Mysterious ,romantic and tragic love story

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For sorting a solution for people not to fail in love and to save people from committing suicide, One person did experiment by loving a girl ,fail in love,feel the depression and pain and finally come out of the depression with a solution for such love failure problems.How he did,about his theory for not failing in love is the content of the story

Submitted: May 09, 2014

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Submitted: May 09, 2014



Long ago there lived two strangers A (male from different religion) & B (female) in X and Y places.Accidentally they both came and joined same college for pursuing same graduation degree.Being from same department once they both got interacted and started talking with each other and they became friends.They used to talk with each other even till late nights .This continued for some days.After some days A asked B whether she likes him or not.  B replied "No".

 A asked B: With out having any interest on me,why did you used to  talk with me even during late nights.?    B replied A : I will talk with all my friends even during late nights ,so I used to talk with you like that only. What's wrong in that?  

replied B :I think I am in "love " with you, so I decided to stop talking with you.Any ways you don't have any feelings towards me,soI too don't want to increase feelings towards you.

B replied A: Your wish and your love is just "infatuation ".

They both stopped talking with each other for some days. After some days A told that he could not able to forget her and asked her that he just wants any kind of relation with her and also told her that if she wants he can even treat her as his "Sister" ,and  asked her to just talk with him.   replied A that" I don't want you as my "brother" ,just be like a friend for me".B said ok . 

It went like that for some days and after that due to some misunderstandings they both quarreled with each other and stopped talking with each other.

  They dint speak with each other for 1 year.During this period when ever they both met A used to show disinterest on B,used to avoid ,some times by not seeing her face and used to behave differently.

Once A, B , along with her college mates went tour for 10 Days.In that tour ,B's friends revealed  to all the class mates about the story happened between A and B.They also told them that B is secretly loving A.

A listened every thing about their conversation in that tour but dint speak a single word about that  with her class mates and even with Bin that tour.

This went like that for one more year.

  One fine day when A asked whether she is really loving him or not ,replied that she don't have any interest on him and not loving him and dint loved him .Again they both quarreled with each other and they both didn't talk with each other again from then .

Thus the story ended tragically.

 Back ground story happened along with the above love story from A's point of View: Actually one day a question raised in A's mind,that is " Why generally people commit suicide when they fail in love?By studying so many suicide cases ,finally he came into conclusion that he will come to know those reasons only " by loving a person sincerely and by  failing in love".So finally he decided to do an adventure in "love" and find some solution for such general love problem.So he decided to do an experiment on him self by loving a girl ,failing in love,feel the depression and pain and finally come out of the depression with a solution for such love failure problems. Before starting the experiment on himself ,he thought that , if he succeeded in the experiment "Millions" of people will get a solution for love problems and can be saved from committing suicide just because of love failure.If he failed to come out of the depression with a solution for such general love problems,then also he can come out of the depression and pain because he knows that he is just doing an experiment for sorting out solution for not failing in love.

During that time accidentally A got interacted with B in the college,started talking with her,accidentally fallen in love with her ,failed in love,went in to depression ,felt the pain and fortunately came out of the depression  with a solution for such general love problems and wrote a theory on "how to love a person or how to understand about the soul of another person "(refer volume 4,chapter 6 in IKB in .The main idea behind his theory is " if a person able to discover his/her soul-mate from the existing souls" then for that person there won't be any scope for failure in love throughout his/her lifetime.

So unless his theory proven practically ,nobody will accept it. In-order to prove that his theory practically possible ,he decided to do some practical tests on his theory by using "Reverse Engineering Technology".

In order to discover whether his theory can really work in real life,

A assumed as his "Soul mate" and started testing his theory. After failing in love with B and after coming out of the depression and pain,A told B that he couldn't able to forget her and asked her that he just wants any kind of relation with her, even as "brother" and asked her to just talk with him.B said that he just want to be like her friend but not like her brother.

A said ok .

From then, A used to share each and every thing about himself,all about his ideas etc with her and in-return tried to understand her.He used to feel very comfortable in sharing any thing with her and used to strictly followed his theory. A used to spend most of his time in thinking how to prove  his theory practically possible,about his theory  advantages,drawbacks,side effects and about all the possible ways that he can contribute in saving people from committing suicides just because of love failure .He did a lot of hard-work and tried all the possible ways to know whether his theory can really work in real life or not and whether a person can really find his/her  soul-mate by  just following his theory,but finally his experimental test results came "UNKNOWN" and he couldn't able to find answer for that.

Later A realized about some famous words said by famous person,i.e "love a gal more and understand her less and understand a guy more and love him less", he should have followed those words rather than trying to understand B.

Thus the romantic and tragic love story ended mysteriously.

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