French Tragique: Enigma

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What would you do if the person you love, whom you made love, whom you wanted to live with forever is the one who gave you life, the one who carried you in her womb and the one who abandoned you when you were young?

This story is based from the Greek classical story Oedipus Rex with a little touch of French settings. This story will give you the shock of your life.

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



French Tragique:





What would you do if the person you love, whom you made love, whom you wanted to live with forever is the one who gave you life, the one who carried you in her womb and the one who abandoned you when you were young?

This story is based from the Greek classical story Oedipus Rex with a little touch of French settings. This story will give you the shock of your life.




“Mademoiselle, would you like to live with me?” romantically asked Rodriguez, man of prosperity and supremacy as projected by his manner of clothing, behavior and not to mention his handsome and masculine visage.

“Rodriguez, I loved to but . . .”

There was a cruel silence. Diane, a beautiful belle from Spain who grew and lived with the nuns, nourished by the soil of Paris, poor Diane was just an orphan.

How she wished to live with her love, but the problem was the parents of Rodriguez detested Diane.

It was about the time of the Divine Mercy. Heavenly cottons covered the great Solaris. It made all of Paris humid and cold but these didn’t moved or make our lovers shiver. Their love and passion was like fire, hot and gentle. Their hands coiled like snakes, gripping their pray, wet and warm.

“I don’t want to get involved between your future and your parents, my love. Their dream for you is far greater than our love. They have been working hard for you!” Diane explained.

“So you are saying you are refusing my love?” Rodriguez asked. There was pain as he stressed the word love.

“No, my love, no. I am just worried about you and your life. What if your parents will cut-off their support for you when we get married?” Diane replied, putting her moist and warm palm in Rodriguez visage.

“I will work hard if I must!” Rodriguez said courageously.

The afternoon passed away and night came with Luna. The arrowy moonlit met the tip of the Eifel Tower. The busy roads of France had become silent and calm. Furry felines sat on the roofs of the houses, watching the spectacle of the dancing moon.

“Are you ready?” Rodriguez asked. His romantic voice was now trembling.

“Ready when you are”, Diane replied competently.

Both lovers entered the mansion with glamour. Each step on the green marble floor tightened their breaths. As they approached the Royale room, they locked their hands with the grip of love and passion. The moment was upon them.

“Bonsoir Madame, Monsieur!” Rodriguez greeted while Diane bowed her head.

“Son, why are you late? You haven’t eaten your dinner.” His mother said worriedly.

Rodriguez told his parents his plan of bringing Diane to the church for the Holy Matrimony. He asked their blessings but they refused. Irritated, he confessed the truth of their plan to marriage. Diane was two months pregnant. She was bringing with her their first grandchild. This greatly disturbed them. Like a hungry lion, Rodriguez’s father threw Diane out of his property.

The following day, she returned to the mansion. One of the housekeepers informed Diane that Rodriguez and his parents moved to the New Land, abandoning poor Diane. Sorrow and confusion engulfed the mind and heart of Diane. She wandered all of Paris, doesn’t know what to do. Angels from above then saved her. Madam Tracy and Sir James, both were married to each other and were working in a library saved Diane. She stayed with them for seven months till she delivered her child.

After a year, she then decided to leave the child to them and she left without a word. Since then, they never heard of her again.

Nineteen years have passed after Diane left Samson to his foster parents. Samson has managed to battle through and survived the world of unjust and discrimination for almost twenty years. Life was hard for him. How he wished he had a true mother to love him and guide him. But he was thankful too for having Madam Tracy and Sir James for being present at times of distress.

A plague broke out in the city. Many suffered and lost their grip of life. One of those victims was Sir James. Since then, Samson pledged that he would work hard to repay his debts to his stepfather and help his stepmother. He changed his identity to Victor.




It was Saturday. The weather was calm. Western winds brought with them cool, humid and salty breeze. Birds chirped with glee along the dancing trees. Victor was found sitting on a wooden bench of Champs-Elyses, one of France’s grand parks. He was relaxing from the work he had from the other days.

Driven by hunger, Victor was forced to purchase food. Not far from where he was sitting was a cart. It had been selling corndogs. Victor approached devoid of any hesitation.

“Mademoiselle, can I have one, please?” Victor asked pleadingly. Their eyes met. Victor’s heartbeat then increased in rapidity.

“Have we met?” Victor asked curiously.

“I think not, Monsieur,” replied the lady.

“May I know thee?” he asked hoping for an answer. Victor had been asking many ladies of their names but they refused to respond. But now, this was different. There was something about this lady that made him feel love.

“Margaret,” she replied.

“How old art thou?” again he asked.

“I am thirty years of age, Monsieur,” she replied.

“Thirty? Are you certain of that? It seems that your beauty is for ladies of twenties,” he exclaimed

“Merci!” thanked Margarette.

Since then, Margarette and victor became closes friends and soon became lovers. Though it is disturbing having them together as lovers of different age but for them love was ageless. Victor would often meet her at the park. He would visit her and take her for a date.

Stars started to appear one by one in the dark sky though the sun’s presence could still be felt. Lamp posts begun to light up the streets of Paris. Love could be felt from every corner of the city. French love music and songs had been tuned up. Foods had been prepared, and couples had been spotted everywhere. The city of Love in the times of Aphrodite! Lovers all-over the world came to visit and stayed to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Of course, Victor would not miss this day. He was preparing for today. Tuxedo was on. Roses were on the right hand. Money was in the pocket, of course he would not forget about that! Wait! Where is it? Oh, there! The figure of his love.

“How are you, my love?” Victor asked romantically.

“We look . . . I mean, I look awkward, don’t I?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” he demanded.

“I mean, I don’t look old with this blue blouse and skirt, and with this purple bonnet?” she clarified.

“No! You look magnificent,” he answered heartfully.

“You’re exaggerating!” she exclaimed.

“No! Really! You are stunning tonight,” he complimented.

The night was dreamful. Wind was full of romance. Everything was like a lucid dream. A dream you won’t like to end. They stayed on amore silent and peaceful part of the park. There were less people around.

Victor was breaking a cold sweat. He swiftly wiped it with his hands. He was shaking. How? How will he show this revelation? They sat down on a bench. There was silence. (Go! Do it now! For Christ sake! What are you waiting for? Love must be proclaimed now!)

Victor knelt down before Margarette. He then pulled out the little box where he kept a ring. Following this he said, “Margarette, will you marry me?”

There, he said it out! There was a relief but it soon died. The silence brought pain to Victor. Every second was crucial. It made him sweet more. Finally, she spoke.

“Victor,” she said, “Oui! I will marry you!”

Victor, full of happiness jumped for joy! Margarette reached out, hugged Victor, then gave him a kiss. Oh, the sweet taste of her lips! The warmth of his hug! Love was quickly patched by passion. They looked at each other intensely. Something, something must be done to this energy. And they did exactly what are you thinking at this moment.



Evening had passed and morning came. The sanctum was illuminated by the sun. Victor had been looking at the ceiling for some time. Margarette let a big yawn. She crossed her arms over Victor’s chest.

“Victor?” Margarette asked.

“Oh-hu?” expressed Victor.

“What are you thinking of?” she asked.

“I’m wondering about my mom. I’m projecting her now, so happy that her little boy had grown and is going to marry,” Victor sighed.

“Oh! You were abandoned?” Margarette asked.

“Yes, well not exactly abandoned. Foster parents told me that she left and never came back. She left me twenty years ago. Madame Tracy told me of her name. It was Diane,” he explained.

Margarette was struck when she heard the name Madame Tracy and Diane. “Diane” echoed through her mind. Her eyes widened. She burst towards the door and took off. Even victor wasn’t able to put on any clothes. She was so swift as she was chased by a dog, a mad dog. This confused Victor so much.

“Where will she go?” He thought.

Still, confusion was in Victor’s mind but curiousness was dominant. He was wondering what his mother would look like. He consulted Madame Tracy. She presented him some picture of his childhood. This amused him. Then she gave him the only picture of his mother. (Don’t look at it! Don’t look at that cursed picture! God no!) His eyes widened. Shock was on his face. He became blank. He could not believe what he saw. (Lord! What have you done! Lord!) The woman he missed for twenty years was the woman he loved now. Diane was Margarette! (Lord! What have I done) Anger, confusion, sadness, happiness, embarrassment, and shock engulfed his sanity. The woman whom he had made love with, gave life to him when he was still young. Who wouldn’t be shock of this?

The doorbell rang. Madame Tracy, confused and afraid, opened the door. Margarette, no, Diane entered the room. Madame Tracy upon seeing Diane, no, Margarette’s face fainted.

Victor had gone wild! Throwing, smashing and breaking things to pieces. He even attempted to commit suicide but Diane quickly grabbed and stopped him.

“No, my son, no!” Diane cried.

“Margarette, is that you?” Samson asked.

“No, my son, Samson it is me, Diane, your mom” Diane cried bitterly.

“No, Margarette, don’t cry,” he pleaded.

“Samson,” she looked at Victor’s eyes but still it remained blank.

“Margarette, I am Victor!” Samson said aggressively.

“No!” Diane exclaimed.

“Margarette, I am Victor!” Samson screamed.

Victor became more aggressive and raped Diane. Margarette tried to stop Samson but his force made her bump her head making her unconscious. Victor regained his senses. He found Diane’s body naked and bruised. He felt very guilty. So, he grabbed a rope, tied it around his head and hanged himself.

Diane was brought to the hospital but was found out pregnant. Because of the news, she became paranoid. She did not live long and died of depression.

Madame Tracy’s life was hard at first because media came rushing towards her. But she decided to make a book out of the incident and entitled it ‘Enigma’.

Destiny and fate are crucial forces of the universe. They cannot be stopped but they can be prevented.

Dear Readers, this I wanted to stretch out to you: that everything, big or small can have a big impact to the future. What you do know can affect your tomorrow.

-Madame Tracy

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