every one needs some blood and guts once in a while. bassicaly its about a pool of evil water

billy ran across the bight white concrete deck. his face bleeding sweat. he dropped his towel down on the rusty metal grate table and stepped onto the first stair into the pool. it was refreshing to him. he sat at the edge of the pool, cooling off. he got up and walked over to the deepest end of the long pool. he dived in. the water streamed along his hair and sides, tickling him. he turned over under water and pushed off of the pool floor. he swam and swam... and swam... and swam. something was wrong. he noticed he was moving slowly. it felt like something had grabbed his two feet and grasped them together. he looked down trying to stay calm. nothing was there. his face suddenly felt a underwater wave come flying past his nose, another, this time so hard it forced his face to turn. he tried to swim upward but it was useless. a current of water started up near his arm and he tried to move his arm away but his arm was stuck in place. the currents speed and strength increased and he tried to move his arm away again but it was no use. the current picked up at his elbow and he started to feel a sharp pain. the water picked up and as it did the veins in the pit of his elbow started to bulge. suddenly the worst and most sudden pain came. his elbow was the wrong way. Billy looked over and vomited. he inhaled, only to suck in water.

Submitted: January 11, 2009

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