeved clothes to help keep my healing lotion on.”


She relaxed her arms and they fell to her side. “Oh.”


The couch creaked a little as she sat down next to him. He felt really warm, and she almost cuddled up next to him since she felt a little chilly in her t-shirt and shorts.


“How is your shoulder doing?”


He smiled and moved it around a little. “Still sore, but better. I’m glad your mom knew how to pop it back into place. I probably would’ve needed to go to a doctor if she didn’t, and I hate going to the doctors.”


She smiled and nodded. “So she told me the demon fought with you a little bit. It didn’t hurt you more did it?”


“Nah.” He let his head fall back onto the back of the couch and tried to remember exactly what had happened. “It tried to bite me though, which is really weird, since trickster demons don’t usually use their teeth for anything.”


“Don’t stronger demons give more Infection when they bite?” She leaned closer to him and smiled her lopsided smile, eager to learn more about Infection.


“Well, yeah, I mean there’s a bunch of variables, but that’s basically the rule. There’s so much about Infection it has its own class that you have to take two years in a row,” he chuckled.


She nodded. “So that’s why there wasn’t anything about it in the book,” she mumbled to herself.


“Anyway, I think as soon as I’m able to force myself up I’m going to go get some ice cream or something. Wanna come with?” He let his head fall to the side so that he could look at her.


“Fine. But only to watch you and make sure you aren’t trying to work. I bet you’re carrying gadgets right now.” Eyeing his pants, she could see that they were filled to the brim with gadgets, as usual.


“Yeah, because these pants feel weird without all of my equipment.” He sat up, and pushed off the couch. His head spun, and he had to wait a moment before trying to walk.


“You sure you’re up for going out? We have some ice cream here, and we can go sit in your room and eat it. That way you can lay down.”


He thought for a moment then shrugged with his good shoulder. “Alright, that sounds fine.”


She smiled and stood up quickly. “You go up there, and I’ll be up in just a minute with it. Do you want chocolate, mint, or vanilla?”


“Well I hate vanilla, but you can surprise me with either of the others.”


“I learn something new about you every time I ask you about food,” she giggled.


“I’m a picky eater, what can I say?” he chuckled.


Garrett made his way upstairs and welcomed the comfort of his bed while he waited for Ayva, and Ayva made her way into the kitchen where she proceeded to dig out bowls of ice cream from the mint tub that was kept in the back of the freezer.


“Alright, two bowls of mint ice cream for the monster boy and his lovely sidekick.”


Garrett smiled and forced himself to sit up on the bed. “Thanks, sidekick.”


She sat down next to him and started to scoop up her ice cream. “So, what did you and my mom talk about while you were out in the woods?”


Garrett thought back for a moment, then blushed when he remembered what Rachelle had said to him, about Ayva liking him. “W-well, not really much.” He shoved a large spoon full of ice cream into his mouth and kept his eyes down on his bowl.


“Oh, lame. She said that too,” she laughed. She ate a large bite as well and stared down at her bowl.


“Did you like driving my car? Tom let me pick it out, I’m pretty proud of it,” he chuckled, hoping to change the subject.


She swallowed the mouthful of ice cream and nodded. “It’s very nice. I hope you haven’t named it yet, ‘cause I’m calling it the Monster Mobile and you cannot stop me.”


Garrett nearly spit out his ice cream and had to laugh for a moment before he could stop and respond. “I think that’s a great name. One that only you would go for.”


They spent the next couple of hours sitting and talking about anything that came to mind, Ayva hoping to learn what she could about him so that she could focus on the positives in his past, rather than the negatives she knew too well.


As it got later in the day, Ayva looked at the little clock next to Garrett’s bed and huffed. “We’ve been up here all day,” she chuckled as she stood up and stretched.


Garrett sprawled himself on his bed. “Not a bad thing. It was actually kind of nice doing nothing all day. Of course, I’ll probably get stir crazy by tomorrow, but hopefully by then I’ll feel a little better.”


“Yeah, maybe we’ll go to the lake or something. It’ll probably rain tomorrow though, so we might have to do a movie or something instead.”


He nodded. “Sounds good to me.”


“Alright, well, I’d better go do something around here so my mom doesn’t think I’m lazy.”


“Okay, I’ll see how I feel when I get up.”


She smiled and nodded before heading back downstairs, nearly skipping. She was relieved that Garrett finally agreed to take a break, and was happy that they were getting along, even though they tended to snap at each other.


As she reached the bottom step, she saw the her mom was on the phone, so she leaned on the desk and waited for her to get off to ask if she needed help with anything.


“You and Garrett do anything fun today?” she asked as she hung up the phone.


“Not anything exciting, but we sat and talked all day.”


Rachelle laughed and leaned forward. “Think he’s doing okay? He seemed pretty hurt.”


She nodded with a large smile on her face. “Yeah, he’ll be okay. He finally promised to take it easy. We’re going to see a movie tomorrow if he’s feeling up to it.”


Garrett’s eyes opened slightly, and he looked over at the clock next to his bed. Two AM on the dot. He groaned and sat up, knowing it may take him some time to fall back asleep. He stood up and stretched, realizing he fell asleep with his shirt on.


He took it off and tossed it lazily onto his backpack, since he was far too lazy to put it away properly at the time. As he was about to take his pants off, a creaking sound next to him made him pause.


Before he could turn to see what it was, a cold hand threw him back into the wall, causing a loud cracking sound. He found himself suddenly pinned to the wall, the cold hands holding him by the throat.


Nothing he did seemed to push it away, even though he felt like he was kicking it as hard as he possibly could.


A sharper pain than he was already feeling went through his shoulder, and he couldn’t help but look at the clock before he found his eyelids too heavy to keep open. Two ‘o three AM. Not even five hours in of his second do-nothing day and already trouble had found him.


“Excuse me, miss?” an older lady asked softly.


“Yes?” Ayva smiled warmly, almost seeming like she was apologizing for being so involved with her book. She set it down on the desk, careful to mark the page she was on as she turned her full attention to the older woman.


“The room next to mine, that first room? Who ever is in there did an awful lot of banging on the wall really early this morning. I’m not sure what they could have possibly been doing, but it gave me quite the start. I hope they’re okay, I just wanted to let you know so you could ask them to keep it down. I’m old and need every bit of beauty sleep I can get,” she chuckled.


Ayva’s smile faded for a moment, but regained its force to reassure the guest. “Of course, I apologize for the noise. I’ll go talk to him now.”


All she could feel as she walked up the stairs was annoyance and anger. He was supposed to be getting sleep, not messing around all night. What could he possibly have done to bang against the wall anyway?


“Garrett?” She knocked on the the door lightly at first, but when she got no response, she knocked a little harder. “Hello? Are you in there?”


A loud pounding sound that felt like it was shaking his head, made Garrett groan and open his eyes. He was lying on the floor, with no shirt on. “I guess that wasn’t a dream,” he mumbled. “What the hell attacked me then, and how am I still alive?”


He stumbled to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. Dark rings surrounded his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in ages, his skin was pastier than usual, and his the roots of his hair had turned black.


He swore under his breath and moved to get to his backpack, but suddenly felt nauseous and had to vomit before he could leave the bathroom.


“Garrett? I’m going to come in there!” She went to knock again, but before she could, he opened the door and rushed past her, pulling on a shirt. “Hey, where are you going?”


Luckily it was late enough in the day that guests were all either out, or in their rooms, so Garrett had room to run downstairs, and to sprawl out everything he needed to in the kitchen.


“Garrett!” Ayva followed him angrily and got even angrier when she noticed he had hunting gear with him.


“You got a blender here? This will be easier with a blender.”


She threw her arms out and scoffed. “What are you talking about?”


“What is that noise? That thumping? Anyway, if not, it’s cool, I can make it. What time is it exactly?”


There was clear panic on his face, and he was acting really strangely, so Ayva just shrugged and rolled her eyes. “There’s one under the microwave in the cupboard. And it’s eleven ‘o six. AM.”


He groaned. “Shit, that’s almost too much. I’m glad you woke me up,” he chuckled nervously. He was unpacking some things from his bag, and reading from the book, murmuring numbers to himself.


Ayva took a deep breath and concern washed over her. “Are you okay?”


Garrett paused for a moment, opened his mouth, then closed it, then flipped a page in the book. “Look Ayva, this is super important, I promise, promise, promise I will explain when I’m done, but I really need to do this exactly right. Could you just go wait for me in the lobby or something? The thumping is driving me crazy and I have to do all this math.”


Her shoulders fell, and she felt a lump form in her throat. She wanted so badly to yell at him and make him explain right then, but she knew that got nowhere with him. “Fine. But hurry.” She stormed off to the lobby, and angrily plopped down on one of the couches, crossing her arms like a spoiled child.


Garrett finished getting out everything he needed, then threw it all into the blender and poured a bottle of holy water into it.


After letting it blend for a bit, he took off the lid, and stared at the liquid. “This is going to hurt,” he groaned. He plugged his nose, then downed the liquid as quickly as he could.


As soon as it was empty, he immediately felt the urge to puke it all back up, but refrained and forced himself to keep it down while he cleaned the mess he had made.


“I’ll be right back,” he said as he handed Ayva the book, open to a specific page. “Read the first bit on this page, then I’ll explain more when I get back.”


Before she even looked at the page, she examined him closely and watched him walk up the stairs. Something was definitely wrong, and she was determined to read every bit of the page he showed her.


The page’s header made her gasp slightly, and she immediately started to skim through it, hoping to read as much as she could before he made it back downstairs.


“So,” he asked as he sat down next to her “did you get most of that? I can explain more if you need me to.”


“A vampire? Really? You think one bit you or something? I didn’t think they were even real!” She leaned in closer to him, but he seemed to back away in discomfort.


“I told you, even if it sounds cliche, every story has some truth to it. Vampires, werewolves, witches, stuff like that, they’re considered half demons. Most demons actually think they’re gross, because technically they’re humans who just get sick with a magic that turns people into demons.” He was speaking quickly, but paused to move back a little from her. “Sorry, thumping sound. Anyway, without getting too into it, basically it’s an illness mixed with magic. Some kill you then reanimate you, and others just make you change. Vampires and werewolves are the trickiest though, since their magic has a lot of rules to follow if you are going to try and cure it, which is what I was doing in the kitchen, and why I had to hurry.”


“So, you’re fine now then? Because you still seem to be a little, on-edge.” She closed the book and set it in between them. “Also what thumping noise? You’ve mentioned it like twice now.”


“Not exactly. . .” he leaned back into the couch and sighed. “I drank the cure and everything, but the thing takes five days exactly to work. I have my watch set to go off when the time is up, and when my body will change back, but until then. . .”


“Until then you’re a vampire?” She couldn’t help but giggle. The thought of someone as dorky as Garrett being something like a vampire was almost too much for her.


He glared at her and crossed his arms. “Yeah. But I can’t drink blood or use any of the abilities it gave me, or else the cure won’t work. All the way until two ‘o’ five AM in five days. And I’m going to have to hunt down the one that bit me, so I’m going to need to get out my hunting gear.”


“So, no taking it easy then?” she sighed.


He shrugged and forced a deep breath into his lungs, since they didn’t seem to want to work. “I have to do this. Besides, I don’t need to take it easy now. Vampires heal really fast, so I already feel a lot better. Look,” he wiggled his arms around and smiled “no more shoulder pain!”


There was no arguing with him on it, so Ayva just shrugged and motioned for him to go. “Fine, go hunt the vampire. Just please be careful, and please,” she stressed “let me know if you need help.”


“Of course. You are my lovely sidekick,” he laughed as he walked to the stairs.


The book still sat on the couch next to Ayva, and she tried to ignore it as he walked away so that he wouldn’t notice that he had forgotten it. She was determined to read more about his situation so that she could help him if needed, since she knew he wouldn’t ask for help.


As soon as she heard his door close, she scooped up the book and sat behind the front desk, flipping it back open to the page on vampires.

“Let’s see what kind of trouble you’ve gotten into now, monster boy.”

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