How women can tame man.

Fight hero, smash with your hammer
bring down your mighty blade upon the heads of your enemies
slash through the throngs of the untrue
bring down the opposing king and his council
make them weep at your grandeur
allow them to cower before your strength
prove your point and claim your land, stand and rule

But years after hero, who the serfs now call their king
your rule of oppression falls downward
slipping and chipping against rocks in a rapid cliff-side decline
for now you see a new person on the horizon
one who will with no doubt knock out your feet where you stand
one who will with great ease crumble your kingdom under her touch
For now, hero, you will meet your heroine

She rides a horse bearing gilded armor
Her bright eyes dazzle you and perhaps she need not attack
for her very presence is enough to send you to your knees
your great thrown will be ground down to her level
once there you will partake in a dueling skirmish
neither will win
and both will be satisfied

And at last, hero, your empire is shared
split between two parties
you have no council but the council between each other
you have no kingdom but the castle you reside in with her
your held land stretches onto hers to overlap
both are equal
both are happy; a king and a queen.

Submitted: March 18, 2011

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uggh... on line four of the third stanza i meant to put Throne.

Fri, March 18th, 2011 11:53am

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