Beyond the Gate

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a mistrious gate

Harper and Her brothers mike and Zach who were twins just moved into a new house all the way from USA Florida Miami to London England after their mother remarried after their father’s death and there steep father had a daughter Destiny that they didn’t really get along so well but when they moved to England when they found out Destiny was living with them they weren’t that existed.

Destiny was a spoilt brat she got everything and she was “popular” at her school and the school they were going to when school starts back after spring break she had long brown hair up to her waist she never tied it up she had bright blue eyes as well.

But destiny was being a bitch since she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere since their parents were going to country side of England for a fue days nobody happy staying together well Harper, Mike and Zach didn’t want to stay with Destiny and destiny wasn’t happy that she was staying with Harper, mike and Zach that day before they left Destiny ran up to her dad and asked “Daddy can crystal sleep over these four days you’re going to be away” Destiny and Harper would be in the same year and Mike and Zach would be in the year below them “sure destiny Harper might get along with Crystal I mean your all going to be in the same class hopefully maybe you will all get along” Destiny father said their parents left “this house is so big” Destiny said Harper replied “you don’t live here? Confused” “we only moved in yesterday Harper don’t be stupid” destiny replied she laughed and walked off to the phone and she called up Crystal Jenkins “Crystal there here and I’m stuck with them for four days daddy said you can sleep over while there in the country please come over” then through the phone you could just here crystal “Sure my daddy would let me” “oh thank-you maybe Jessica and faith and Ginger and everyone we could have a party LOL just you come round soon please” Destiny hung up and walked into the lounge room “is there anything to do in this house” Zach said as he walked down stairs Mike walked in just has Zach said that and mike said “dude have you seen the backyard its huge if we were back in Miami we could hold the school football matches in it just add some bleachers and it would be the school oval” “don’t forget the pools and lines” Zach said destiny seemed confused and said “Bleachers?” “Were you sit and watch the football games” Harper said Destiny replied “There called benches here” “that’s boring” Zach said destiny heard a car pull up “That must be crystal” Destiny said she walked over to the door and opened it crystal entered she had long, long blond hair and looked like she was movie star in California.

“Are they the Americans” she whispered to Destiny, destiny nodded crystal had long bits of hair hanging down over her shoulders she pushed them back behind her shoulders and took off her coat and hung it up on the coat rack she walked in “hey I’m Harper” Harper said as destiny “Crystal” “so do you guys want to play some good old American football” Mike said Zach replied  “why don’t be play hide and seek it’s easier to explain and in this three story house with a basement and attic there’s got to be plenty of places to hide”  crystal replied “why don’t we just  play tag outside it will be fun it is an American game isn’t it” “yea Harper you can be it” Destiny said she continued “we get a ten second head start turn around and close your eyes” they ran out the back door as fast as they could and hid “10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Ready or not I’m coming” Harper said she walked out the back door and checked the bushes and she found Mike “Mikes it!” Harper yelled she ran as fast as she could it was “cant tigg the ball back” so she had time to run and find a hiding spot as mike looked for someone else, Harper found the perfect place to hid but when she leant back she felt something like the wall was going to open she turned around it was covered in all leaves she heard mike yell from a distance “Crystals it!” she moved the leaves and a big white bricks with a gate it was a long wooden gate that you couldn’t see through she tried opening it but I wouldn’t open, Crystal found her and tagged her “your it Harper” “yea okay” Harper said still clearing the vines off the top of the door as high as she can reach “is that a gate? At the fence?” crystal asked Harper rolled her eyes but she knew what crystal meant “yea and there is no house behind us just an open paddock” Zach Mike and Destiny walked up to them “What this” Destiny said Zach replied “A gate” “I know that, what’s it doing here when daddy bought the house there was no mention from the previous owner at the back of the house” Destiny said she continued “Can you open it?” Harper looked at Destiny and said “I tried it won’t budge, is there a key or something that use didn’t know what it opened?” pointing to the key hole “no I don’t think so but it probably just leads to the other paddock so why worry” Destiny told Harper “we should check otherwise we’ve been curious for no reason” Zach said “Yea I agree with him” Crystal said “okay then let’s check out the other side” Destiny said they walked around to the other side and cleared off the vines “nothing no gate” Destiny said Crystal replied “just a brick wall  it’s not even white It’s just brick” “this is really weird” Zach said “yea defiantly” Mike said Harper replied “then where dose the gate go...........” they all stared at the brick wall suppressed and curious as to where the gate went.

Submitted: December 20, 2009

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Sara Blake

I like it!! Keep me posted when you put on smth new ^-^

Tue, December 22nd, 2009 2:28pm


thanks i will :)

Tue, December 22nd, 2009 7:55pm

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