The dark lord

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a story about a person who was miss guidedby his desires which drew him away from the girl who he didnt know that he loves her until he lost her.

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



I don't fit into her world.
I cant coupe with the mood.
She is everything that i need.
Except that she is not a lead.
She is into a world called friends.
I cant stand that, am sorry then.
Got to stay away as much as i can.
But not sure if its a successful plan.
I get weak whenever we are together.
that's a feeling that should not live forever.
I don't know what i should do.
To make that  wish come true.
Is it a wish?  yah i say.
Cause my heart can not obey.
Dam you, you size of a fist.
I hate you, you want a list.
She was all yours obeying your rules.
You messed it up as if she was a cheap tool.
Forgiveness came along.
But you did not care, and sang your song.
You started falling but it was too late.
Cause the devil found his gate.
In the dark he whispered.
In your weak soul that couldn't resist her.
It was too short but had it all done.
A sinful crime that brought it all on.
As a result, a break up was caused.
Separating her angel heart from the dark lord.
But she loved you so much she couldn't resist.
And again she forgave you adding more to the list.
After a while she had to leave.
Hiding inside all the grieve.
But what you did was too strong.
And after a while thinking came along.
She asked you weather it was true.
You couldn't talk and that was the answer too.
A break up was a result.
To give her heart a break from the hulk.
The one that knew no merci hurting a fragile lady.
That loved him like a mother loved her baby.
Time was spent while both were in different countries.
Through communication they stayed friends.
Destiny played its part.
And had you both together from apart.
Same college was the title.
Missing her was beyond the eye will.
The falling started again.
But honey too late its not a game.
Karma was the essay
And you dint know that there's no way.
You begged and sweared a million times.
Sorry honey she's afraid its a lie.
A future is not written to the relation.
As your mother is on your way to your generation.
Racial discrimination it is.
That makes it even harder than all these.
No way no matter what.
Not even with all the luck.
Take my words they may help.
Gathering back what you felt.
Try to forget all the loving
And in a new paper write nothing.

Love is pain and pain is love.
Mark my words Hun, and try to have fun.

Deeper than the seas, greater than the sky.
My love is lost saying good bye

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