Allen Ginsbergs Poetry Forms.

Article by: Papuna


Review of Allen Ginsberg Poetry forms in critical by own my way and many other critics.


Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



Allen Ginsberg with his art piece tries to return and renew the form of true ancient eastern poetry, which is based on non rhymed, long/short verse stanzas, expressed by direct content mixed within the poetic forms-sometimes included in non rational connections between words itself. In this letter I will try to depict it and interpret them. For research I will take an example some of the rare poems of his and try to do it. (The Linguistic and poetry semantic could be subjective) . I will use for quoting reviews of reliable critics, and insert them to give more coherent picture of poem.

The Introduction part of my experiment will be trial of translation in My native language. This part is always interesting and complicated. But it opens huge world of semantics in poetry forms as for translator as for reader. So here it is one of the poems An Asphodel.

O dear sweet rosy
unattainable desire
…how sad, no way
to change the mad
cultivated asphodel, the
visible reality…

and skin’s appalling
petals—how inspired
to be so Lying in the living
room drunk naked
and dreaming, in the absence
of electricity…
over and over eating the low root
of the asphodel,
gray fate…

rolling in generation
on the flowery couch
as on a bank in Arden—
my only rose tonite’s the treat
of my own nudity.

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?????????? ???????

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????????– ?? ????????????,

??????????? ???? ??????


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????????? ????.

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?????? ???????? ??????.

So I Introduced my version of poem in Georgian. There I have done little changes, but i am not going to go further about details. I would like to quote now Critical review about poem by Milton Johanides

The asphodel is not a particularly pretty flower, an unattractive grey colour with spiky petals. In this poem, Ginsberg likens his physical reality to the ugly plant and contrasts it to his unattainable desire, which is sweet and rosy. The asphodel also has associations with the Greek underworld and is therefore apt for the depressive and morbid state in which Ginsberg finds himself.

About Arden:

Arden may allude to the arty Delaware village which became famous for its hippy residents. Ginsberg here addresses the ideal of all hippies, a floral bower where nature can be both observed and indulged. He longs for a primitive state, perhaps in the manner of Rousseau, or a kind of John Lennon idyll, where commercialism does not exist and love is the only answer.

And so as we see the whole picture - drunk and naked allen sitting on the couch and dreaming in the absence of electricity about himself and his situation. The point is that we see poet naked with his feeling about his fantasies and thoughts… sometimes non rational. But still The picture is quite impressive and touching.

At the end i would like to link you one Georgian artist who made music and mixed while reading the poem An Asphodel. It is quite nice track so i advice to play it. Here it comes.

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Allen Ginsbergs  Poetry Forms. Allen Ginsbergs Poetry Forms.

Status: Finished

Genre: Commercial Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Commercial Fiction



Review of Allen Ginsberg Poetry forms in critical by own my way and many other critics.
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