A Foreshadowing of an Apparition

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Lily was a little adorable girl who wanted to see her mother but one night she saw her mother in a different aspect; paranormally sending her to fear and leaving her in enigma: what happened to her mom?

written by Jazie Mae Pilones

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



In April 5, 1985 at 10 o'clock pm, “tok, tok, tok!” It was a loud and hollow knock on the door that disturbed the silent night in Balete Drive Barrio, Block 666. “tok, tok, tok!” the knock on the door continued and every knock became louder and louder. Then it stopped. Silence was all over the place, not even a single tone was made nor heard. Then, the knock on the door started again and this time it was even louder and faster, “tok, tok, tok, tok, tok, tok, tok, tok, tok”, and it stopped again. Suddenly, the lights in the master's bedroom in the second floor were turned on and the door began to open wide and lazy footsteps began to descend the stairs. It was a little girl, her name is Lily Moscovitz. She wore a long night white dress. “Who’s there?” she asked in a low and husky voice and with eyes trying to fight her sleepiness. “Who’s there?” she asked again, but nobody answered. Lily stopped in front of the door for a moment, and then started unlocking the door. “creeek“, the door made a little sharp sound as Lily opened it and viola! Lily's eyes were widely opened in surprise, knowing that nobody was there. She made two steps out the door and looked around if someone is there, but she failed to see even a single person. All that she could see are the tall trees swaying back and forth, going with the flow of the wind. Lily turned around and made her way back inside the house and she found out a piece of note laid on the floor. She curiously picked it up, read it. It said, “come with me, let's talk.” the note didn't leave a sign of the sender. Suddenly a fresh, chilling wind brushed down Lily's spine making her body hair rise. Tired and sleepy, Lily went inside closed back the door and locked it and left the note on the desk without any concern. Then, Lily went straight up her bedroom. She laid herself on her bed and covered her body with a long white blanket and she began to slumber.

3:00 am. Lily was disturbed of a terrible noise in the kitchen. She wake up and went down to check who was it or what was that thing making noises and trying to destroy her beautiful sleep. Lily turned the lights in the kitchen. She was so surprised of what she saw. All the utensils in the kitchen were on the floor. Forks, spoons, knives and broken plates and cups were there. But there was no sign of anyone or anything that caused it. Lily picked up the fork on her feet. Then all of the fallen objects began to rise. She was jaw-dropped of what she saw. She couldn't move a single muscle and couldn't even speak a single word. Lily was trembling with fear. “move, move, move!” lily thought. On her first try nothing happened. She was like a manikin. “move, move, move” these words kept on working and repeating in Lily’s mind. It seems like everything around her stopped after a long time of agony in her inability to move. This time everything around lily went back to its original time and situation. She realized that she was already able to move. Lily stood up right away, but she was being careful of every step and move she made. She moved backward slowly and slowly and slowly. Then, she ran to the living room and all of the flying objects were following her and bumping and crashing to walls and cabinets and ceiling and floor. Lily was in panic. She didn't know what to do. She tried to open the door but it was hard for her to open it. It seemed like something was stopping the door from opening. Lily screamed, but the flying objects still continued to crash on the walls and everything inside the house. She couldn't take it anymore. Lily sat on the floor on one corner of the house bending her knees, closing her eyes and covering her ears to avoid seeing or hearing  those terrible happening. She was scared and crying. She still continued screaming and screaming and screaming and finally, “stooooopp..stop it.. I said stooooopp..!” then the flying objects finally stopped crashing and it feel on the floor making one last crashing noises that frightened lily. There was silence all over the house. Lily who was on the floor crouching and trembling, slowly raised her head up high and looked around. Lily was just recovering from her fear but when the lights started to blink on and off. Lily was afraid again. Then, she heard somebody calling her name in the comfort room. She hesitated to go there, but her curiosity of knowing who the person is calling her name forced her to stand up and ran for the comfort room. Lily was so surprised when she reached the comfort room and found out that nothing was there. As she turned around to leave the comfort room with fear Lily saw herself in the mirror and behind her was an image of a very familiar face looking at her with eyes full of anger. Lily was terrified of the face of the being. Its face was filled with blood, the skin is burned and eyed that popped out waiting for a bowlful of hands to catch it and put it back. Lily could see through it the cheek bones and teeth of the being. She looked at the being carefully and screamed out loud. Then, the blinking lights stopped and everything in the house was dark. Lily felt the hands of the being she saw in the mirror holding her and hugging her. Lily was still afraid and trembling. She tried to fight it but she couldn't. Lily tried to remember the familiar face of the being. “it was a woman.” lily thought.”I've seen her before, but her face is just so ugly that I couldn't remember the last time I saw her.” then lily in a sudden thought she was able to remember and she said in a trembling voice, “mo..mother? I..is that you?” then a cold hollow voice replied, “yes, this is me my child.” lily turned around to face her mother. She hugged her. By that moment lily's feeling of fear subside. She asked her mother in a childish manner just like what little children always do.” why have you been gone for so long mama? I missed you and I'm very glad that you're back!” lily smiled and she looked at her mother's face. “Why did you scare me mama? Whoa.. what a nice death-defying mask you have mama!” lily ignorantly exclaimed as she tried to reach her mother's face.

“aaaaahh!” the mother screamed with a wide-opened mouth and eyed waiting to fall at any second. It was a very loud and sharp scream that it made lily move back and cover her ears. “ you! Stupid, fool and reckless child!” lily's mother exclaimed in a loud and angry voice and she walked towards lily. Lily was frightened and she walked backward staying away from her mother. “You dare to leave me in such misery. You didn't even bother to care about the note I gave you!” this time the mother's voice is softer and full of agony. “I loved you and you didn't even care to think about me. I waited for this chance of seeing you to tell you how much I love you and longed for you. Just for this time, can I hug you my princess?” the mother knelt on one knee and bent forward to reach for lily. She grabbed her slowly and hugged her. Lily hugged her back. Tears slowly ran down the mother's when she felt her daughter's live for her.

“Why were you mad mama?” lily asked curiously

“I'm not mad. I just don't want to waste the chance of seeing you again and tell you my last words. If only I had one more day to spend it with you. I'll do everything to make it a beautiful and memorable day with someone I loved and it's you my child.” the mother smiled and touched lily's cheek. Lily felt her mother's hands. It was so cold that it made her shiver.

“Please stay, mama. I want you here with me. Please mama, please...” Lily begged as she hugged her mother tightly. Lily's mother smiled but it didn't last long.  Those smiles faded right away.

“I wanted to stay but--” a sudden tap on Lily's shoulders wake her up from her nightmare. It was her father.

“Lily, wake up! I need to tell you something very important.” it was early 6:00 in the morning and lily was still tired and sleepy but she preferred to fight it to listen to what her father is about to say. “Lily!” the father said as he shook lily's shoulders. Lily was annoyed and she strikes her father's hands off her shoulder. She looked at her father's sad face. She rubbed her eyed clearing her vision of her father. It looked like her father is having a very big problem. Lily raised her body and leaned her back on the fluffy pillows behind her. “Lily, your..your mother.” the father said nervously.

“What about mother?” lily asked curiously and remembered her dream about seeing her mother again. She grinned and her grin turned out to be a very big smile.” is she coming' back home papa? Huh? Is she? Is she?” lily grabbed her papa's shirt and she was so happy when she asked him. She jumped out of her bed and hopped on her father's back and hugged him tightly. “Yehey! Mama's coming' home! I’m going to see her again! Papa, let's start preparing the house for her arrival. Let's clean the house. Come on papa. Come on!” lily pulled her dad to go with her and to start cleaning the house but her father just gave her a sad look. A few seconds later, her father started to cry. Lily let go off her father's hands. She looked at her father as he covered his face and wiped out his tears. Her father gasped as he looked at lily. Lily smiled waiting for her father to say something.

“Lily..your mother is not coming' back anymore” the father said and hold lily's hands.

“That’s..that's..i..impossible. She's coming' back papa”. Lily said with tears falling down her eyes and she pulled her hands from her father's strong grip.” she’s coming' back papa! I know, I know, I know, I know!” lily exclaimed as her voice became louder and louder. “How can you say those words papa? How could you?” Lily boxed her father and ran away. Lily’s father reached out for her but lily left him staring into a blank window.

His vision passed the window and his attention was drawn by the golden rays of the sun. The sun shined brightly on that same day lily's mother rode in a newly made airplane. She came from San Diego, California and was going to leave for Philippines. Her feeling of excitement of seeing her family can obviously be seen in her beautiful smile, blooming face and eyes that speaks of her dream of seeing her loved one coming true. But in just one snap those big dreams and hopes and feelings of excitement turned out to be an unfulfilled dream and disaster. When the plane’s engine malfunctioned during the flight and the plane crashed down in a forest in the northern part of Southern Carolina killing the pilots and all its passengers. Lily's mother is one of them.

A tap on Lily's shoulder frightened her.  “Lily, my princess it's time to go.” her father smiled and went down ahead wearing a white polo shirt, pants and shoes and he have with him a beautiful white rose. Lily followed after her father. She was wearing a white cocktail dress. But her beautiful dress didn't match the sad looks ion her face. As lily reached the front door, it was widely opened and lily's father was there waiting for her. Lily went out of their house and her father closed and locked the door.

“May your soul rest in peace.” the priest said as he made the sign of the cross. Lily and her dad went closer to the coffin. She stared at her mother's dead body blankly. “She looked just the same in my dreams. Her burned face and cheek bones and teeth that can be seen on the left side of her face.” lily thought. Two men came and closed the coffin and slowly put down the coffin on the deep dug soil. People attending the burial of lily's mother one by one dropped their fresh white roses on the dug ground and left the cemetery. Lily, her dad and the two men were left there.

 Lily's father was standing behind her. He moved forward and tapped lily's shoulder as he looked at her. He turned to face the coffin below and dropped his rose. He turned around to look at lily and told her.” I'll wait for you in the car.” and he left lily. Lily looked at the sky above and sighed. She looked at the coffin which was already settled at the ground.

“life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. We have only spent a short time bonding together during those limited days when you were still here but those moments that we've shared together are the moments that made my life complete and incomparable. That is why I live life to the fullest each day and enjoy the moments I've spent with you. I'm going to miss you mama. I love you” lily tearfully said as she dropped the last white rose. She smiled and said, “May the heaven bless your spirit.” she turned around and ran towards her father who is waiting for her in the car. As lily settled herself inside the car her father turned on the engine and left.

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