List of few things people couldn't understand when they just read puranas

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People couldn’t understand few things when they just read Puranas but when they do Research on them ,then they can understand them clearly. Some of them were listed

Submitted: August 10, 2014

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Submitted: August 10, 2014



People couldn’t understand few things when they just read Puranas but when they do Research on them ,then they can understand them clearly. Some of them were listed below:


1.Due to gravitational field and the energy stored due to the gravitational forces transforms in to three sub-energy forms namely Positive Soul(P),Negative Soul (N) and Ultimate Soul (U) like sub-atomic particles Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. Soul (P) will be sub-divided in to P1,P2,P3......?,Similarly  Soul (N) will divided in to N1,N2,N3,N4....? and Soul (U) will divided in to U1,U2,U3,U4,U5.........?.

During the beginning of the Universe, the external temperatures are so favarable like the temperatures present inside mother womb, Souls P1,N1,U1 & P2,N2,U2 unite and the resultant soul formed i.e P12N12U12 developed a human body without having Sexual intercourse like how a plant take birth from seed when the soil and  atmospheric temperatures are favourable  and that human body was named as Brahma. The planet where Brahma was born was named as Brahma loka.In Puranas it is said that Brahma lives only for 100 years after that he will die. This clearly tells that he is a mortal being.

Brahma being alone by doing Tapasya (research in his mind) for so many years discovered the reasons how and why he was born. Since he was alone & there is no paper to write  at that time, he stored all the research information in his brain and all the information piled up and his brain became a very Big Library .It is said in Puranas that he was married to Saraswathi. But Saraswathi is just the knowledge present in Brahma’s mind & she does not have any physical form.

2.Brahma being human have only Brain Power & by using 100%  brain power , he used to create all the things in his mind(it doesn’t mean using 100 persons brain and creating the things) .

3.During the Creation process Brahma with the help of spiritual knowledge present in his mind, Brahma himself separates Negative soul (N12) from the resultant soul (P12N12U12 ) present in his body by separating electrons from all the atoms present in the molecules, organels,organs...etc present in his body. By doing like this the external features of Brahma does not change but the inner personality, place of birth and name of the transformed body will change but he remembers all the research information stored in his brain. The name of the changed personality with body of Brahma is Vishnu and his new place of birth is Vaikunta loka but when Vishnu was born he won’t be having any clothes on his body like how a new baby born from mother womb without wearing any clothes on his/her body.

4.As per Puranas, until Samudra manthan or Churning of the ocean of milk by Devas and Asuras, they all are mortal beings with human bodies.

5.When humans transform in to Devas on earth, then human years will also transform in to Deva years but solar years will remain same.

6.In Treta Yuga the resultant souls of Lakshmi (wife of Vishnu) come from Vaikunta loka  and reincarnate by taking a male human body and the name of the human body is Rama , who born as an eldest son of Kausalya and Dasharatha . Similarly the resultant soul of Vishnu come from Vaikunta loka and reincarnate by taking a female human body and the name of the human body is Sita,who born as an elder daughter of  Mandodari and Ravana. Ravana ordered the born daughter to be buried in the ground,later the farmers of Janaka kingdom  discovers her and she was adopted by him. Actually Ravana is the reincarnation of Asuras’s king Jalandara (who was born out of the union of fire from Shiva’s third eye & Ocean and who looks similar to Shiva)

Rama constructed fly over bridge to lanka along with Hanuman(who is the reincarnation of Dakshayini with male animal body with negative and ultimate souls),vanaras..etc for killing Ravana. After killing Ravana,when Rama told to Sita “You are not pure,I am pure and I won’t accept you”, then Sita walk on fire for proving her chastity. Then Nippu(The fire god) gave back the real Sita to Rama.It is said in Puranas that ‘’Virtual Sita or Shadow of Sita-Chhaya Sita’’is in Lanka & real Sita was taken by Fire god from Ravana,while he was fighting with Jatayu(the Vulture king).

Atlast Sita being a human, died and went back to Vaikunta Loka,where the atmospheric temperatures are so favourable like the temperatue present in mother womb and took the male body ,i.e Vishnu without any Sexual Intercourse and later Rama went back to Vaikunta Loka and took the female body,i.e Lakshmi.

7.In Dvapara Yuga, Lakshmi from Vaikunta Loka came and born as an eight son of Devaki and Vasudeva by taking male human body and name of that eight son is Krishna. Since he was born from mother womb, it clearly means that Krishna is also a mortal being with human body.

Once up on request of Yasoda (foster-mother of Krishna) ,Krishna  opens his mouth , she sees the seven oceans, all the planets,galaxies,entire universe in his mouth and Krishna also having a human body. This clearly tells that within the human body if we go deep, we can find all the stars, planets, galaxies.....etc in short whole universe in one self.

For example: Electrons present in atoms revolve around the nucleus in oval orbits. Those electrons can represent planets revolving around some star, like planets of our solar system revolving around the Sun. The whole atom can represent Solar System. Group of atoms,i.e molecules or compound can represent galaxy. Group of molecules, i.e organelle can represent galaxy cluster. Group of organelle, i.e. cell can represent Super cluster........etc, each organ can represent one Universe.

All the worlds, planets..,in short whole Universe present inside the bodies of plants,animals,birds,reptiles....etc are different. Human soul will take the body’s of plants, animals, birds, reptiles.....etc for taking punishment for his/her bad deeds..So human Soul will also consists of all the worlds, planets...etc .In short human soul will consists of each Universe present in each plant,animal,bird,reptile...etc. So different organs present inside Human body can represent different Universes  of plant, animal, birds,reptile...etc. So this can also become answer for why in Puranas it is written that from Brahma’s body organs living beings like plants, birds,cows,goats, snakes.....etc took birth.

People present in those days have full access on their human bodies. This  can be the answer for how people of those times come to know complete information about all the stars,planets,galaxies,...etc about constellations, about astrology.... etc just by using mind and brain, without using any telescopes like we are using  Hubble space telescope ......etc

Krishna though have many wives, he have two principle wife’s, namely Rukmini & Satyabhama (The resultant souls of Vishnu will divide in to two half’s and from Vaikunta loka  those souls came and took two female human bodies) 

At last Rukmini and Satyabhama being humans and mortal beings dies and the two half souls present in their bodies unite and took male body ,i.e Vishnu in Vaikunta loka and later Krishna being human and mortal being dies and took female body,i.e Lakshmi in Vaikunta loka.

8.In kaliyuga,lakshmi from Vikunta loka will come to earth and take a male human body, with the name Kalki, who will kills the demon kali which resides in the minds of all the people.

9.At the end of each maha yuga(1 satya yuga+1treta yuga+1 dvapara yuga+1 kali yuga=4.32 million solar years) ,Saraswthi (who will be in female form in the mind of Brahma)from Brahma loka will come to earth and take male body with the name Brahma. After reading puranas ,he will gain spiritual knowledge. Using spiritual knowledge Brahma separates negative soul from his body, then inner personality, name,place of birth will change, but  remembers all the information stored in Brahma’s brain. Then name of the new inner personality will Brahma’s body is Shiva (with positive soul P12 and ultimate soul U12).  Brahma during his period used to recreate all the things in his mind, later Shiva will execute all the things in real world.

Shiva was born just by transformation of Souls from Brahma’s body and without having any sexual intercourse and when Shiva was born, he won’t be having any clothes on his body like how a new baby born from mother womb without having clothes on his/her body. This can also be the answer for why in puranas it is written that Shiva was born without parents.

Dakshayini (daughter of Daksha)with female human body after hearing Shiva’s stories from child hood, by gaining spiritual knowledge separated negative soul from her body .So the name of the person with resultant soul(positive soul and ultimate soul) &  with body of Dakshayini is Sati.

In Daksha yagna, Sati invoked her yogic powers or yogic Agni which was attained by her due to severe devotion or puja done by her and immolated herself. Shiva by sensing this, using his spiritual knowledge united negative soul and ultimate soul of Brahma’s body which took the female body naming Bhadrakali and united negative soul and ultimate soul of Dakshayini’s body which took the male body naming Virabhadra.Shiva sends Bhadrakali and Virabhadra, two ferocious warriors to Daksha Yagna who killed all the people came in between and finally removed the head of Daksha.

But finally Shiva was left with sorrow and started searching for his soul mate by travelling the whole India and the whole world but he could notfind answer about his

died soul mate. He then started long meditation where he started searching in other planets like in super earths, other galaxies,...etc, In short he searched the whole Universe present  deep inside his body to find whether her soul mate after her death was in born  some other planets or not.

Shiva tried in all the possible ways to know about his died soul mate but couldn't able to find answer for that. Finally after so many years later, positive soul and ultimate soul of Sati and Negative soul and Ultimate soul of Virabhadra unite and born as a daughter to Himavan with the name Himavathi. Later Himavathi transforms in to Parvathi by separating negative soul from his body with the help of spiritual knowledge present in her brain before marrying Shiva.

10.Ganga is the name of the female person who came from another planet and who first experimented on chemicals and who discovered how water can be created and introduces the chemical formula for water, i.e. H2O  and theoretical process for creating water using Hydrogen and oxygen atoms present in the air to the people on the planet earth and and while coming to earth brought some water along with her when Bhagiratha prayed to Brahma & she is not the wife or soul mate of Shiva. Like how Rama has only one wife i.e. Sita, Shiva also has only one wife, i.e Sati/Parvathi.



1.Naturally the Steroid hormones like androgens, Estrogens...etc will be produced as per the resultant soul chooses the type of human body to wear.

2.During the creation phase male human body with positive soul(P12) and ultimate soul(U12) is named as Vishnu and male human body with negative soul(N12) and ultimate soul (U12) is named as Shiva, but during recreation phase things will get reversed. During recreation phase male human body with Positive soul(P12) and ultimate soul(U12) is named as Shiva and male human body with Negative Soul(N12) and Ultimate soul(U12) is named as Vishnu.

3.As per puranas one day of devas is one year for humans. The life span of devas is 100 deva years, i.e 36524 or 36624 human years. But when humans transform in to devas on earth, the period of human day will become equal to deva day. It is possible only in virtual world. So in short when humans transform in to devas, one day of a human in real world is equal to one year in virtual world, one year in real world is equal to 365 years in virtual world and


 so on.........  

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