A nice little moral poem.

Mr. High walked away from the crowd
Mr. High went up to watch, tall an proud
Mr. High was better and he said it out loud,

“Hello there, world, I want you know
that I’m Mr. High, and I run this show!”
Everyone heard him, and just rolled their eyes
But when it reached Mr. Mighty, he was full of despise
And now it was he who yelled, and the world heard his cries,

“Hey there, world, Mr. Mighty here
And i want you to know, It is I you should fear.”

Everyone said, “what a great joke!”
They all laughed and giggled at the silly bloke
All but Mr. High, who’s ears began to smoke.

He yelled loud back to his new foe
He spat evil curses and then lyed low
Hoping the other was down from the blow

But Mr. Mighty was not, in fact he was well
He took a deep breath then unleashed holy Hell
His insults and slanders would knock the other like a bell

Back and forth went this racket and din
Everyone else said “Shut up and turn in!
Just be quiet or neither will win”

Mr. High felt bad and he stepped down
Mr. Mighty was sad and he got out of town
Everyone was glad they were no longer around

The Mr.’s were both in the wrong
They did not feel happy, and before long
They joined everyone else, and their joy was finally strong

Submitted: July 15, 2010

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