The Prayer by: Mike Kincade

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Do you know me?
What do you see?
Did you see the beating?
Or hear the screaming?
Is any of this seeming,
Familliar to you?

Well Dad it happened,
And you weren't there,
I couldn't defend,
It wasn't fair,
I had a demon,
With long brown hair.

Where were you?
You had things to do.
While I went through,
A one woman wrecking crew.
As a kid I couldn't sue,
As I got older I wanted to.

Now only God the King,
Helps me not to be mean,
To me He'll be my Eternal Being,
Of Flowing Waters, and Worldy Screen.
When I die I won't wnat weeping,
Only rejoicing, Tears of joy seeping.

I'm in a Holy place,
Without a trace,
Of hurried haste,
I see only grace,
And hear Holy praise,
And Holy phrase,

I leave not now,
I leave not knowing how,
But when I do,
I'll think of all of you,
Who helped me out,
When I was in doubt,
I love you all,
From the short to the tall,

You are my friends,
Till the very ends,
Of your lives,
For this I'll strive,
And continue to pray,
God'll help you along the way,
Down the path,
And to mind his wrath,
I say to all men and women,
For whom I love, in His name, Amen.

Submitted: February 26, 2007

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Submitted: February 26, 2007



Do you know me?What do you see?Did you see the beating?Or hear the screaming?Is any of this seeming,Familiar to you? Well Dad it happened,And you weren't there,I couldn't defend,It wasn't fair,I had a demon,With long brown hair. Where were you?You had things to do.While I went through,A one woman wrecking crew.As a kid I couldn't sue,As I got older I wanted to. Now only God the King,Helps me not to be mean,To me He'll be my Eternal Being,Of Flowing Waters, and Worldly Screen.When I die I won't want weeping,Only rejoicing, Tears of joy seeping. I'm in a Holy place,Without a trace,Of hurried haste,I see only grace,And hear Holy praise,And Holy phrase, I leave not now,I leave not knowing how,But when I do,I'll think of all of you,Who helped me out,When I was in doubt,I love you all,From the short to the tall, You are my friends,Till the very ends,Of your lives,For this I'll strive,And continue to pray,God will help you along the way,Down the path,And to mind his wrath,I say to all men and women,

For whom I love, in His name, Amen.

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