Death Has Blue Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
An ending that has been written.

Submitted: August 23, 2010

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Submitted: August 23, 2010



Dying was not as I had expected. Like nothing I could have prepared myself for.
From the moment I had shut my eyes, I felt as if time had ceased to exist.
It was not cold. There was no bright light. No dark tunnel.
There was no pain, neither physical nor emotional.
I could no longer feel the tears streaking slowly down the sides of my face. Or the hand I held clenched within my own.
For a fleeting moment I was hit with a feeling of genuine confusion, for I had been at this point several times in my life.
There was only one difference this time.
My soul could still feel.

"It has been awhile since I have seen you last." said the voice.
Her eyes flickered open.
"Hello my old friend." she whispered, fixing her gaze upon him. She looked at Death for awhile, almost unblinkingly, eventually smiled at him, casting a swift glance over in the direction of the lake. There wasn't a single movement in the water. It stood perfectly still, like a glass surface perfectly mirroring the night sky above.
"Don't tell me you've missed me?" She inquired with a smirk, making her way over to the lake side, relishing the cool night air blowing across her porcelain skin.
Death looked at oddly for a moment before following. His gaze narrowed at her face. "You seem changed." He stated.
She said nothing and just stood at the lake's edge, gazing down at her reflection in the water. She reached up and dragged her fingertips slowly down the side of her face. The woman staring back at her from the water was changed. The physical features were almost identical, but the woman in the water had the air of a person who had not suffered a single day in her life. She smiled down at her younger self before standing straight. She looked death in the eye, a sad smile playing at her lips.

Death stared at her in silence for several moments. "You are not running from me." He stated, his deep voice clearly expressing his genuine confusion. "Why do you stand before me now, so calmly?"

She took a step closer, "Because." she had whispered simply, looking him longingly in the eyes.

Death shifted uncomfortably, breaking eye contact and gazing at their surroundings briefly. His lips were pressed together stiffly, as if he were cautious about saying something he should not. He should have just taken her, but his own curiosity got the best of him. "Are you afraid?" he asked, looking over her slowly. His gaze probing for the flicker of fear he knew would be there, regardless of the answer she gave him.
"No. I am not afraid of you." She said lightly, smiling that same sad smile. He waited for the fear to present itself in her eyes and betray her. It did not come. He puckered his lips slightly, looking her over once more.
"Why?" he asked, against his better judgement.

She tore her gaze away from the face of death, fiddling with a long strand of her raven coloured hair. She twisted it slowly around the tip of her index finger. "Because this time, I called for you." She said quietly, glancing up at him. Her green eyes glimmered pleasantly at him, and for a split second he felt something twist oddly within the depths of himself. He could not fathom how she could look at him in such a manner. "You did not call for me. Death does not care for the requests of humans." He stated bluntly, suddenly feeling a surge of anger rush through him. He folded his arms in an imposing matter. "Don't you understand why we are both here? I'm going to take you!"

"I know." She replied calmly, without as much as a twitch of fear or concern. "You have to take me. I want you to."

Death grumbled in frustration, wondering if the sickness had driven her soul into insanity, because this did not make sense.
"You were scared. I could feel it in your soul before you even got here. You desperately did not want to die. How is it that you are suddenly so at peace? I am taking you from everything that you love!"
She tilted her head to the side slightly. "You don't remember me do you?"

Death took a sudden step closer, seizing her sharply by the shoulders, his gaze boring intensely into her eyes. And then it dawned on him. "No....this can't be...." He said in barely a whisper, their gazes locked. He released his grip on her shoulders slowly, dragging a stray finger across her cheek. "I remember." He replied with a smirk. "Vera. The never ending chase, correct?"

She smirked back at him. "I was unaware that I had a title."

Death shook his head slowly, incredulous expression on his face. "I was not going to come for you again for a very long time, especially when the odds had changed..." He blinked slowly. "You're not the one who's supposed to be standing here before me. I came here for a different soul. What did you do?"

She smiled that sad smile."Something..."

Death stood as still as a stone for a moment, just staring at her. "You've outsmarted me again....this time at your own expense." He shook his head. "Why would you leave behind everything that you love? Why did you stop resisting?"

"Because I had to. It was either her life or mine." She replied. "I've run from you for too long, and I want her to have the chance to find happiness like I did."

"I don't know what to say to that." Death said simply.

They stood in silence for quite some time, both looking out onto the lake. It was then that she spoke again.

"Do you know what death looks like?" she asked slowly, tearing her gaze away from the surface of the lake and back at his face. Death felt himself jolt uncomfortably once more. "That is a foolish question. I am death."

"Yes I know. But do you know what you look like?" she whispered, her gaze seemingly probing for a soul behind his eyes. A soul she could not possibly see because it simply was not there. He blinked, wondering if she had indeed lost her mind.
"Death does not look like anything, death is not a person, death has no gender, and it has no fixed appearance. I do not know what you are talking about."

She took a step closer and Death swallowed hard, a strong part of him wanting to just take her and be done with this nonsense. But he didn't do it. On some level he was completely intrigued.

"I read in several ancient scriptures, that it was rumoured that death could take on an appearance, sometimes a situation, possibly a setting. Depending on the soul about to be taken...." She began distractedly, gazing at every inch of his form oddly.

Death blinked, opening and closing his mouth several times. "I do not see anything but you and the surroundings you have manifested. Your soul takes on the form of your physical self. That simply is the way it is.I cannot take on a form because I do not exist in a physical sense. I only see what you see because these are the images you carry in your soul."

She smiled sadly at him in response, taking his hand into her own. The moment she had touched him something had shifted violently within him. She took his hand, but how could he feel it? He did not have a hand. He was not a thing to be touched. Yet when he averted his attention to where she was touching him, he could make out the form of a male hand, held within her own. A hand leading to an arm, leading to a body he was seemingly in. He looked at her seriously.
"This is all in your in mind. I hope you realize..."

"I know." She replied again, taking a half step closer to him. Death was no longer sure of what was going on anymore, all thoughts of taking her temporarily put on suspend. She let out a breathy sigh, biting her lip slightly as her gaze traveled up the length of his form and back to his eyes.
"Would you like to know what you look like?"

Despite what death may have wanted to say in response to the question, his feeling of intrigue remained, and it cause his form to nod, whether he was conscious of this or not.

"You have blue eyes." She said softly, her lips curling upward into a warm smile.

"Blue?" he inquired, inwardly wondering how the sight of Death could possibly make anyone smile like that.

"Yes, a light blue, like the sky."

This was complete nonsense and he knew it, Death did not have eyes and he most certainly had no comprehension of the word blue. He did not know the names of colours, he simply knew them to be there when the images from souls were reflected to him. Still, his form nodded slowly.
"I do not know of blue, but I know what the sky looks like." He paused. "The first time I caught a glimpse of you, when you were still very young...were my eyes blue?"

"No, they were black. Like the sky above us is right now." She said softly.
Death glanced upwards, making the comparison within his consciousness.
"I see. Did I have a different form that time?"

"Yes you did." She said with a smile.
"What did I look like?"
"Like my father, actually..." she began, tearing her gaze away from him and staring at the lawn intently.
Death was silent for a few moments.

"And the time I almost had you. When you were dying in the hospital...What did I look like then?"

"You looked like everyone..." she whispered sadly.
"Everyone? What do you mean I looked like everyone?"

"Everyone that I love. I could not hold your form in my mind for very long, it kept changing. I was nervous, and could not focus on one coherent thought."
Death glanced down at their hands once more, brow furrowed.
"Is it changing now? "
She glanced back, reaching up with a stray hand to touch the side of his face. He could not feel the hand itself, since death did not have a face, but her actions cause yet another violent surge through his being. He swallowed hard, just staring down at her from his height.

"No. As much as I love everyone, there are different types of love." She whispered. Their gazes locked once more.
"I know the reactions that manifest in human souls due to this" he said with a nod. "I have an understanding as to the effects of love, but I do not understand what you are saying since I myself have never experienced such a thing. There is a very limited extent to my comprehension and feeling. I only know enough to be able to carry out my purpose, and to understand life so that I may predict how it may react."

She retracted her hand and he found his gaze slowly following it back to her side.
"It is difficult to explain." she began.

"But essentially, you see me as the one you love the most, correct?" Death inquired.

"In a way..." She whispered. "But I know now that I see you as the person who saw me most clearly."

Death blinked in confusion. "Did they not all see you?"

"They did all see me, they just all saw different things. Different parts of my soul..." She said with a nod. "I only ever gave myself in all my entirety to one person."

"The one you see me as now?"


Death nodded slowly. "That seems like it would be a great honour, to have someone simply give you everything on their own free will." She said nothing in response, and just resumed looking at him lovingly. Death felt himself shudder, he had never been looked at in such a way.
"So, death has blue eyes..." he stammered.

She nodded reaching up and running her fingers slowly through his hair.
"And brown hair." She tilted her head to the side. "And a warm smile." She reached out once more, gaze fixed upon his face as if she were transfixed. She dragged a stray finger along his lower lip. "And the softest lips..."

Death internally wondered if she was starting to forget who she was speaking to, though he made no interjections, letting her say and do as she pleased. Even though he was fully aware that this had nothing to do with him, he couldn't help but watch this all unfold. The power of human emotion was remarkable.

"I understand now, why you are not afraid, but why are you not saddened?" Death asked, tilting his head to the side slightly.
"This man of yours, you won't see him anymore."
She glanced back at Death, for the first time looking at him in genuine confusion. "I see him now." She said sadly, glancing at his hand in hers. "I can feel him as if he's here, and this is all in my head."
"Does that not...upset you? To know it's all in your head?" Death inquired, thinking back on previous souls that he had taken.
"Just because it's in my head, doesn't mean it isn't real."
"It's not real Vera." Death stated.
"What was once real always will be." She said in a whisper. "I'll never forget how it felt, it was incredible."
Death felt that surge go through him again. He sighed, looking down at her.
"It's been many years since a person's soul had looked at me the way you did."
"Why?" she asked, with a slight tilt of the head.
"Most people are scared of death, and then crippled by sadness when they see my form."
Death dragged the back of his hand along the side of her face, feeling nothing and everything at the same time.
"What color are you eyes Vera?" He asked in a whisper.
"And what is green?"
"Grass, leaves, plants, most vegetation."
"So green is the color of life?" Death inquired, taking a half step closer to her.
"I suppose." She whispered.
A long pause dragged out between the two of them again.
"That look you gave me, when you see him....what is that called?" Death asked in a hushed tone, glancing at their hands again."
She didn't answer him at first, and tore her gaze away from his face momentarily. She stared at the ground for quite some time, her breathing sounding a bit laboured. When she finally glances up at him, her eyes were stained red, and her face was glimmering with tears. Death had seen this reaction in most people, as an act of sadness. But still the look in her eyes remained the same.
"Love, nothing more." She whispered, taking another step towards him, closing the space between them entirely.
Death nodded solemnly.
" has green eyes then?"
She nodded slowly, tears still pouring from her eyes. What she did then deeply perturbed Death deeply, she came in yet closer, her face almost touching him.
"Your sacrifice won't be forgotten." He muttered quickly, unsure of what on earth she was doing. Still she didn't move. He stared at her for quite some time.
"You're about to break every single law of nature. Death cannot be kissed."
She just smiled at him, looking at him intently.
"Before I take you...tell me again...." Death whispered, taking her other hand.
"Death has blue eyes...." she whispered, their lips almost touching.
He felt the same jolt again."
"And love has green eyes..." he whispered back.
"I'll wait for you...please don't forget me."
He knew very well that was no longer talking to Death. And even though death does not care for the requests and feelings of human souls, he found himself taken.
"I won't."
A split second later she had leaned in and pressed her lips softly against Death's mouth. Her lips twisted upwards into a contented smile against his. Everything stopped and ended there. Everything was understood.

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