The Case of Shiloh Harris

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Insanity is the door to evil. Shiloh Harris doesn't remember much, but she remembers enough


Shiloh looked up, bewildered.

“You have made a lot of progress in the past for months” he said, looking through her files on his wooden clipboard.

She couldn’t help but to notice the small things about him like the strand of overgrown hair that overlapped his ear, or how his jaw moved beneath his skin as he talked.

Shiloh gritted her teeth as tepid liquid trickled down her cheeks.

  “So you are all se-“he glanced up at her frowned “Are you alright?”

  She looked away and nodded feverishly, holding back the lump in her throat. Her chest tingled under her scarf as her face blushed with fury.

His hand gripper her thigh and she jerked away.

  “Well I guess that is all” She heard Noah sigh, making her throat even restricted than before.

“So that is it?” She screeched.

  “Shiloh, listen I-“ he began, extending his hands towards her.  

  “You lied to me. You said you would find a way for me” she pushed him away, a tear landing on the surface of her lip.

She licked it away in desperation.

“It was too dangerous, I will have to risk my job” he pushed away a strand of hair from her face before tracing the outline of her jaw. She held back the shiver that ran down her back at his touch.

She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.

 “We can keep it secret” she whispered.

His opaque eyes detained his hesitation and apprehension.

“Please” she pleaded for an answer.

 Noah released his hand from her face with a sigh and turned away.

She felt her insides slaughter in humiliation and she reached for her bag off the sofa.

 Violent hands grasped her arms and pinned her against the brick wall. She followed Noah’s eyes as they traveled over her lips, his own opening and closing for consent.

  She leaned in, longing for his lips to meet hers again. He grazed his mouth against hers, pushing her up the wall as the kiss deepened.  His hand finding its way up her thigh, pushing her legs around his waist.

The brick rubbed chafed her skin through her thin t-shirt as she moved up and down in rhythm with his actions. She winced in pain as the brick dug deeper into her skin, splitting her skin.

Noah pulled her away from the wall and slammed her down on the small sofa. Her shirt was caught at her chest, exposing her stomach to his exploring hand. His touch was cold against her warm abdomen and this time she let out a shiver of delight.

He pulled away, taking in a large breathing of air, examining her face.

 “You are so lovely” he whispered, kissing her jaw and trailing them down her neck. Shiloh savored the moment, holding him close to her body, knowing for this moment he was hers and she was his.

  She reached for his shirt and began to unbutton it, ripping at the seams. Noah pulled off her scarf and tugged her t-shirt from her body.

She unfastened the last button and tossed his shirt on the floor as he kissed her lips. This time it was more forceful and rough, something Shiloh wasn’t used too. His hand lowered to the waist of her pants, undoing the button and sliding her pants down her thigh.

  She kicked them off, pushing her body closer to hers as she pushed his tongue in and out of her mouth with her own, teasing him playfully.

He ran his hand through her thick hair, a pinching situation striking her scalp.

“Ow” she pulled her mouth away, gripping her head in pain. Panic crossed Noah’s face as he tugged his fingers through her hair. She reached for his trapped hand and gripped the object that was caught in her hair.

Noah’s eye widened as she pulled his hand in front of her face and felt her breath stop in her throat.

 “It is not what you think” he blurted, rising off of her, guilt covering his face.

 “You are engaged” she sputtered, sitting up on the couch. Her surrounding seemed to fade in and out as she felt her heart go numb.

  She glanced down at her exposed body, humiliation overwhelming her.

 “I will break it off”, he got down on his knees, “for us”.

 “I can’t believe this” she cried, shaking her head.

 “Shiloh I love you” he placed his hands on her thighs. She positioned her hand over his and gave a small smile.

  “I love you too”

  “Really?” he exhaled. He kissed her thigh in suggestion, but she waved her finger.

“I need to get something out of my bag first” she lifted his head and planted a lingering kiss on his lips before rising.

  She picked up her bag and dug around until she felt something slice against her finger. She grasped it, letting it pierce into her skin as she placed her bag back on the table.

“Do you want me to go into the bathroom and put it on?” he reached for his pant buckle, his hands shaking in excitement.

“No, just lie down and let me take care of it” she pushed him on the sofa with her free hand and climbed on top of him.

  “Now close your eyes” she whispered, tracing her finger down his chest. She could feel the resentment reach her tear ducts, making her vision blur.

He did as she told him and she pulled out the long metallic blade and held it over her head.

 “Rot in hell bastard” she screamed, letting the blade puncture his chest, blood spewing across her face. His eyes flew open in surprise, his hand reaching for the blade, but she pulled it out.

  He screamed in agony, blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth.

 She pierced him again, and again. Rusted iron and salt filled her mouth as she felt his grip on her leg loosen until it fell off the side of the blood stained sofa. She didn’t stop then though, she stabbed him in the groin repeatedly until she felt herself gave out in tiredness.

  She collapsed on top of him, tears falling on his wounded chest as she sobbed. She squeezed his body, the blood on her eyelashes distorting her vision.

  Shiloh rose and climbed off of the body, reaching for her blood-stained files. She wiped away the blood and tears from her face and opened up the yellow folder.

Her full name headed the document, with her age, weight and birth date. She skimmed down to the last paragraph and read out loud in her impression of Noah’s voice.

 “Execution Date: April 14 at 16:12” she paused, looking back at Noah’s body and shook her head in disappointment “You lied to me, you told me I was going to get out”.

She placed the files on the coffee table and grabbed her bag. A small lighter accompanied the small front pocket and she removed it.

She held the files over Noah’s body, and pulled the lighter up to the yellow folder.


“She is waking up” Marcus screamed, rushing the nurses into the room. Looks of determination and distress threaded their faces as they rushed into the chamber, all sticking close to one another. Marcus watched anxiously through the one-sided window as the nurses placed the wires across the girl’s body.

He knew all too much about this particular girl, some he wished they hadn’t mentioned. She was a popular case at the hospital and was feared by most, but Marcus saw something deeper.

A hand beat against the glass and Marcus turned on the sound.

“Her pace is slowly down to normal, she will wake up any minute now.” The nurse’s eyes stared past Marcus as he attempted to talk to him through the mirror.

  “Be ready for anything. She is volatile when she wakes” he said, his hands shaking against his forearms.

He watched the girl.

Blood was crusted around her wrist were she had to tried to fight an invincible fight with the restraints and her left arm was purple and yellow from the many sedations injected. She had cut off her own golden hair, and it now set matted against her forehead unevenly.

She was a daunting sight, but Marcus couldn’t stop himself from thinking how beautiful she was before the incident.

  Before she was committed at the hospital.

 “She is awake” the nurse screamed at the window before running back towards the girl side. Marcus ran to the glass and watched as the girl jolted up against the restraints, foam leaving the side of her pallid lips as the current entered her body.

She nipped at the nurses maliciously, her bloodshot eyes shooting from one nurse to another, taking them in.

He knew what she was doing-she was remembering.

 He tapped his hand on his leg nervously as he paced in front of the glass. She let out a piecing scream, and Marcus cuffed his ears and watched as the nurses placed the pads against her chest, making her fall silent.

The mood calmed in the chamber and Marcus took a seat, his heart rate lowering.  One of the nurses gave the mirror thumbs up and he sighed in relief.

The girl was limp in the bed, her breathing stiff and unnatural. The nurse injected the sedation into her bruised arm, before unhooking the machinery and leading the rest of the faculty out of the silent room.

  “She blacked-out from the voltage. She won’t wake for another 48 hours so we can get a few more tests in. It seems she had been remembering things in her dreams before she woke up” the nurse said.

  “Do you think she remembers what she did?” Marcus asked.

  “I honestly don’t know, but it she does, it would put us in a dangerous position as it would trigger her brain and she will repeat the acts”

  Marcus nodded “It that happens we have no other choice but to execute her”

 The nurses nodded and waved their goodbyes before closing the double latch door behind them. Marcus leaned back in his chair and grabbed the blackened folders and opened it.

The first few papers were burnt and crusted from the incident, but you could still make out a few words.

Shiloh Harris’s case was Marcus’s longest unsolved case, and he had yet to resolve anything. She was too unpredictable to be classified with a disease and too unstable to be classified with the standard human being.

He flipped through the documents, and tried to skip over the pictures be he couldn’t help but to pause at them.

He felt his stomach churn with sickness. He didn’t know it was possible someone so innocent looking could be so gruesome. It was just a small blade, something so small it could be carried around in a purse, yet it did so much harm.

He wondered what triggered her into murdering the man. Marcus knew the man personally as he worked for the hospital before the incident.

Noah Shepard, Marcus recalled. He tried to picture Noah’s face from his memories, but he couldn’t see back the blood-stained one in the picture.

  He closed the folder and shoved it into his drawer. He looked into the chamber and jumped back in terror.

He stared at the empty bed, the restraints ripped apart. He backed up, straight into the dim floor lamp, almost sending it crashing to the floor.

He turned around and faced the darkest corner in the small room, and noticed something glistening in the darkness.

He gripped the back of his chair in horror.

 “Do you love me, Marcus?” Shiloh’s voice arose from the corner and Marcus startled.

  “Shiloh” he squeaked.

  “Do you love me?” she set out into the lighting, her wrist sodden with blood and her grown ripped down the side revealing her breast.

  “Why-y would ask that?” Marcus sputtered.

  “Because I love you Marcus, you remind me of someone I once knew” she smiled wickedly, her fingers grasped around a small object.

“Really-y?” Marcus questioned, the moisture on his hands making his grip slip on the metal chair.


“Yes, he acted a lot like you. He liked to lie, especially to the ones who loved him” She continued “and no one got hurt because no one ever found out”

Marcus gritted his teeth and stopped himself from lashing out.

“You remember Brittany? She was a very pretty woman wasn’t she?” Shiloh took a step forward “Too bad you thought she was prettier than your wife”

Marcus lunged for her.

  “How do you know about that” he screamed.

  “I know everything” She bared her teeth maliciously. Marcus felt something puncture his abdomen and he dropped to his knees, gasping in surprise.

“Don’t try to schedule someone else’s death before your own, it is very unwise” she whispered, stooping down next to him and added slowly “I have always remembered-everything”

  She pulled the needle from his legs and pierced the top of his head.

  He was dead before he could make out his last image.

The image of Shiloh Harris’s true form.

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Shawn M

This was an awsome story. =) I really loved what you did with switching from Shiloh and Noah to Marcus at the hospital. It was very interesting all the way to the end. If you dont mind I have a short story too and it'd be cool if you would read it and give me a comment.

Mon, February 6th, 2012 5:59am

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